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The Male G-Spot and Prostate Play

Male g spot

The Male G Spot: The Gist

The male counterpart of the female g spot is the prostate gland. This spot, when stimulated, can transport one to nirvana. The experience of cumming via the g spot is unlike any normal orgasm for a female and thus the the male g spot delivers a similarly mind blowing orgasmic climax.

The prostate is about the size of a walnut near the front of the rectum and it produces seminal fluid which is one of the components of semen. For a woman, stimulating the g spot is by way of the vaginal canal and for the male g spot, prostate stimulation is done by penetrating the ass and going a few inches in. Prostate play is not limited to the homosexual community, although most are gay, there are also many straight men to enjoy the experience and swear that the climax is superior to the normal one.

Prostate Play Or Prostate Stimulation

The verdict from almost every sexologist out there is that the male g spot orgasm is worlds away from the typical jizz release. It is, therefore, a matter of performing simple stimulation in order to achieve the male g spot orgasm and experience heaven on earth.

By penetrating the bum with a finger, toy, penis or any other implement capable of reaching in a few inches, you can achieve results but they will vary because of several factors. One aspect that can affect the effects of said stimulation is targeting - are you directing your attention to the right spot. You just don’t go straight in and that is why you see almost every prostate stimulator with a curve.


Performing this feat alone with your finger, fingers or fist takes a bit of flexibility as you have to reach in there and this can result is some awkward poses not to mention straining and possible injury if not done correctly. Do some stretching to loosen up so that you can reach the spot comfortably.

With A Toy

Prostate stimulation with a toy is also an option and with the variety of the prostate stimulators out there, you will be in for a fun and long exploration. Used with your hands or hands-free, these prostate play items will also perform with or without power. Some of them will also bring the vibes and e-stim strikes but all of them will bring you to the best orgasm you will ever have.

Partner Porking

Your lover’s penis can also penetrate and poke at your prostate so you can reach the male g spot climax. Directing the porking by targeting the prostate takes a bit of practice and proper positioning but part of the fun in getting there is experimenting with your lover which is part of the bonding and connection you build with every intimate moment.

Before You Start Poking

The Hershey Highway is the pathway by which our poop travels out of our body and thus if you are not freakishly kinky and into scat during sex, there are a few things that you must do in order to stay clean during your prostate play.

If you are planning on some prostate stimulation, you should eat light and stay away from gassy foods. Before you do the backdoor romance, always take a dump and douche yourself clean. These steps do not guarantee shit free sex but it will minimize the likelihood of scat getting into the mix. For most practitioners of the anal arts who perform these simple things, they most likely have stain-free sheets.

Lube Alert

As with all anal penetration, the use of lube cannot be stressed enough. Spit or any kind of personal lubricant has to be used in order to facilitate the ease and comfort of penetration - as well as the stroking. Use lube on the target hole and the penetrating implement and just keep them wet with lube for slick comfort. The lubrication also enhances the sexual component of the experience so please do not forget to lube.

Patience and Practice Makes Perfect

It will be astonishing if you experience your male g spot orgasm on the first try and good for you if you do but it takes practice to really get good at stimulating that spot by yourself and it is even more of a hit and miss thing when done by a partner.

When doing your solo sessions, just take your time and explore the canal and find the spots that set you off. First, try with your finger and then try out some toys, you will get better at it as you go along.

Prostate stimulation with a partner requires great communication between partners and the exercise itself also creates a way for you, as a couple, to work on your bond. When you get in sync, you will be united in reaching for that male g spot orgasm. You can have your partner stimulating your spot with a finger, toy or his penis but in whatever means it is done, it is an adventure that requires patience. Also, you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

No Rear Entry - Perineum Stimulation

For those that absolutely detest the idea of getting penetrated in the ass but also wish to experience the joys of prostate stimulation and perhaps the ultimate male orgasm, there is an indirect way of stimulating the prostate but it is not very effective and perhaps will never get you to Valhalla but it will give you a taste for the real thing. Perhaps you might also change your mind about getting penetrated once you feel the yummy sensations. Take a moment to massage your taint, or perineum. With gentle pressure as you massage, you should feel a tiny bit of the pleasures of the ultimate male orgasm.

Feel the ultimate male orgasm and stimulate your prostate today.

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