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Top Ten Silicone Lubes

Top Ten Silicone Lube

It would be a sad old world without lube, wouldn't it? Whether you're strokin' it alone or burying your bone, things just wouldn't be the same without it. Not all lubes are the same, however, and picking the right lube for our particular needs and wants is something we all have to do at some point. Sometimes we need a little help figuring that out.

If you've already done a little homework and know which base you are looking for and you've landed on silicone, this list of our ten best formulas should help you narrow down what you're looking for to something more specific!


Astroglide X

10- Astroglide X

I know what you're going to say, "Astroglide?! What is this, high school?!", but hear me out. First off, the classic Astroglide formula has an unearned bad reputation. It's available at just about any pharmacy out there and this seems to have led to a general consensus that it is, therefore, pedestrian AF. While that may be true, it's a totally serviceable lube that gets the job done. Astroglide X does that and more.

This is a reinvention of the old formula that has a blend of two types of silicone instead of one. It doesn't get as sticky as quickly as the old formula and it requires less to get the job done. If you're looking for a serviceable, economical lube, you could do way worse than Astroglide!

Seriously, what did Astroglide ever do to you?!


Sliquid Naturals Silver

9- Sliquid Naturals Silver

If two types of silicone are better than one, three must be even better, right? Right!

Sliquid makes some of the best, natural and cruelty-free lubes on the market and they are famous for long-lasting, extremely slippery formulas that require just a few drops to get the job done. They can do that with water-based lubes, so imagine how much better their silicone lubes are.

Silver has all of the amazing qualities of Sliquid's other formulas with the added benefit of playing well in water. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in recycled packaging. If your looking for superior glide and an ethical purchase rolled up into one lube, this is definitely the way to go.


ID Velvet

8- ID Velvet

The thing that really makes this lube shine is the fact that it is basically as residue-free as a silicone lube can be. Stained sheets and difficult cleanup are a couple of the major drawbacks of silicone lube in general, but very much less so with this lube.

In addition to that, this lube also features a triple-action formula that provides an intensely smooth, long-lasting ride. It goes on smooth, cleans up easily, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like some other higher-end formulas. What more could you ask for?!


Ride BodyWorx

7- Ride BodyWorx

This is another triple-action formula that really delivers the goods. Made by Sliquid, famous for their line of natural, ethical lubes, this formula delivers on its promise to provide a long-lasting, superbly slick sexytime experience and then some.

This lube really shines in the water because it doesn't wash away very easily. The trade-off to that, however, is that it is a bit difficult to clean up. Again, the same could be said for just about any silicone lube, though.


Bottoms Up Silicone Lube with Vitamin E

6- Bottoms Up Silicone Lube with Vitamin E

Skin health is a frequently overlooked aspect of anal play. All that activity down there can cause your skin to dry out and lose elasticity. Anyone who's ever bottomed knows how important anal elasticity is, amirite?!

Well, that's where Vitamin-E comes in. The addition of Vitamin-E to this lube formula means it pulls double duty as both lubricant and moisturizer. That means you'll have less risk of all those nasty side effects that come with anal, like fissures and tearing. It also means you will heal up more quickly when they happen.

This is an excellent lube for anyone who has sensitive skin or who engages in some of the more extreme anal games. It's also perfect for anal training!


Pjur Original Gel

5-Pjur Original Gel

Pjur makes some of the best anal lubricants out there, bar none. This is the original formula that put Pjur on the map and it's the perfect way to round out the top five lubes on this list.

The amazing thing about this lube, well, one of the amazing things, is that it cleans up so well for such a thick lube. It's in gel form, so it stays right where you put it and requires very little lube to get things moving. It also lasts for-freakin'-ever!

This is the perfect lube for squeezin' one off alone or for use with silicone-lube-friendly strokers. If you're looking for something that's better for anal, check out the #1 entry later on in the list!


Fuck Water

4- Fuck Water

This is another lube that is excellent for guys with sensitive skin or for anal training. In addition to Vitamin E, it also has Aloe extract in the mix. The aloe and the Vitamin-E are a powerful combo for keeping your skin healthy, hydrated, and most importantly, elastic.

Beyond that, it is an extremely long-lasting formula that will keep going long after you've thrown in the towel. When you factor in the mid-range price with what you get out of the deal, this is an all-around solid lube!


Climax Elite

3- Climax Elite

This is an all-around excellent lube that provides the slick glide and durability you would hope for from a good silicone lube. It doesn't take very much to get things moving and the dispenser puts out the perfect amount with each pump. Pump-style bottles are generally superior to those without pumps because you don't end up squeezing out more lube than you need. Which is to say, it'll save you oodles on your lube bill over time.

In addition to all that, you get a lube that cleans up fairly easy for a silicone lube and has a light, somewhat viscous texture without being too tacky.


 Swiss Navy

2- Swiss Navy

It was a real toss-up as to whether or not this lube would take the top spot on the list or the second because it is a premium, and we mean premium, quality lube for the price of a bargain-basement lube. It is about as slick as they come, lasts forever, and it even comes with a pump-style dispenser for easy, economical one-handed application.

If all that wasn't enough, it even has added Vitamin-E for that crucial moisturization and increased elasticity your hole needs. This is easily the best lube you can get within this price range, and it even gives more expensive lubes a run for their money.


Pjur Analyze Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone

 1- Pjur Analyze Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone

Best. Anal. Lube. Ever!

Vitamin-E and aloe are great and all, but Jojoba oil is the absolute shit! Most anal-relaxing lubes out there don't actually relax your sphincter, they just numb it. This can be dangerous as pain lets you know when you need to stop doing something that is harming you.

Jojoba oil, on the other hand, naturally relaxes your sphincter without resorting to harsher methods like numbing agents. Thanks to the addition of jojoba oil to this formula, this is the end-all-be-all of anal lubes and it is practically indispensable for anal trainers and the more extreme anal players out there.

Whether you just need some help taking the odd big boy here or there or you're training up your hole for large insertions, this is easily the best thing for you! Seriously, this is the lube that other lubes wish they could be- There's nothing else quite like it on the market.


Gay Men's Silicone Lube

General Tips And Resources For Lube Newbies

Here you'll find a list of guides with tons of info about the various types of lube out there and a few tips and tricks to help you get more out of your slippery good stuff.


Adam Toy Box's Top Ten Silicone Lube

One Last Thing Before You Go

One of the most annoying things about lube is how hard it is to get it where you need it most. If you'd like to make quick, easy work of applying your lube, you need to pick a lube shooter. Lube shooters are small syringes that are used to shoot lube up your funhole and provide a nice, even coating of lube all up in your bizness without any hassle.

This model from CleanStream is made from silicone and is soft and comfortable to use. It also has a perfectly sized lube chamber that holds just the right amount to get a good coat on your funhouse walls.

A lube shooter isn't a necessity, but it sure is nice to have around!

Top Ten Silicone Lube for Gay Men

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