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Newbie's Guide to Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

The human hand is an incredible thing. It has developed allow us the ability to grasp objects, make fine manipulations with our fingers, and it is pretty much the crown jewel of human evolution. Although our hands allow us the ability to manipulate the tools that have allowed humanity to conquer the Earth, when it comes to manipulating our own tools, it falls a little short. When it comes to masturbation, the hand will work, but it's not as good as it gets. You can dig a hole with just your hands, but wouldn't you prefer a shovel?

Luckily, some of the more clever and sexually-minded of our giant troupe of tool-using primates decided to use their incredible hands to make tools that help us get off in style. Nowadays, there are all sorts of ingenious devices you can stick your dong into to make it feel better than you're hand ever could.

We're talking, of course, about male masturbators, and if you don't know what they are, you're in for a treat if you read on!

What Are Male Masturbators?

Well, to put it simply, male masturbators are devices designed to increase the pleasure of masturbation, mutual or otherwise. They often take the form of a hollow, textured tube made out of a soft material such as silicone or TPS. Many models also feature hard plastic shells that surround them to help with grip. Outside of this basic design, there are unending variations and innovations that sex toy producers have cooked up in their labs to help you blow your load like the civilized primate you are.

With all of these variations and innovations to choose from, picking out the right masturbator can be a bit of a head-scratcher. So, this guide is intended to help you navigate the exciting and pleasurable wonderland of dong pleasers.

Throughout the next few paragraphs, you will find all of the info you need to help you choose an amazing masturbator to keep you company on lonely nights or add some razzle-dazzle to your time spent playing with others. Here's a breakdown by category of what is out there to choose from and a few suggestions to help you along.


Chances are if you've heard of male masturbators, you've heard of Fleshlights. In fact, it's gotten to the point where people have started to refer to strokers in general as "Fleshlights",  in much the same way we call tissue Kleenex or edible gelatin Jell-O. "Fleshlight", in a strange way, has become a sort of household name.

While most people familiar with Fleshlights immediately think of the classic black plastic shell shaped like a flashlight that contains a soft, bulbous tube with an anal, oral, or vaginal embellishment at the opening, there are a number of other models they make that deviate from the old design.

For guys looking for something a little more compact and versatile for couple's play, they make compact models with open ends that allow you to push all the way through so your partner can further stimulate the head of your cock. You can also get a cock in either end and meet in the middle for some spicy pseudo-frottage action.

After a while, Fleshlight started to make improved versions of their famous strokers and came out with their "Flight" line of strokers. These strokers offer intense textures on the interior of the sleeve to tickle, rub and please your willy with every stroke. They have a sleeker, more modern design and are crystal clear instead of opaque, with the exception of the Flight Pilot model. This line is generally regarded as the new stroker gold standard because of the ingenious texturing incorporated into the sleeve's interior.

In addition to their main lines, they also offer models that are disguised to look like cans of soda or beer, and there are a number of accessories out there to increase the pleasure and convenience of your Fleshlight. For guys who like a little dirty fun while they're cleaning up, they have a shower mount unit so you can have hands-free fun in the shower. They even have virtual sex adaptors to help integrate your Fleshlight with your digital sex media!

Ass Strokers

One of the great things about male masturbators is the variety of designs available. A lot of time and effort has gone into designing toys that recreate the look and feel of the various fuckable orifices we've all come to love. Easily, one of the most popular among these are the anal designs.

These strokers are made to mimic the sensation you get when you plunge into a  real bung without all of the trouble of rounding up an actual ass to do so. These anal designs tend to have tighter openings to recreate the feel of a puckered butthole and offer the same degree of resistance you'd expect from one. Once you're inside, the textures and form of the sleeve give the sensation of being balls deep in a tight ass.

These anal designs vary in complexity and features, from a simple tube with an anal opening to fancier vibrating models that offer sensations no mere mortal butthole could ever hope to achieve.

Blowjob Masturbators

There are few things in life that are quite as great has having a nice pair of lips wrapped around you wang doing their thang. If puckered lips are more your thing than puckered buttholes, you'll probably want to check out a blowjob masturbator.

These are strokers designed to mimic the look and feel of a real blowjob. They often feature mouth-like embellishments at the opening that recreate the feeling of lips pressing against the base of your cock as you thrust. Some models, like the Blow Pro or the Extreme Roto-Bator, even offer powered functionality to recreate the movements of a stellar blow job.

Others offer manual functions that allow you to alter the suction and sensation provided, like with the Mega Grip Squeezable Vibrating Stroker that has special panels built into the side that allow you to alter the pressure inside the sleeve with a simple squeeze of your hand. If you like blowjobs (who doesn't?), you'll definitely want to make a special place in your nightstand for one of these sweet honeys!

Hands-Free Masturbators

Now we get into the really good stuff, powered masturbators! These are the sex toys you'd read about in a sci-fi magazine. These masturbators are designed to do all the work so you can just lay back and enjoy your orgasm without having to fuss around too much.

This category of male masturbator is absolutely rife with innovation and creativity. Sexy mad scientists have designed outrageous devices to tickle, tease, and please your li'l' governor in ways you simply wouldn't believe. From simple, yet effective, designs that use rotating beads that massage your wang to incredibly advanced models that offer suction and rotation to create an effect that will make you wonder why anyone even bothers with actual blowjobs anymore.

If you'd like to experience the jerk off session of the future, you should definitely take a closer look at our curated selection of hands-free masturbators!

Masturbator Combos

they say it is better to give than receive, but they probably weren't thinking about jerking off when they said that- We all know, it's better to give and receive! If you tend to agree with that sentiment, a combo masturbator is just the thing you're looking for! These toys are designed for the guy who likes to switch it up mid-game and allow you to have a toy to fuck that can also be used to fuck you right back, should the mood strike you.

The designs of combo toys vary but they are basically the same in that they offer multiple functions, usually a masturbator combined with a dildo, as is the case with the Mangina. From that basic design, you work your way up to some more intricate designs that are more like sex dolls than strokers. For instance, this model from Pipedream features an anal masturbator with an erect cock and enough excess material to give you something to hold onto while you ride or fuck it.

Then you have the biggest badass of all the male masturbators, Fuck Me Silly Man! This incredible masturbator is basically made to look like the lower half of a kneeling man with an erect and ready cock you can ride and a puckered asshole for you to pound. It can be positioned in a number of different poses that allow you to recreate a frenzied fuck session without ever having to leave the house.

Strokers And Sleeves

This category is sort of a catch-all category for all of the various models of strokers out there. While most of the toys in this category follow the basic design of a textured, soft-material sleeve with a hole for you to fuck, there are a few notable exceptions.

The  Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo, also known as the "guybrator", is a wildly different design that is ergonomically designed to stimulate the most sensitive areas of your penis through the clever use of vibration, specialized materials, and textures. You literally just slide in, turn it on, lay back, and wait to blow your load while the sleeve does all the work. Similar models that incorporate other designs are available from Pipedream.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that there is another stroker that provides something that other strokers don't, ball play. The Renegade Ball Tugging Stroker has a built-in ball tugger that delightfully jostles your nuts as you play. We all love a little ball play, don't we?

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