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Anal Foreplay Is An Absolute Must: 30 Tips for Anal Play

Anal Foreplay Is An Absolute Must: 30 Tips for Anal Play

When doing butt stuff, anal foreplay is not just advised; all bottoms have the right to, and they should always demand from their tops. Here's we'll share a list of tips and trips to enjoy anal foreplay like never before!

Even if you're not a musclehead himbo, you know what happens if you don't warm up before doing sports or exercise: you may strain your body. You can think the same thing about anal sex; foreplay is the mandatory warm-up for this hot activity.

When you hear "anal play," you may immediately think that it refers to sticking stuff into someone's butt: fingers, toys, and of course, penises. In reality, penetrative sex is just a part of the wide world of anal play and the things you can do to stimulate this delicious area of a man's body. From rimming to anal massages, there's a lot you can do when engaging in butt play without having to penetrate someone's ass.

Play with that ass, baby!

Anal foreplay can be the entry to anal sex, but it doesn't need to lead to penetration at all. Foreplay is the perfect preparation for bottoms to truly enjoy anal sex, especially if they're new to it. Still, tops can get their asses eaten and played with too. 

That's the wonder of assholes; everyone has one. So if you're one of those tops who's afraid something may touch your butt, take your head out of your ass; it's not a hat. Let yourself enjoy the marvels of anal foreplay. In the end, if you didn't like it (unlikely but possible), we don't judge. It's okay if you decide you don't want to do it anymore; it's your body.

Here we have some game-changing tips and tricks so you can get yourself into anal foreplay and actually enjoy it like a champ. Check them out and start having fun with that ass.

 10 Tips for Starting out with Anal Foreplay

10 Tips for Starting out with Anal Foreplay

Even if you're not new to anal play, there are a few things you need to start doing when you engage in foreplay, and here's a list of 10 things you can do to be ready for anything:

1) Create a chill anal play area.

Preparation is key if you're about to engage in any sexual activity. I'm not talking about preparing your body in any way here; I'm talking about preparing the space where you'll be having sex. Sex can be messy, lube and body fluids can be hard to clean from some surfaces, not to mention nasty incidents with anal sex. So, have a towel close, or cover your bed, couch, or any involved furniture with a soft, washable blanket you don't mind getting rid of if it gets too dirty.

2) Relax those booty muscles.

Yes, foreplay is like warming up for bigger, more challenging things, but to start with those warming-up exercises, you need to be in the right state of mind (and body). Your anal sphincter is usually tight, and inserting anything (even a finger) can be painful just like that. So try to relax before you start out all pre-anal play too. Try breathing exercises, playing some relaxing music, or doing anything that can put you in a chilling mood, ready to get that ass played.

3) Use a long-lasting lube to avoid interruptions. Silicone-made is your option.

When you're getting hot, the last thing you want is to constantly stop to apply more and more lube each time it runs out. Silicone-made lube is a perfect choice for many foreplay activities and for penetration. Just be careful not to use it with silicone-made toys as it can be dangerous.

4) Take advantage of water-based lube versatility.

Are you vers? Well, water-based lube is, and you know that's BAE. While silicone-based lube can be dangerous to use with some sex toys, water-made is entirely safe to use with any toys, with your fingers, or any man's dick. Yes, it may run out faster than silicone-made, but it compensates with its versatility. See why being vers is so good? Also, you can use it to massage your man's shoulders, back, and buttcheeks, so use that advantage as part of this foreplay.

5) Make a "resting station" for any toys or lube you might use.

As we said before, preparation is vital, so preparing a spot to leave all your "tools" while you're not using them it's a great idea. Place a handkerchief on your night table or the place you consider more appropriate to leave your toys while you're in the middle of a sex session. This way, you don't have to worry about them getting dirty, nor do they get lube on your furniture, floor, or sheets.

 Starting out with Anal Foreplay

6) Try a sacral massage.

A great way to help the receiving partner relax is by giving him a sacral massage. The sacrum is the lower back part just above the butt crack, and it has many muscles and nerve endings that extend towards the whole pelvic girdle. Give him a massage during 15-20 minutes, and that can help release tension; you can use your water-based lube for this.

7) Start by stimulating around the anal opening

Internal stimulation can be great thanks to the male g-spot, AKA p-spot, AKA your prostate. Still, you can achieve just as much pleasure without putting something up your butt. You can massage or lick around the anus as it is full of nerve endings that will send marvelous shivers all around your body. That's why the anal play doesn't need to lead to penetration; it can be a thing by itself.

8) It's not dirty.

Even if some people call it "the stinky" (ugh, I hate that), the anus and the lower part of the rectum have very little fecal material in them. So it's not as dirty as most people think. Getting it squeaky clean for butt foreplay simply takes a good shower or bath, and you have nothing to worry about after it.

9) It's not dirty, but you can get it even cleaner.

If your ass being immaculate is something you worry about, do all you can to help deal with any worry or anxiety. You can always use an anal douche to get squeaky clean inside; it's not so hard. The most important part here is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

10) You don't need to wax

There's this idea out there that anal foreplay (meaning ass eating) feels better when you're hairless down there. Let me tell you something, waxing can indeed chance your asshole's sensitivity, but it's not something you "need" to do. Besides, if you have a hairy asshole, you can find many men (like me) who like them like that. In the end, if you want to get it waxed, do it because you'll feel more confident like that. 

 10 Tips to Make Anal Foreplay Even More Delicious

10 Tips to Make Anal Foreplay Even More Delicious

Maybe you've done it before, and you've somewhat enjoyed it. But if you're not sure if you want to try it again, perhaps it's because there are some things you could've done better, and here we have a list of tips that can help you enjoy this experience even better.

1) Anal is like a door, and you need to ring the bell.

If you're going to have anal sex, foreplay is required. Like, it's rude to just walk into a door before knocking! It's always recommended to massage and warm up the anus before entering anything. Treat that ass like if it was a door, even if it's your own.

2) Pay attention to the butt cheeks too!

When you hear "anal play," you immediately think it's all about the anus, and it kinda can be like that, but how can you ignore those sweet buns? Kiss them, bite them gently, or give them a sensual massage with water-based lube. You can use your lubed thumbs to rub from where the butt cheeks meet the legs and glide them along the crease from the inner thigh to the outer side. 

3) You may think you're pooping... relax, you're not

If you're new to anal play, let me tell you that it can sometimes feel like you're going to number 2 at any moment. This is because the butt is full of nerves, and those cannot differentiate if something's going in or out. It's funny that what makes the anal play feel so good is the same thing that makes it feel weird. If the sensation is too overwhelming, you can stop and go to the toilet, but that's just probably just the new sensations you need to get used to.

4) It shouldn't hurt.

Many people say that anal sex is supposed to hurt; it's not. Same with anal play: Inserting something up your butt is NOT supposed to hurt. That's what lube and relaxing before going into it are so important when doing it. Anal play can feel weird at first; you may think you're going to poop (you're not... I hope), but once your body gets used to it, it's all pleasure, just remember (and I can't stretch this enough) it's NEVER supposed to hurt.

5) Start small.

In most cases, anal play's primary purpose is to prepare the bottom for anal sex, so you don't want to start inserting a huge-ass dildo; what's the point?! Take things slow and start with smaller things (smaller than the top's dick AKA "primary goal"): use a finger or two, tongue, or small sex toys like a prostate massager. Getting a butt plug kit is a great idea since they come in different sizes, and you can grow gradually from using the smallest and going into the bigger ones until the bottom's ready for that dick.

 Make Anal Foreplay Even More Delicious

6) Do like Gaga and stay "in the shallow."

When performing anal play, you're trying to stimulate the nerves around the anus (that's why it's called "rimming"). So, you don't want to go any deep into that ass with anything yet; just the tip, I might say. Going deep is where the uncomfortable part begins, so you don't want to go there yet, enjoy what's on the outside: lick that ass, kiss it, caress it, and then you can start going in slowly. If you think about it, "Shallow" can be a song about an anal play gone wrong as they're "far from the shallow now."

7) Don't call for the Energizer Bunny just yet; rapid-fire movements shouldn't happen immediately.

We've said it before; you need to start slowly. You may like it fast and hard, but the ass needs to be prepped, so gradually increase that speed, letting the skin, nerves, and muscles get used to the stimulation. Porn has taught us that you can jack-hammer those fingers into an asshole like you'd press the buttons of a Play Station controller while playing Street Fighter. Porn is fiction; remember that.

8) You can try different positions.

Anal play doesn't imply that the bottom needs to be on all fours while the top does everything behind. Yes, it can be challenging to have romantic eye contact with your man while he's eating your ass, but you can always be on your back with your hips elevated with a pillow. Or, if you're flexible enough, let your legs be around your head while you rest your neck on the bed, and you see your man eat and play with your ass from above. Do what feels more comfortable, but also have fun.

9) Playing is more fun when including other (body parts).

Yes, it's anal play, but it doesn't need to be all about the anus. You can include other erogenous zones to stimulate simultaneously or to jump in-between. This can help if the one receiving the stimulation doesn't feel totally comfortable with the idea because he's too self-conscious or too new to it.

  • You can jerk his dick off while eating his ass.

  • He can pinch his nipples while you finger him.

  • You can glide that tongue from ass to balls without forgetting the perineum.

  • You can caress his thighs and buttcheeks while you hold his legs in the air.

You can do many things to keep it interesting, fun, and like a full-blown activity; not just anus-centered.

10) Communication is vital.

The only way a sexual activity can be actually pleasurable is by being completely honest with your partner. Being vocal and telling him if you're enjoying what he's doing, if you want him to try something else or a new position, or if you're not liking it at all is the only way for it to be the best experience. You need to have an open line of communication at all times, and it needs to go both ways.

 10 Game-Changing Tips for Anal Play

10 Game-Changing Tips for Anal Play

What can turn a great experience into a glorious one? Doing it like a pro. Anal play is supposed to be fun, but it needs to be performed right, and when you know what you're doing, things just flow like a river of pleasure. Here's a list of tips that can change how you experience anal play for good or for the best.

1) Make sure you're feeling entirely supported and relaxed

The asshole is probably the most private part of our bodies, and tha t's the reason why it can be so frightening to let someone play with it. Even if you know there won't be any penetration, you need to be calm and loose to enjoy the experience. Both the receiver and the one performing the stimulation are responsible for this aura of relaxation. Remember, you can decide to say no and stop at any time; it doesn't matter if he already poured half a bottle of flavored lube on your ass.

2) Pre-established safe words can help control the situation without ruining the mood.

Many people have sex without enjoying it, even if they do know what they're not liking about it, and understand how it could change for the better. They decide to go through it because they don't want to ruin the mood with a "Wait, that's hurting" that may scare the performer. If this is your case, you can try using pre-established safe words to let him know what you're feeling: if you want it to go faster, if you're going to take a small break, if you're loving it, or if you're going to try something else. Discuss your safe words before you start playing, and you'll see how you can feel in control and don't ruin the mood.

3) Breathe!

There are no words to express how essential and game-changing breathing is when talking about anal play and anal sex. Breathing exercises can help you relax and avoid any tension that can provoke muscular contractions that block the way to pleasure. Learn how to control your breathing and calm through it, and you'll always be a step closer to good times.

4) The performer should respect his partner's body and ask for permission

An open line of communications must always be available. This means the one performing the stimuli should ask for consent whenever he's about to try something and reassure his partner is enjoying it while he's doing it by asking. This can make things slower, but it can also establish trust, safety, and connection.

5) Have the receiver guide the penetration.

While you may think the bottom, or the receiver of the anal stimuli, has a passive role in sex, that's not true. It's him who has to control the situation; the speed, intensity, depth, everything has to be to the bottom's liking, not the top's. 

 Game-Changing Tips for Anal Play

6) Heated lube levels up the sensations.

When you use a lube that creates heat, it helps to bring blood flow to the area and helps increase the stimulation to the pleasure receptors in the ass. So, the heated sensation can make you feel more comfortable and increase the intensity of touch. However, some people may feel the heat it's too much, and some brands use capsaicin, which comes from peppers, so you want to keep it away from your eyes and face.

7) Try it by yourself first.

Getting your assed played by another person can be scary. The nerves can get into your head and make it an uncomfortable situation overall, so why don't you try it on your own first? You can start experimenting on your ass first, so you can get used to the sensations beforehand, and once you're ready, go and do it with your man. 

8) Get yourself an anal sex toy.

If you're going into anal play, getting a sex toy is one of the best things you can do. Whether you're doing it on your own, getting practice for the main event, or you're already playing with someone, anal sex toys are the perfect tool. They're specifically made to bring joy to your anus and can make a couple play even more fun. Get yourself a dildo, a prostate passager, a buttplug kit, or any anal sex toy of your liking.

9) The shower and bathtub are the perfect places for anal play.

Even if having sex in the bathroom can turn into a tricky situation, it is the perfect spot for anal play. Warm water can help you relax, and you don't have to worry about cleaning so much (you need to worry about tripping with spilled lube, though).

10) Understand that there's a chance you simply don't like anal play, and that's perfectly fine.

If you have a partner you trust, and you know he loves you and he wants the best for you, and you've tried anal play before with him, you don't need to try it more than five times to realize it's not for you. You should never force it, thinking you'll get used to it and eventually like it. If you don't enjoy the sensations anal play and anal sex bring, then there's nothing to do about it. Just make sure it's not just your head overthinking or your inhibitions taking over you; there's a great chance they're getting in your way into truly enjoying anal play.

30 Tips for Anal Play

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