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Fleshlight - the Ultimate Male Masturbator and Why You Need One!

The original Fleshlight has always been hailed as the best male masturbator offering the ultimate realistic experience. The focus, however, has always been on the straight male with various sleeves offering the closest experience from female shaped mouths to female genitals. Thankfully, the great people over at Fleshlight, have created the Fleshjack line of male masturbators. Finally, a male masturbator made completely for the gay male. That means you no longer have to go for the fleshlight and use your imagination or pretend you are penetrating a male anus. You can now go straight for the Fleshjack and finally feel what you are thinking. The holy grail of masturbators is here.  



5 Reasons to buy a Fleshjack

  1. Fleshjack is the most realistic male masturbator available today. Not only does it feel extremely real, but each Fleshjack offers a different sleeve which allows you to choose the texture that you would like to penetrate - from tight to ribbed and much more. I mean, let's be real here... just take a look at the Fleshjack Ice Crystal and tell me it doesn't look tempting!
  2. It was developed to practice safe sex. How you ask? The Fleshjack company claims that it was partly produced as a response to promiscuity and STD's, thus giving you an safe, alternative realistic experience.
  3. It's a great masturbator for virgins and beginners. You have unlimited practice potential. You can try any position, way, speed and thrust that you wish. The potential of this sex toy for virgins is also incomparable to any other male masturbator. The realistic sleeve is the closest you will get to anal sex or a blow job without risking your health or being pushed into doing something that you don't want to do.
  4. It will last you a lifetime. The Superskin material is made to stretch and give way to your girth, repeatedly, and without breaking down or losing its overall quality and feel. With proper care using the renewing powder and cleaning it correctly, the Fleshjack will last you forever!
  5. Many people are unaware, but the fun with this masturbator doesn't stop when you insert yourself in to it. It lets you customize the suction with a vented top so that you may choose the point where it's just right.
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Do You Like It Warm?

The innovation doesn't just stop there. Fleshlight went the extra mile to make sure that your masturbating experience feels as realistic s possible, so what exactly did they do to achieve this? They invented the Flashlight Sleeve Warmer, a little device that has the full capabilities of warming up your sleeve, bringing it to body-like temperature. Once warmed up, the masturbator feels plushy, warm and smooth just like real skin. It makes the experience that much better.

The Overall Fleshlight Experience

We cannot put in words the feeling and sensation that a Fleshlight will induce, you just have to feel it for yourself. Having tried it, I can tell you what makes it stand out apart.
  • Soft Realistic Material - It does not just feel like a tube that you slide your penis in. There is more to it than you can begin to imagine. Although the material is patented preventing us from knowing exactly what it is comprised of, I do know something about what it feels like from using it. Having used and reviewed hundred of sex toys for men I can tell you that this is the closest I've felt to the real thing. If you close your eyes and get into the mood, you will without a doubt feel as if you are penetrating a real anus.
  • Super Duper Stretchy - The ability of this material to stretch out and accommodate you and then cling right back on your penis is amazing. It hugs at every bend and curve, from the top to the bottom of your shaft. The Fleshlight is so versatile that it can do this repeatedly without braking apart or stretching "out of shape".
  • Textures - For every single Fleshlight produced there exists a different inner core or texture. You will be amazed by the different nubs, ticklers and canals you can go into and explore with your penis. Let it free to feel every inch of this masturbator.
fl8092-2   Now that you have an idea of what the Fleshlight is all about, what are you waiting for? Shop for a Fleshlight now!
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