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Oops! They Did It Again: 15 First-Time Bottoming Blunders

Oops! They Did It Again: 15 First-Time Bottoming Blunders

Hey there, fabulous first-time bottoms! Ready to get down and dirty? Well, hold on tight, because we're about to dive into 15 mistakes that newbies often make. Take some notes, darling, and let's get ready to rumble!

🍑 Bottoming Bon Voyage: A Journey into the Great Behind 🍑

So you're ready to embark on the thrilling adventure of bottoming, but let's face it, every diva has her off days. From forgetting a condom to assuming sex is like porn, there's a world of first-time bottoming blunders out there. But fear not, darling, because we're here to guide you through the bootylicious minefield...

💥 Common Bottoming Boo-Boos: 💥

1. Not understanding or communicating your boundaries: Knowledge is power, darling. Know your limits and share them with your partner. Clear communication fosters trust, which leads to a more satisfying experience for both of you.

2. Using too much teeth: Ouch! Keep those chompers at bay. A great blow job is all about the mouth and tongue, so be gentle with your partner's sensitive bits. Trust us, they'll appreciate your attention to detail.

3. Staying quiet and having no opinion: Speak up, be the diva you are! Your desires matter, and communication is key to great sex. Share your fantasies and preferences, and remember, your pleasure counts too!

4. Feeling pressured to do anal at all: Your body, your rules. If anal isn't your cup of tea, that's okay! You have the right to choose what feels best for you. Explore other ways to connect and find pleasure

5. Skipping straight to sex: Foreplay is the appetizer – don't skip it! Set the mood and build anticipation through kissing, touching, and teasing. You'll both be more relaxed and ready for the main event.

6. Feeling pressured to be "good" at anal: No pressure, just pleasure! It's your first time, so focus on enjoying the experience rather than performing perfectly. Communicate with your partner, and remember – practice makes perfect

7. Not enjoying the experience: Relax and have fun – it's not a job interview! Let go of expectations and focus on the pleasure and connection you're sharing with your partner. Remember, sex should be enjoyable!

8. Idolizing "the perfect top": Nobody's perfect – appreciate their uniqueness. Don't assume your top is rugged, we're all learning, don't set unrealistic standards.

9. Assuming sex is like porn: Uh-uh, sweetheart, leave the fantasy on-screen. Porn is designed for entertainment, not education. Real-life sex is unique, intimate, and not as choreographed as those steamy scenes.

10. Rushing to bottom: Slow and steady wins the race, babe. Bottoming can be intense, especially for beginners. Communicate with your partner, take your time, and listen to your body's signals.

11. Forgetting a condom: A classic faux pas! Safety first, sweetie! Carrying a condom with you ensures that spontaneous make-out sessions stay safe and worry-free. You'll be prepared for whatever steamy situation comes your way.

12. Shaming: No shame in the bottom game – embrace the booty love! Everyone has their preferences, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying bottoming. Leave the stigmas behind and celebrate your desires.

13. Knocking on dental dams: Dental dams make rimming safe and clean, darling. Keep things hygienic and enjoy the pleasures of oral without the mess. You can even cut a condom horizontally to make your own dental dam!

14. Being overly confident: Honey, we all start somewhere – be real! It's okay to be inexperienced. Embrace your journey and be honest with your partner about your experience level. Trust us, they'll appreciate it!

15. Not lubing up properly: More lube, more fun – you can thank us later! Don't skimp on the slippery stuff. A well-lubed encounter ensures smooth sailing and minimizes discomfort. When in doubt, add more!

BONUS: Stop kissing like a dead fish: Pucker up and give it some life!

As you venture into the wild world of bottoming, keep these mistakes in mind and remember: practice makes perfect, and confidence is key. So slap on some lube, get ready to have a blast, and embrace the fabulous, fun, and occasionally awkward journey that is bottoming.

Happy bottoming, darling! Your fabulous adventure awaits! 💋

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