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NS Novelties

NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve

NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve

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Experience A Wicked Wild Ride With Satisfying Results With NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve.

  • A snug ball-drop that comfortably cradle the family jewels
  • The inner tunnel lined with soft jelly-like nubs
  • Its Slick and stretchy

This NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve extension provides more girth and added series of raised ribs both internally and externally thus allowing you to give your partner maximum pleasure. The ribbed external offers dramatic increase in stamina and satisfaction during marathon sex and also adds lots of extra sensation to quickies.

The fact that it’s slick and stretches is guarantee enough that it is big enough to satisfy your cravings. The Renegade ribbed extension gives ultimate pleasure by adding 7 inches of insertable length. It also features a snug ball-drop that comfortably cradles the family jewel and secures the sleeve into place.

This is absolutely the penis your penis has been waiting for! You just need to slide it down your eager manhood and slip your balls through the loop, and then intimately penetrate your partner and watch is eyes pop out of his head. He will always want more and more and for your case, you will never want to miss this toy in any of your sessions.

When You Buy Our NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve You Will Receive:

One, ivory or black colored dildo measuring 8”x 2”

With NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve, you can either use silicone or water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure. Wash it after each use with liquid antibacterial soap and water; allow drying before storing it.

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