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Zolo Stealth Vibrating Smart Stimulator

Zolo Stealth Vibrating Smart Stimulator

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MI6 issued?

If MI6 issued strokers to their male agents, it might look something like the Zolo Stealth Vibrating Smart Stimulator. The most techie feature that might just pop out of Q’s department would be the power stroker’s “optional performance sensor mode.” The mode increases the intensity you feel naturally as you perform penetration. Vibration control is left to the Zolo Stealth so try to let go and let the unit take you there.

The unit is also quite covert because of its discreet shape. It would not be commonly identified or associated as a masturbator so it would not arouse suspicion. Even the entryway is not detailed with a body part to keep its discreet appearance. Inside the cavity, beyond the entrance, lies a textured surface filled with twisty ribs and dots.

The unit would not be Bond approved if it did not have vibration. It has 8 vibration patterns and 5 speeds that can be easily accessed via the easy to navigate buttons at the base of the stroker. This is also where you would access the performance sensor mode.

We need Bond to have his hands in top shape and we would not want him dropping his Walther PPK so the unit is perfectly comfortable to hold.

When the battery dies, the unit can be recharged via USB which is universal and can be found almost anywhere. 2 hours plugged into a USB charger gives Bond up to 1.5 hours of stroke time.

The padded travel pouch is more of a Q requirement as Q likes to have his toys well cared for.

As of this writing, Q has not yet completed the waterproofed upgrade and this is not rated for use in water.

  • Performance sensor mode
  • Discreet shape
  • Non-detailed entrance
  • Ribbed and dotted cavity
  • 8 vibration patterns and 5 speeds
  • Easy controls
  • Comfortable to hold
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Padded travel pouch

Be like Bond? Get one today.

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United States United States

What a complete waste of money. Came with virtually NO instructions. The charging inlet was completely blocked so had to cut a notch. Other button covers came out. Charge lasted no real time. Never even got it on my rod. Complete piece of junk. Don't waste your money.

United States United States
Not for girth

The vibrations are great. Do not buy if you have any girth, it hurt more than it pleasured. If the interior was made of a different material I think it would be good.

United States United States
Good Toy

Got divorced a few years back and I use these toys more often than I would like to admit..I do enjoy them… This in particular model The Zolo stealt is a good toy. The vibrating function and Sensor which does not vibrate until it feels you insert yourself is a really nice feature... The vibration also increases the further you enter into the toy ..This is the second one I purchased… I liked it enough that I wanted to give it another try... it only has average durability or does not last long only about 6 to 8 weeks and burns out.… Vibrating function works well … I wish that they had a softer silicone inserts it’s very rubbery not like cyberskin and sometimes if you’re using it for a long time it hurts… I really do wish they would put a cyber skin Softer sleeve. These are the negatives. The positives arr vibrating And the censor are awesome… It is tight! I am average size at best and I know when I am inside of it.. Because of that tightness there is some sort of sucking sensation but it’s not consistent.. It takes a lot of time the batteries to run out… I have used it on occasion for a full 60 minutes and still had charge left.. I would recommend this toy although I do not think it’s in my top five… And guys I use these toys a lot I could probably start my own YouTube channel LOL this is actually my first review... Curious to see what kind of response I get