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Tips You Should Know Before Having Anal Sex

Tips for Gay Anal Sex

Anal sex has been around since the dawn of human existence and though many have found great ways to acquaint themselves and be open, relaxed and comfortable to enjoy it, there are those who have had to endure discomfort and pain. Suffering during the act multiple times before they experience the bliss of the act. Many experts agree about many things regarding anal sex and there are things that the experts know that every beginner in anal sex should know. Get a proper introduction to anal sex by going through this guide. 

Start Solo

Before you get deeper into the anal arts, you must first experience the sensations of getting penetrated in the ass. This is so things don’t freak you out and ruin a wonderful thing like anal sex - be a self starter and start solo. It is suggested that touching yourself back there is a good way to go. Experience the caress of hands on you ass cheeks, fingers feeling about the rim of your asshole and of course digits digging and going deep in your bunghole. Go slow and experience every enjoyable sensation. By the way, you should also be aware of safety issues. As you are inexperienced, rings must be removed before starting any fingering back there. And, after that you can move on to experience the many toys and gear specifically made for solo butt sex.

Be mindful of safety and choose toys with a flared base as you do not want anything getting lost in there. You are just starting out and do not have full control of your rear portal and if something should get lost in there you might experience an embarrassing trip to the ER.

There are many butt plug sets that have a selection of different-sized ass penetrators that will train your derriere to relax and get acquainted with penetration so you can take the real thing in comfort and enjoy the happiness of a cock inside your ass.

Study Ass

Obviously, there are many things that you should learn as a beginner and part of that learning curve is the study of the sex spots of the ass. As you experience manual stimulation of your ass and dabble into a variety of anal sex toys, you should also be learning the areas of interest when it comes to the anal arts. Places in the rear like the sphincter, taint, p-spot and more. Try to explore on your own and though some need a partner to really know the joys of such places, there are sex toys for the bum that can do the trick as well.

Diet, Decorum, & Douche

What comes into the mouth eventually finds its way down there and this can impact the experience of doing it down the hershey highway. For example, a diet in foods that make you gassy may negatively impact your sexual adventure but on the flipside there are dirty sexual deviants that love that. So while practitioners are not split down the middle on this one, some may be OK with, what I would imagine, a fartsy fiasco and find that a happy moment.

The fear of shiting oneself is a real one and this is one of the things that hold people back from partaking into the joys of stirring one’s peanut butter. While there is no guarantee, you can take steps to prevent this from happening by keeping it light when it comes to meals before the dirty deed. You should also make sure that you have taken a dump that day to minimize the possibility of you taking a deuce on the sheets. Again, a tiny segment, may find this dirty defecation during anal sex delightful so getting down and dirty might be a good thing.

Polite decorum also requires a good cleansing of your bum so any traces of shit do not get in the mix of some good clean fun. There are many devices in the adult novelty market that will do the trick and a common one is a squeezable ball that you fill with water and a cannula that you insert back there. You use it to flush all the shit out for a clean rump ready to get rammed.

Love the Lube

Doing it dry is not just uncomfortable but it can be downright painful. Your asshole is not self-lubricating like a VJJ so anything that can lubricate is a big help. Spit is the first thing to come to mind in lieu of anything reachable or available. It works OK and gets the job done but if you are to truly be a practitioner of the anal arts, having lube on you and within reach of your sexual arena is a must.

There is a wide variety of lube formulations out there and you can choose based on your preference but while they recommend slapping it on before the deed, you can always dab on more as you go. The only time you can consider that you have put on too much is when it is actually dripping off you. You can always keep reapplying as you go but this is why some of the lubes in the market take pride in the long lasting effects of their lubes - does not break the rhythm.

Slow & Steady Sir

Foreplay is important and it is even moreso when the hole you want to penetrate is designed to resist things going the wrong way. It is designed to expel shit out with ease but it resists things from penetrating from the other side. The slow but steady action of getting it relaxed and ready for sex should be paramount. Fingering and toy play may also encourage the asshole to open up for some dick. There are also pills and preparations out there that help. Remember to take your time and do not rush it. When it is time to put that cock in, the same slow and steady action should be done. Ease it in and do slow strokes until it is comfortable enough for the full power of your hips. 

Connect, Communicate and Enjoy

In all this anal adventure with a partner, it is important to speak out and be heard so your partner can take these cues to conduct himself according to your pace. It isn’t a race so take your time. It should be a connection of love that binds through the penetration of the butt. The nerve endings of the cock and the ass experience these individually but they are sensations that are only made with contact. There is quite a learning curve and preparation is needed to have great anal sex but it is worth it so enjoy.

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