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Sir Richards Command Hogtie & Collar Set

Sir Richards Command Hogtie & Collar Set

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Welcome to the big boys club where you either play hard or go home!

  • BDSM kit comes with 4 comfortable cuffs
  • It has adjustable lock rings to offer a customized fit
  • Long-lasting nylon straps provide the appropriate strength

This command Hotgie & Collar set is the ultimate submission tool. If you love edginess and spontaneity, you will definitely love this toy. It takes bondage to a whole new level by allowing your neck to be secured along with your ankles and wrists. Put your boy in the best pounding position – his back on the ground, his legs raised at an angle and his wrists and ankles fastened securely as he awaits your meaty heaven.

This exciting Hotgie and Collar set will turn your stubborn lover into a helpless kitty-cat purring with pleasure. The lock rings, made from stainless steel, are highly durable. You can also adjust the rings for a more customized fit. This fun toy will turn your fetish play from mediocre to professional level. You can look into your boy’s eyes as your throbbing dick pounds hard into his luscious butt hole.

Bondage play just got more exciting with the Sir Richards Command Hogtie & Collar Set. Buy it today for an out-of-earth experience.

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