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Master Series

Master Series 3 pc Dark Rods

Master Series 3 pc Dark Rods

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A challenging and exhilirating alternative to standard sounds. Ribs and ripples set these probes apart

An exciting alternative to metal or glass sounding rods. These smooth silicone plugs have a more challenging shape and width. A hollow center lets you leak and even cum without removing the plug. A taper on each tip means even ambitious beginners can enjoy them.

The girth reaches up to 0.45 inches at the widest point on the biggest plug. Even the slimmer ridges and ribs will leave you trembling and feeling filled. Non-porous and phthalate-free silicone ensures everything slides smoothly and comfortably.

Combining these plugs with sounding rods through the hollow centers is an added bonus. Even flexible enough to be coupled with chastity cages and other forms of restriction. The look, feel and size of the Dark Rods will leave you always wanting to play.

  • Three piece, ribbed penis plug set
  • Nonporous silicone, hollow center
  • Flexible and tapered
  • Length: 2.53.55 inches, 0.350.45 inch diameter

The Dark Rods from Master Series are not your normal sounding rods. Silicone provides a different tactile feel and new level of comfort compared to glass and metal.

The ribs and ripples are a new challenge, ever centimeter has some excitement. The hollow interior is what really makes these exciting. You can leave them in place for as long as you want, nothing to block any flow.

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