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Let's Put The Power Back In Power Bottom

Let's Put the Power Back in Power Bottom

Long ago, longer than I care to admit, I was a young geek. There were only a few of us in my podunk little town and we knew each other by our thick-rimmed glasses, T-shirts of obscure cartoons from Japan, and our inexplicable love of dragons and wizards. There was a sort of camaraderie that came from being outcasts and there was a certain pride we nerdy few took in being the nerdy few.

Then Geek Chic came along and being a geek suddenly became cool. Pretty soon, you couldn't swing a prop wand without hitting some hipster in thick-rimmed glasses and a Dragonball shirt. For them, it was a trend. For us, it was a lifestyle and we didn't appreciate the trendification of our culture.

Now I find myself going through another similar sort of situation with power bottoming. It seems like nowadays you can't swing a dick without hitting some guy who occasionally likes to put his ass in the air but claims to be a "power bottom".

Now, as before, I see a bunch of people treating a full-blown lifestyle like a trendy label they can slap on themselves to appear more attractive, much the way McDonald's has "healthy" choices on their menu. Well, they can fuck that sky-high! If you're gonna power bottom, fuckin' do it right!

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1.0 What Is A Power Bottom?

As I pointed out, guys like to bandy the word "power bottom" about without ever really considering the implications of what that really means. At the risk of sounding like one of those douchebags who was into every band out there before they were cool, I gotta say I've been in the game for a while now and most of them don't have the first clue as to what the term even means.

A power bottom is a guy who really likes to be anally penetrated. We also commonly take an active, even dominant role in guiding the action. Perhaps the italics weren't enough to really drive home the point I'm trying to make, so I'll try it another way. A power bottom is a guy who REALLY likes to be anally penetrated and often takes an active or even dominant role in guiding the sexytime action. 

Beyond that most-basic definition, a power bottom not only has a massive appetite for getting plowed but we also love it so much that they actually take steps in our lives outside of the bedroom to be better at doing what we love most, gettin' fucked.

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It's like the difference between an accountant who takes a karate class a couple of times a week and a flat-out Shaolin monk who makes almost every aspect of their life an exercise to help improve their chosen discipline. Karate guy can break a pine board with his fist, the monk can headbutt stone paver bricks into dust. There's simply no comparison. Just like power bottoming, the difference is discipline and dedication.

2.0 Mastering The Art Of Bung-Fu

If you REALLY like getting banged in the ass and would rather crush stone than slap boards, you're going to have to put in a more than a little work. Like I said, it's a lifestyle choice and that means changing the way you live your life on a fundamental level.

Depending on your level of experience, you might need to change the way you eat, your anal hygiene practices, and/or physically train your hole through practice. You might also have to come out of your shell a bit in the bedroom to master the finer techniques of being dominant from a traditionally submissive position.

If you seriously want to claim the title of power bottom, here's what you need to do!

3.0 First Things First

If you're looking to up your bottoming game, you've probably already found ways to deal with the most pressing issue bottoms experience, power or otherwise. I'm talking, of course, about poop. Clearing up the caca conundrum early on will go a long way toward helping you be more confident in the sack and will also make it easier to keep your hole trained.

Most guys are pretty cool and understand that shit literally happens. However, there is nothing that can kill the momentum of a really hot bang session than the sudden emergence and odor of this particularly nasty beastie. As cool as some tops can be about it, power bottoms take it seriously and it often kills the mood for us more than it does for our partners.

Colt Ultra Douche

(Colt Ultra Douche)

So how do we manage the issue? While there are obvious methods like anal douching that take care of the symptom of the problem in the short-term, the way you eat has a much bigger impact on the root cause of a gunky funhouse. Douching is important, diet is key.

If you know your basement parlor will be entertaining guests later in the evening, avoid eating heavy, greasy foods or anything you know will get your particular chocolate factory working overtime. This is a good way to manage the problem in a specific sense on a given day and it's basic bottom stuff.

If you want to really take things to the next level, you should start to pay better attention to your diet in general. Fiber and lots of water are the secret here. It's also important to get a good mix of soluble and non-soluble fiber in your diet.

The soluble fiber will work with the water to keep those turdlets nice and tight for easy, clean passage from the body. The non-soluble fiber will help keep your intestinal tract scrubbed clean of detritus. The right diet combined with standard anal hygiene practices like douching will have your hole as empty as a Nickelback concert at the North Pole.

Aside from the digestive and anal hygiene benefits of eating this way, it is also a healthy way to eat. A healthy body is crucial for serious power bottoming. Having a finely tuned body is a big part of power bottoming because it takes a lot of energy and more than a little endurance. Which leads us to the next issue...

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4.0 Stretching And Exercise (General)

Power bottoming is deceptively strenuous exercise. If you are out of shape or improperly nourished, you're going to burn out quickly. It takes a lot of under-used muscles to get the right motion and action to really blow your top's mind and training those muscles will make all the difference in your ability to bring the thunder to his down-under.

The first thing you're going to want to do is to stretch your muscles. Getting good and limber allows you to twist into all sorts of positions that allow you to have better physical control over the action. A wider range of motions means a wider range of positions to choose from that allow you to be both more receptive and more able to maneuver yourself and your partner without pulling a muscle or cramping up. Find some instructional videos online to help you get started on proper stretching techniques or, even better, take a Tai-Chi or Yoga class to really bring your flexibility to the next level.

Now, as far as exercise is concerned, there are a few muscles you will want to pay particular attention to.  Obviously, your abs are going to be the linchpin here. The more core strength you have, the harder you can push back into your partner. A big part of being a power bottom is guiding or even outright controlling the speed and depth of your partner's thrusts.

Not only does this make your partner feel like you're really into what's going on, it also allows you to give your partner a chance to catch his breath and recharge for a grand finale. Tops aren't thrusting machines any more than bottoms are fuckdolls. Be considerate of their needs and limitations!

Aside from the abs, you're going to want to do exercises that work your glutes, quads, biceps, triceps, and abductors. If you have a trainer who's either laid-back or gay enough to tell about your goals, tell them! If not, simply mention that you'd like to focus on these muscles and leave your reasons to yourself.

If you don't have a trainer, focus on exercises like weighted squat thrusts, body weight reverse lunges, lunges, planking, kettle ball swings, step exercises, and deadlifting. Always be sure to research the proper way to do these exercises to avoid inadvertently damaging your body.

As great as these exercises are for working the muscles you will use for bottoming like a champ, they're also a great way to tighten up your body to attract guys. Do enough squat thrusts and you will have the most bubbly of bubble butts. Who could resist that?!

power bottom exercise

5.0 Stretching And Exercise (Anal)

Exercising your body, in general, is important to good power bottoming, but exercising the muscles in your downstairs mix-up is the next-level shit you need to ascend to legendary power bottom status. If you can learn to control and work your interior muscles, a whole new world of sexual gratification will open up for you and your partners. If harder erections, better ejaculation control, and decreased refractory periods sound like something you would be interested in, I have two words for you: Kegel Exercises.

Kegel exercises are a set of exercises used to work your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are an integral part of your bodies sexual processes and control much of the action down there. So, gaining mastery over these muscles gives you mastery over your sexual anatomy and functions.

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The basic idea is that you find which muscles you need to work by stopping your urine mid-stream. The muscles you flex to stop urinating are exactly the muscles you are looking to strengthen. Once you have found out how to flex the muscles properly, set aside time three times a day to work on them.

Begin your exercises by contracting and holding the muscles for 3 seconds and then relaxing them for three seconds. Each session should be made up of 10 repetitions of this exercise. These exercises can and should be done in a number of positions such as standing, sitting, or even walking. When you're first starting out, however, it will probably be easiest to exercise while lying on your back.

Another important tip for Kegels is to only flex your pelvic floor muscles. Be sure you aren't flexing your abs or other nearby muscles while working your Kegel exercises for maximum results.

Anal stretching is another important part of champion-level power bottoming. Again, confidence is a big part of good bottoming and you can't be fucking around with fear of a big dick. If anything, you should stoked!

Keeping your hole nice and limber allows you the freedom to keep your head in the game no matter what's being shoved into your back door and allows you a broader range of partners to choose from. Anal training, to me, is a total no-brainer, but it takes some dedication. For a full rundown of anal training, see our complete guide here,  but for now, I'll run through the basics.

Anal Trainer Kit

(Colt Anal Trainer Kit)

Your asshole's elasticity is a use-it-or-lose-it-type situation. If you are regularly penetrating your ass, it retains its ability to accommodate toys or dicks of the size it has become accustomed to. By gradually increasing the regularity of penetration and the size of the dicks and toys being inserted, you can increase your hole's ability to take in larger objects. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get an anal training kit that includes a number of butt plugs or anal toys of gradually increasing size to practice with.

Practice, patience, and discipline are key here. You have to run before you can walk, so don't bite off more than you can chew or you're going to end up butt-hurt in the end!


6.0 A Few Final Words

Power bottoming isn't for everyone. In the end, you either have the mindset or you don't. If you don't have that deep-down, insatiable craving for cock in your ass, none of these tips will help you achieve a transcendental state of power-bottomhood and that's fine- Just don't go on Grindr acting like you're a Jet Li-level bung-fu master when you're really just a low-rent Steven Seagal.

Now, get out there and power up!

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