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Top 10 Reasons Men Should Own a Sex Toy

It is a common misconception that sex toys are only for women when in reality they can provide just as much pleasure for men.

Welcome to the 21st century where sex toys are no longer just for the lonely spinster looking to get off. Sex toys have come a long way especially in the past decade.

Men’s sex toys in particular are designed with you in mind.

Imagine a men’s sex toy that was designed and manufactured to give you or your partner optimal prostate stimulation. Maybe you and your sex partner want to add a little extra spice to your evening. The possibilities these days are virtually limitless.

Whether you are looking for a vibrating dildo, anal beads, cock rings, inflatable butt plugs or a paddle to spank your partner with, you can let your imagination run wild.

Fun Fact: The oldest discovered dildo was uncovered in a German cave, dating back to 30,0000 years.

Gay sex toys are great for first encounters to couples that have been together for years. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom gives you have the ability to bring your relationship to the next level. Experiment and find out what gets you off and sends your partner over the edge.

We all enjoy the carnal act of traditional love making but lets face it… gay sex toys bring an extra punch of excitement and pleasure.

So why do sex toys in particular get such a bad rap? Perhaps we will never know!

"It is a common misconception that sex toys are only for women when in reality they can provide just as much pleasure for men."


1. Extended Trust Level

Introducing sex toys into the bedroom allows for a certain kind of trust between you and your partner in more than one way. Knowing you have a dirty secret together gives you and your man a special bond. It is something that is between you and your partner alone.

Having the knowledge that you know something about him that nobody else knows can be quite empowering.

Giving your partner a gay sex toy for them to use on you is like giving a little piece of your power away. You have to be able to trust him not to abuse said power.

After all what better way to show your partner that you trust him than letting him push a 7 inch dildo up your ass?

If you can do that certainly you can trust him with your Netflix password!

2. Added Excitement

Men’s sex toys are great for adding a bit of added excitement to your life.

Whether you use them as foreplay or during the actual act of intercourse, sex toys make for a fun addition to the bedroom. Enhance the feeling of pleasure with any number of kinky toys whatever your relationship status might be.

Give your partner something forward to tonight. Send them a text telling him exactly which sex toy you are going to be using on him when he gets home from his boring 9 to 5.

Chances are he wont be able to concentrate on anything else throughout the day.

Who knows he may even get a stiffy during a conference call just thinking about how you plan to use that prostate massager! Either way you are sure to have some steamy sex once he finally does make it through that door.

3. Extreme Intimacy

One of the best things that men’s sex toys can do for you is provide you with an extreme level of intimacy. They allow you to explore your partners body up close and personal.

Get to know your partner in ways you never thought possible. After a few sessions with sex toys you will never feel as close to your partner.

Imagine going down on your partner while gently sliding a vibrating dildo into his open anus.

The feeling of watching his balls tighten and his legs begin to quiver underneath you with just a simple push will make you both feel amazing.

Tease him with that dildo to find out exactly what gets him going and where.

Fun Fact: 18% of straight men report having had insertive anal sex, according to a recent study

Watch as his anus squeezes the toy as he explodes in ecstasy. He is sure to be extremely thankful and more than willing to get extremely intimate with your body as well!

4. Provides First Hand Knowledge

Communicating to each other throughout intercourse is extremely important, especially when you are using sex toys. This gives you the ability to have first hand knowledge of what really turns your partner on.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to please him in ways you never thought possible?

Everyone is different and everyone is turned on by different things. Explore different toys in different shapes and sizes until you find the right fit for each other.

Turn out the lights and enhance the mood by slipping a glow in the dark condom on him. This allows you to find just what you are looking for even in the darkest of nights. After inserting yourself inside him reach around and take hold of his glowing cock.

The ring will add extra pressure, giving him an extremely satisfying finish. Afterward he wont be able to resist getting his hands on you next!

5. Lightens the Load

Men’s sex toys are great for lightening the load in more than one way!

They give you the ability to enjoy the actual event while taking a bit pressure off of you.

With the amazing technology and development of gay sex toys these days you can find just about anything to provide you with a satisfying sack session.

Getting off has never been so easy, which means you can lay back and let the toy do some of the work for you!

Tell your partner to close his eyes and bend over.

Put a drop of cool lube on his crack and let it slide to his waiting hole.

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Slide the inflatable rubber butt plug into his anus and watch his cock begin to grow before you.

Surprise him with a push or two of the air valve and watch him grow further as it expands in his ass. Now let him open his eyes and have a chance to lighten your load!


6. Allows for Creativity

Gay sex toys are great of allowing your creativity to run wild.

With the unlimited variations of sex toys these days your possibilities as only as limited as your imagination.

A good selection gives you the ability to have tons of options for positions as well. Challenge yourself to try them all with your sex partner and find the position that works best for you!

Imagine having a big, ribbed rubber dildo that has a suction cup at the end.

Try sticking it to the wall and watching your partner fuck it… all while giving you an amazing blow job.

Perhaps you want to stick it to the floor and fuck it yourself while eating his ass out. This is only one of the many gay sex toys that allow you to experiment with your creativity.

"Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you!"

7. Amazing Foreplay

Foreplay has never been so fun. Men’s sex toys have come extremely far over the past decade and the options are virtually endless. With amazing foreplay comes amazing intercourse.

Getting each other off before the main event will make you last longer and have an even more rewarding finish the second time around.

Whether you choose to watch each other masturbate beforehand or help each other out with a fun sex toy you are sure to have an amazing time.

Keep that hot vibrating waterproof prostate massager in the shower for a super sexy encounter before work or before moving to the bedroom.

You never know when you will have an extra few minutes to get each other off. Turn each other on in the shower before work and you will have something fun to think about the rest of the day. Nothing keeps a relationship strong like amazing sex, and nothing makes amazing sex as good as super steamy foreplay!

8. Helps Turn Fantasies into Reality

Having men’s sex toys in your life allows you to help turn your fantasies into reality.

Having a big dildo or butt plug in your hand makes you feel powerful and allows you to be someone you normally wouldn’t. Acting out your fantasies or the fantasies of your partner will make you have a stronger connection in the long run. Knowing they will do something for you or vise versa can be an incredible turn on. Besides who knows? You may be into exactly the same thing!

Surprise your partner with a remote control vibrating egg. Tell him you want him to wear it up his ass for your entire date night. You keep the remote and whenever you feel the desire you can give him a quick buzz or two. Knowing that you are in public will be an extreme turn on for both of you. Chances are you will not make it through dessert!

"Having men’s sex toys in your life allows you to help turn your fantasies into reality."

9. Makes for an Excellent Bonding Experience

Introducing gay sex toys into your bedroom provides an excellent bonding experience for you and your partner.

Buying them alone and surprising him with them sure is fun but buying them together can be even more fun. Finding out which items they are most attracted to gives you an insight into what will turn them on to the highest degree.

Imagine going through a catalog of hundreds of items with your partner and choosing the one that fits you best.

Take your time looking at different sizes and shapes. Keep an eye on your partner and see which fun men’s sex toys light him up the most.

Whisper in his ear what you would do to him if you had that toy right then and there. Just think, you don’t even have the actual toy yet and you and your partner are already hot and bothered. What will you do when you actually DO have it!

10. Lastly- Provides an Out of This World Orgasm!

Whether you use sex toys on your own, or with a partner you are sure to have an out of this world orgasm.

With the wide variety of men’s sex toys available these days there is something to get everyone off on just about any occasion.

It doesn’t matter if you are a traditionalist and enjoy a good hand job or if you prefer to have your prostate stimulated there is something out there for you.

If you are ready to experience a toes curling, legs quivering, full body orgasm you need to introduce men’s sex toys into your life and see what you have been missing!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get the party started… and keep it going all night long by adding a few fun men’s sex toys into your arsenal.



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