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Colt Muscle Nips Pump

Colt Muscle Nips Pump

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Go Gentle On Your Boy’s Body By Using Our Colt Muscle Nips Pump To Increase The Size Of His Nips While Increasing Sensitivity.

  • 2 multi-use, heavy-duty cylinders with intense suction action
  • Flexible silicone hoses with independent on/off valves for customized use
  • Easy squeeze trigger handle

The Colt Muscle Nips Pump comes with flexible silicone hoses with independent on/off valves for customized use. It also has an easy to squeeze trigger handle and a valve that quickly releases air.

This pump utilizes the same tactics and concept as the traditional penis pumps that are used to effectively enlarge the penis. In this case, the Colt Muscle Nips Pump will also in the long run enlarge your nipples which your boy will love teasing. Each of the clear acrylic cylinders has a flanged base that provides comfort as well as a secure seal during pumping.

When you put the cylinder in place and having pumped the air out of it, then you can remove it, but the cylinder will stay vacuum sealed. This allows you to keep the pressure on a particular spot for a long of time. The vacuum draws blood to the spot hence increasing sensitivity to your nipple.

Get this amazing Colt Muscle Nips Pump and watch your nipples grow with proper use and for enlargement purposes; the cylinder will need to be worn for longer periods and on a regular basis.

When You Buy Our Colt Muscle Nips Pump, You Will Receive:

One Colt Muscle Nipple Pump measuring 2" x 1.5".

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