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Sex Du Soleil: 23 Acrobatic Sex Positions You Can Try

Sex Du Soleil: 23 Acrobatic Sex Positions You Can Try

Whether you want to spice things up in bed or demonstrate your physical prowess to your partner, trying some acrobatic sex positions might be a fun idea that will make you feel hot and powerful while you're banging your man. Here we'll give you a list of acrobatic sex positions you should try with your guy.

Let's be honest; we've all seen some impressive moves in porn, and we've all thought, "Hot damn! I need to try that." But again, being honest, most porn stars are in top physical shape, allowing them to do many things not everyone can. However, that doesn't mean we can't try; we just need to be careful not to overdo our mortal bodies.

 Four things to consider before getting acrobatic in bed

Four things to consider before getting acrobatic in bed

Before we get into the positions, it is essential to consider a few things that might get in our way to become an artist of acrobatic sex. So, take note of these things as you might need to prepare a little if you want to be the star of the Sex Du Soleil.

1) Strength

Some acrobatic sex positions will need you to hold on in a particular place or lift your partner's body or your own. So, if you've been hitting it hard at the gym, and those gains are showing, trying sex positions that require strength may be both a challenge and a reward. Three parts of your body that need to be strong for this are:

  • Arms: You might need to lift your partner, hang from somewhere, or hold your body like a plank.
  • Legs: Some positions require you to be in a sitting or standing position with your body on top of you.
  • Core: With a strong core, you'll be able to hold a position for a longer time, and it may also mean you'll have hot abs.

2) Flexibility

Acrobats are known for being both strong and flexible, so it's really not a surprise that you'll need flexibility for many of the sex positions we listed here. Not everyone is flexible, and it might be scary to engage in some situation that'll require you to bend over. Still, you don't know how surprisingly fast you can develop flexibility by practicing yoga. Three parts of your body that need to be flexible for this are:

  • Legs: Flexible legs and hips mean deeper penetration, and many of these sex positions take advantage of this.
  • Back: Bottoming experts know how important it is to arch their backs; I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
  • Penis: A flexible penis is something you are born with, and it's almost impossible to develop. Still, don't worry; you don't need a flexible penis for most of these positions.

3) Furniture

Acrobatic sex positions are, by default, thinking out of the box when it comes to getting hot and steamy, and that also means you'll need more than just your bed to perform these acrobatic feats. You might need a table or chair, different levels, hedges, or even ropes and swings. So, yeah, acrobatic sex is indeed a little kinky.

4) Warming up

Since you're about to get into some intense physical activity that might push your body limits, you must consider doing some warming up and stretching up exercises. Getting a cramp in your thigh while you're banging your man may be a mood killer; you better avoid getting injured for trying to be adventurous in your bedroom.

 23 Acrobatic Sex Positions You Can Try

23 Acrobatic Sex Positions You Can Try

After you've taken all those things into consideration, you're ready for some extreme action, so let's get it on!

1. Acrobat

It's not surprising that the first position on the list is called "acrobat," but this is one of the easiest. For this one, the bottom will need a flexible back and hips and will have an active role, while the top will be just lying back. The bottom will sit on his partner's dick facing back to him. Then he'll twist his waist and put his arm behind the top's head, ending face to face with him. This way, you can kiss each other while the top enters the bottom from behind.

2. Aerial (blowjob/rimjob)

As this position implies, the receiver of the blowjob or rimjob will be suspended in the air while his partner is eating him up. The "aerial" part requires a lot of arm strength from the receiver, as he will be holding on from a ledge or any elevated surface with just his hands. You can perform a more manageable version with a high swing or even shibari ropes; the vital part is that the receiver is in the air while his man is eating his dick and ass. If you're really strong, you can try a more challenging version and hold your partner high in the air while you suck his dick or lick his ass.

3. Asian cowboy

The bottom squats over the top's dick with his feet planted on the floor or mattress. The bottom can hold from the top's shoulders or neck to help himself being in that challenging position for his legs' strength.

4. Asian Jokey

Similar to the cowboy position, only this time, the top will be the one to squat over the bottom's ass as he's lying face down. Squatting over the bottom's bumhole, the top will stick it in and ride him like a beautiful stallion. This position is pure legs endurance for the one who's squatting.

5. Asian lap-dance

Don't overthink why these positions...the important part is that the bottom will enjoy complete control of the penetration as he will be squatting over that hard dick like a stripper. The top will be sitting on a chair or the bed's border while the bottom squats over him. The bottom can place his feet on the edge or over the top's legs, while the top can help him by holding his hips or buttocks.

Asian lapdance gay Sex position

6. Buck blowjob/rimjob

This position will require strong arms from both the giver and the receiver, who will also need a strong core. The receiver will place his hands or forearms on an elevated surface (a table, a bed, a countertop, or a chair) in this position.

Meanwhile, the giver will lift the receiver's thighs over his biceps or shoulders to have full access to the receiver's cock, balls, and asshole to enjoy head first. 

7. Bully

Do you have a wrestler or Mexican luchador roleplay fantasy? Then this position is perfect for you. In this position, the top will enter the bottom from behind. Then, the bottom will place his legs over the tops thighs as the top holds him by putting his arms under the bottom's armpits and behind his neck in a submissive move.

This will require hip flexibility and core strength from the bottom and solid legs and arms from the top.

8. Bumper Car

A rear-entry position where both guys will be lying face down and facing away from one another: the top above and the bottom below. As the top's banging the bottom, penetration movement will be mimicking bumper cars at an amusement park as your butts will be bumping each other.

For this position, the top's penis needs to be flexible.

9. Cowboy Splits

You know the cowboy position, right? Top lying back, bottom on top, riding his dick like a cowboy. Well, while the bottom will be on his knees in the regular version, the bottom will be on a complete split in this acrobatic version. So if you have that kind of flexibility, spread those legs and enjoy even deeper penetration.

10. Danseur

Another position for flexible men. Both top and bottom will be standing up, and the bottom will raise his leg to place it over the top's shoulder or bicep or over another kind of high surface. This kind of position allows penetration to go even deeper.

Elevated splits gay sex position

11. Elevated splits

If you can do a split, and you can do it while having sex, then you're already doing acrobatic stuff. Step it up (literally) by doing a split on an elevated surface (the kitchen counter, for example), so the top con fuck you from behind while you're completely open.

12. Handstand (blowjob/rimjob)

Try doing a handstand so your partner has full access to his favorite snack. You can spread those legs while you're upside down and let him enjoy a full meal of cock, balls, and ass. 

13. Kneeling 69

69 implies one is upside down against the other, so it will be somewhat acrobatic whenever this position is performed in a way that is not horizontal. You can kneel on your bed and have your partner upside down in front of you, and you both suck each other. It will be like the handstand, only you will be both sucking dick.

14. Mutual penetration

If you both are vers and have flexible dicks, it's the perfect chance for you to try mutual penetration. The easiest way to perform this is one of you lying down with your legs up in the air and the other going in from above. The one on top will do most of the work, as he'll be in charge of placing both dicks in place and doing in and out motion.

15. Pile driver

This position is named like this because of the downward motion like the one of an actual pile driver. To do this, the bottom will be lying on his neck, hips up, and the top will be standing up, squatting, and thrusting into him. For this, the top will need his penis to be flexible, and the bottom will need a strong back and neck. Although it might look fun, we don't recommend being in this position for too long as the bottom might feel bad when too much blood rushes to his head.

16. Pyramid

Taking the pile driver position one step forward, the top can lean to the front, bending the bottom's legs even further back. It'll require strong legs from the top and an even stronger back and neck from the bottom.

17. Reverse bulldog

This position is similar to the Bumping Cars position, but the bottom will be in all fours this time. The top will squat and stick his cock in, placing his hands on a surface ahead of him for support. This position doesn't require the top to have a penis that flexible, but he'll need to have strong legs and arms.

Reverse pile driver gay sex position

18. Reverse pile driver

This one is similar to Pile Driver, but the top pivots 180 degrees to face away from the bottom. The exciting part of this version is that it'll give the bottom a fantastic view of the top's butt while he's plowing him. It'll allow him to play with his man's asshole or even use a dildo on him while he's fucking him.

19. Reverse Wheelbarrow

You know how to play wheelbarrow, right? Imagine how challenging it'll be for the bottom's arms to be fucking in that position. To do a reverse wheelbarrow, the bottom will do a handstand, and the top will penetrate him from behind. The top can help the bottom maintain that position by holding his thighs.

20. Soaring Eagle

For this position, you can do the Pile Driver or Reverse Pile Driver and then take it one step further by having the top suspending his legs in the air or on a high surface. The top will be trying to leave his body as horizontal as possible while using his arms for support.

21. Standing 69

As stated before, any version of 69 where you're not lying horizontally will be somewhat acrobatic by default. For Standing 69, one of you guys (preferably the strongest or heaviest) will be standing on the floor and holding the other one upside down, to be face to face with the other's junk. You can eat each other's dick, balls, and ass like this, but do not (I repeat) DO NOT try cartwheeling while doing this.

22. Superman

Your guy might not look precisely like Henry Cavil. Still, with this position, it will be like you're actually fucking Superman. The bottom should be horizontally suspended face down while the top is banging him from behind. The bottom can hold on with his hands from a ledge or surface while the top grabs his legs to help him be as horizontal as possible.

23. Suspended congress

The top will support himself against a wall. The bottom, sitting on the top's hands, will throw his arms around the top's neck and put his thighs alongside the top's waist (or his feet over the top's shoulders if he's flexible enough). They'll fuck while the bottom is suspended in the air.

 Should You Try Acrobatic Sex

Should You Try Acrobatic Sex?

The truth is, only you can answer that question. Yes, it might be fun and challenging, but it may also not be entirely for you or for your partner, so talk it out first and then choose your favorite positions to try. Only you truly know your body's limits, so if you decide to go through this, don't overextend yourself (figuratively and literally). Listen to your body when you're doing it, and stop if you need to. 

Don't forget to have fun!

23 Acrobatic Gay Sex Positions You Can Try

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