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Swallowing: What's The Big Deal? 11 Things to Consider

Swallowing: What's The Big Deal? 11 Things to Consider

If there is one thing most guys can agree on, it's that oral sex is tha shit. A lot of guys would go on to add that the only thing better than oral sex is doing it with a guy who swallows. If you were to ask them why they like it, however, a lot of guys might have trouble putting their finger on exactly why oral just better if a guy swallows at the grand finale.

I asked myself why I prefer it and actually had to think pretty hard before I came up with a few personal reasons and began to wonder what other guys thought about it.

 So, I asked a few friends and did some digging on the internet- Here's what I came up with.

 oral sex swallowing

1. You're Inside Of Him When You Blow

This was the first and easiest personal reason I could come up with. Most guys don't blow each other with condoms on and that means oral is one time you can actually blow a load inside of a guy raw-dog.

There is just something more intimate and pleasurable about actually being inside a guy at the moment of climax that you just don't get when you're bundled up for safety. It's more intimate and...

2...It Just Feels Better

When you get right down to it, blowing a load down a guy's throat just feels better than blasting his face or chest. Aside from the psychological effect I mentioned, there are also mechanical reasons it feels better.

When you climax, your penis will start to contract and expand and jump around. Obviously, it feels better when it's bumping into a warm, wet cheek or the back of your man's throat than it does dryly flailing around in the air.

There's also the fact that the stimulation isn't interrupted as you orgasm. The penis gets crazy-sensitive at climax and all that great sensitivity is wasted when your dick is just squirting out without further encouragement.

3. Continued Suction

Aside from the sensations you get from simply knocking your cock around a guy's mouth, there is the fact that he can keep up the suction as you are poppin' off which can lead to a drastically more intense, fulfilling orgasm.

Finishing up by jerking your dick in the air above your partner will never come close to touching the sensation of blowing a load while your guy is sucking and swirling his tongue around your shaft.

Ask yourself: Which would you prefer?

4. The Spell Isn't Broken

Getting head puts you into a certain blissful mindset that can easily be interrupted, thus spoiling the mood a bit. For me, it's a bit of a bummer to have to be thinking about when and where I am going to blow and being ready to communicate that to my partner. 

I am one of those guys who actually doesn't get off from oral very easily because of my own mental bullshit.

I have to be in the proper headspace for it to work at all and once I am under that spell, breaking it can mean the difference between climaxing from oral and not.

While my circumstances are a bit more extreme than many guys, most guys would admit that their flow is thrown off, at least a bit, by having to interrupt the fun and have a discussion about where the splooge is going to land.

 Dominance Swallowing Oral Sex

5. Feelings Of Dominance

Some of the guys I asked mentioned that they feel more dominant and in control when a guy swallows.

I am more of a sub, myself, but I totally get that from the other end of things. I like swallowing because it feels extremely submissive to be throat-fucked by a guy until he blows his load. If I feel submissive, it stands to reason that my partner would feel dominant.

Guys also tend to thrust and grab my head more when they are about to shoot and they usually aren't thinking about being gentle when they do it.

They just grab on and thrust and it feels great to have them control me like that when they are in a frenzy of pleasure. It really lets you know you got the job done.

6. Eye Contact

Eye contact is always sexy but it is even more intense at the moment of release. Looking down and seeing those beautiful eyes looking back up at you with your squirting cock in their mouth is enough to make any guy weak in the knees.

There's just something sexy about eye-contact during oral and there's something magical about the eye contact you make when you are popping a shot off in a guy's mouth. It's just sexier, simple as that.

7. Feelings Of Acceptance

If you think about it, it's kind of weird to be so intimate with someone only to just drop what you're doing to literally spit out the results of that intimacy.

There is a low-key sort of rejection going on there and it definitely affects the experience.

It almost seems as if something was wrong with the experience, on a psychological level, and you need to get it over with as soon as possible.

Obviously, that's not going to make a guy feel nearly as sexy as it would if you didn't immediately spit out the prime evidence of his pleasure. Somewhere, deep down in our psyches, it feels a bit like rejection, if you ask me.

 Enthusiastic Lover Swallowing

8. It Shows You're An Enthusiastic Lover

The enthusiasm level of my partner is a major factor in how turned on I will be. If my partner doesn't seem like they are fully into the sexytime activity, I won't be into it either- simple as that. 

When a guy swallows my load, it shows that they are a little more uninhibited and more enthusiastic about gettin' freaky in the sheets than someone who demurely spits my load into a pre-folded napkin by the bedside.

I'm a fuckin' freak in the sheets and I need someone to match that energy. If you are too repressed to swallow a load, I'd lay money you're a little more timid about other aspects of bedroom play, as well.

On the other hand, if you enthusiastically gobble my knob and chug that splooge like Kool-Aid on a hot August day, I know you're probably down for some of the kinkier stuff I was worried about bringing up before.

9. It Will Make Your Man More Enthusiastic In Return

Whether you know why guys find it so much hotter when you swallow or not, the fact remains that they generally do.

When you do things that turn your guy on big-time, he's going to do those things for you and more.

What I'm saying is, there are selfish reasons you should swallow, too. If you get your man crazy riled up in the sack, he's going to be putty in your hands afterward and in a state of mind where they will happily do whatever filthy things turn you on in return.

A lot of times you get what you put into to sex, sometimes that applies to what you take in too! Swallowing a bit of manbutter seems like a small price to pay for a sexed-up guy who's motivated to please you!

10. It's Actually Healthy?!

This one sort of surprised me when I ran across it in my research. Apparently, swallowing semen can actually have health benefits you probably wouldn't expect.

While I doubt that the "Splooge Diet" probably isn't going to be the next Paleo Diet, you might want to reconsider wasting all that good stuff the next time you go to spit.

It turns out, semen contains all sorts of "happy chemicals" like serotonin and oxytocin. Some studies show that ingesting or bodily absorbing semen can have a calming, relaxing effect on the person absorbing it.

It has also been shown that the melatonin in semen can even help you sleep better.

It can even help fight aging because it contains loads of antioxidants, including zinc, which help combat aging in both your muscles and skin.

Is man-milk the next superfood?!

 Swallowing Gay Oral Sex

11. Easy Cleanup

If we're being completely honest here, one of the major reasons guys like it when you eat their nut is that it's just easier to clean up afterward.

When a guy swallows, I know I can just lay back for a second without having to worry about getting him a towel before the cum gets all runny and goes all over the place.

It's nice to just have a few blissful seconds where you don't have to worry about anything after you blow a load, not even cleaning up. Who doesn't like to ride out the bliss after a good blowie, amirite?


The fact of the matter is, different guys are going to have different reasons why swallowing is sexier to them than spitting. The one thing we do know is that guys generally do prefer it.

So, if you want to be the best bang-buddy you can be, you should probably think about swallowing- At least for the guys you want to impress!

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