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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher

Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher

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The Perfect Fit Bull Bag 1.5" Ball Stretcher is on fact a 2-for-1 function item. It is a ball stretcher but it is also a ball weight. The 1.5” Bull Bag delivers that one and a half inch stretch that delightfull tugs your balls and it also gives you a bigger bulge when worn under your trousers. The premium PF Blend is a proprietary silicone and TPR blend from Perfect Fit specifically chosen for the Bull Bag because of its stretchy properties while maintaining its strength. PF Blend products are safe to use with water-based products but it should not be used with latex. It is easy to put on. Stretch it, wrap it around your sack and let go. When you are done with it, wash it with some mild soap and water. It is now ready for the next dazzling dangler event.

  • Premium PF blend
  • Easy on/off
  • Made in the USA
  • Clear and Black
  • 1.5"
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