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Fitness Mistakes No Gay Man Should Make

gay fitness mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, we all know that, no matter how hard we try to be. Going to the gym regularly and trying to stick to a healthy daily routine is definitely the first step towards achieving this. What many fail to understand is that it’s not only important to actually hit the gym several times a week, but to do it in the proper way. There definitely are several mistakes that many men make, especially gay guys. Why do the gays make these fitness mistakes more often than other people? Well, they’re connected to fashion and guys.

Skipping leg day

This is not a mistake that only gay men make, even though there are plenty of instances when they do. Skipping leg day didn’t bring any good to anyone, so make sure that you exercise the proper way and work on all of your muscles equally. Working only on your chest and arms will most certainly not make your legs and your butt sexier – and these are the parts that always have to be sexy! It might be logical why straight people skip leg days, but what is the point of a gay guy going to the gym and not working on the lower part of the body?

Fashion over comfort

Other people will, on the other hand, focus on the fashion scene of the gym. These people always pay special attention to what they’re wearing, and they more often than not choose fashion over comfort. This is very often seen in their choice of underwear – even though you are trying to be sexy at the gym, there seriously isn’t any reason for you to be hitting the treadmill wearing shorts and jock straps underneath. Choose regular, high-quality sports briefs instead and save the sexy ones for some other occasion.

The choice of shoes

Speaking of comfort, it’s very important to pay special attention to the shoes you’re wearing at the gym. Namely, many gay guys do not make the difference among different types of shoes, so they might choose shoes that are not made for training only because they’re quite fashionable. The first rule would be to choose footwear that’s always very comfortable. If you want them to be fashionable as well, you can always turn to great brands such as Puma as they have all sorts of footwear, quite affordable and of high quality. It’s always more important to work out in comfortable shoes as they can prevent any injuries and will make your work out much more efficient.

Hiring a hot personal trainer

Keeping yourself motivated is definitely the most important thing you can do. In order to feel motivated, many guys opt for hiring a hot personal trainer who’s going to explain how to do a certain exercise and do a bit of touchy touchy. However, it’s important to know that the chances of your workout session turning into a porn are extremely low, so focus on the workout session instead. You don’t only need a trainer who looks good, but who’s actually good for you. Find one that will help you achieve your goals and who you have good communication with.

Avoiding carbs

Contrary to popular belief, not all carbohydrates are bad. People got the idea that they are extremely bad and unhealthy, and that is why they tend to skip them altogether. However, our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly, and cutting them out is not the healthiest or the smartest idea. Yes, you should focus on cutting the simple cards such as the ones found in sugary drinks, white bread and pastries, but there’s no need in cutting them from food such as rice or whole wheat products.

Buying your equipment and gym membership is not enough. You need to make sure you’re doing everything in the proper way, as you definitely don’t want to be that one ridiculous person at the gym who doesn’t have a clue what to do next. Focus, and ask for help. Nothing’s difficult!


Peter is a LGBT health and lifestyle writer at Gay Republic and The Homo Culture magazine, living between Australia and Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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