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How to Look Your Best at Pride

gay pride how to look your best

This year’s Pride Parade is expected to be the largest one ever! The LGBTI population is incredibly excited about it, and what about you? Have you already thought about what you are going to look like? Since it is going to be huge, you want to wear something that will make you look incredible, so that you can remember it for a long time! So, besides a beautiful big smile and that proud look on your face, what else are you planning to put on your body? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Let the bright colors attract cool people

This is a very cheerful occasion and people come to celebrate, so wearing something bright and colorful is a hit! Rainbow colors and a lot of pink will look perfect on the streets and it will give you a great feeling! If you wear black or something in a darker color, you might look too serious and gloomy, and you want to avoid it. However, the exception is those who prefer the BDSM and more alternative style. People would definitely want to meet someone who is wearing something that makes them look different and unique, and let’s face it – this is a great opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people!

Good casual outfit would win anyone’s heart

You can look incredibly easy-going and attractive if you consider one of your favorite men's polo shirts and maybe a pair of jeans! A casual outfit that makes you feel comfortable is a much better choice than looking too formal for the occasion. You want to meet like-minded people here, and most of them will probably wear something cozy, like T-shirts and shorts. If you wear something that does not make you feel good, you will not have fun, and that is why you are going in the first place!

Costumes can also be taken into consideration

If you have an idol, why not wear something that will make you look exactly like that person? Also, costumes of your favorite comic hero can also look quite cool and people will want to meet you for sure! You can dress up like Superman or any other DC or Marvel hero based on your preference. The most important thing is that you feel good in that outfit. This is how you can also meet people who like the same things you do, and that is going to be exciting!

If you like accessories or saying it with words – go for it!

The best thing about the Parade is that with so many open-minded people coming, you can basically wear anything you want and you will still fit in, because no one here is judgy of how you look! You can be a big tall guy who loves wearing a tiara, and others will still find you awesome! You can feel free to wear undies or T-shirts with any words you want! Express yourself and your creativity and just enjoy! If you want your clothes to say something about your certain point of view, just go for it shamelessly and feeling completely relaxed!

Parades are amazing and this year’s Pride is probably going to be as awesome as it can be! With so many great open-minded people and choices when it comes to what to wear, you can just feel free to express yourself and how creative and positively crazy you are! Be sure to wear something that makes you feel the most comfortable and just be yourself. Others will do the same. Have fun and have a memorable experience!

Peter Minkoff is a LGBT health and lifestyle writer. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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