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10 Things Every Gay Needs to Know About the Male G-Spot

male g spot guide prostate masageImage: Helix

If you are a gay man, especially of the bottom variety - I'm sure you have discovered by now that rubbing, massaging, and dare I say “milking” your prostate, can be an extremely pleasurable experience...

When the male g-spot is stimulated properly, an anal orgasm is much more intense than your garden variety penis orgasm.

It involves full-body sensations, often with intense body quivering, leaving you begging for more. The trick of course is figuring out how to stimulate the prostate so that it is pleasurable, while avoiding common hiccups that may get in the way.

While you may know that stimulating the male g-spot can be incredibly pleasurable - you may not know all there is to know about it - and hence how to maximize your pleasure.

Here are some common questions and answers about the prostate that can up your anal orgasm experience:

10. Where is the prostate?

The prostate is situated around 3 inches inside your anal cavity. It is not incredibly deep as you may have expected, and therefore a large penis is NOT an essential element of prostate stimulation.

While a large penis is great for a variety of reasons, a man with an average sized penis can stimulate his partners prostate if he pays particular attention to the location of the prostate.

Fucking in a prostate “friendly” position rather than a giant dong is key to giving your boy an anal orgasm. A shorter penis can potentially allow the top to hit the prostate gland with greater intensity and frequency than a much larger penis.

Most importantly however it is about getting familiar with your partner's anatomy, and positioning yourself in such a way to maximize both of your pleasure.

prostate location massage

9. How big is the prostate?

The prostate gland is perhaps a bit bigger than most guys think. As a man ages, the prostate grows to about the size of a walnut. The prostate usually reaches its full size by ones’ mid 20s.

8. Can you stimulate the prostate with your tongue?

The prostate is located around 3 inches inside the anus.

Unless you have a large tongue, it is unlikely you will be able to stimulate the prostate with your tongue alone. Instead of trying to hit the prostate with your tongue - focus on external stimulation of the prostate by rubbing his perineum with your fingers, while you lick his hole with your tongue.

Rocks Off Falex Anal Wand

Rocks Off Falex Anal Wand


You can also use a vibrator on his perineum while you massage his hole with your tongue.

7. How can I achieve more intense prostate orgasms?

The simple answer is to focus on strengthening your Kegel region.

Kegel exercises are perhaps the most effective method of improving orgasmic intensity. Not only can they make orgasms more pleasurable, but they can also help you achieve multiple orgasms at a time - by reducing the refectory period needed between climaxing.

To strengthen the muscles around your prostate, imagine holding a bowel movement and then releasing. Continuous contraction of these muscles around your anus will help produce more intense anal orgasms.

6. What is better for prostate stimulation: dildos or prostate massagers?

Gay sex toys are great tools to enhance your sex life.

Dildos and prostate massagers both provide excellent anal stimulation. The difference is dildos are meant to simulate anal intercourse while prostate massagers are designed to maximize prostate stimulation in ways a penis cannot.

OptiMale P Massager

OptiMale P Massager

If your goal is to hit the male g-spot in new and interesting ways, your best bet is to go with a prostate massager that has a curved tip. The purpose of a prostate massager is to penetrate you anally in such a way as to maximize the pressure placed on the prostate gland - regardless of angle or position used.

On the other hand, a dildo will require a little more skill and manipulation if you are to achieve maximum prostate stimulation. 

5. How can I use my fingers to stimulate the male g-spot?

The best method of stimulating the male g-spot with your fingers would be to position them in the “come here motion.” Your index figure would penetrate your man’s anus, and you would then gently move your finger back and forth stimulating the prostate gland with ever greater intensity.

finger prostate massage

If his eyes open wide, he moans uncontrollably, and his hard cock flops around, you know you are doing your job right!

4. What is the difference between a prostate orgasm and a penis orgasm?

While a penis orgasm is great, don’t get me wrong - a prostate orgasm takes pleasure to the next level. Rather than pleasure being focused exclusively on the penis, a prostate orgasm involves a whole-body experience that takes sexual pleasure to the next level.

While being penetrated anally and simultaneously massaging your penis - intense pleasure radiates throughout your body, often resulting in uncontrollable quivering and an intense high difficult to describe. 

3. What is the best gay sex position to stimulate the male g-spot and achieve an anal orgasm?

Prostate stimulation can be achieved with a variety of positions, and each individual will develop a preference for which position works best for them. Here are my two favourites:

Facedown, ass up: In this position, your partner can either use a dildo, prostate massager, or his penis to penetrate you. By angling your back, you can ensure your prostate is hit with each thrust. Squeezing your Kegel region and ass cheeks during penetration can enhance the stimulation of the prostate - while simultaneously providing more stimulation to your partners penis.

doggy style

Cowgirl: Here your partner will lie on his back, while your ride his cock back and forth. This allows for you to have maximal control of the direction and frequency of thrusts. While you ride your man’s penis, bouncing your hard cock around in his face can be tremendously arousing and satisfying. The more you thrust, the harder your cock will get. As you focus on the motions, and loose yourself in the pleasure, you will begin to climax regardless of penile stimulation.

cowgirl position

2. Can guys cum with prostate stimulation alone?

One of the hottest things is when a guy can cum from prostate stimulation alone. This however is a lot harder than most of us would like it to be - and probably is the reason why most guys find it so hot.

The key to prostate orgasm without penile stimulation is to totally immerse yourself in the experience at hand. You really have to put yourself in the mind space where getting fucked is the most pleasurable experience there is. It will take practice before you can achieve an anal orgasm without touching your penis - but once you do, you will have discovered the holy grail of male sexual pleasure.

1. Why is lube important for anal when I can just use spit?

As you are undoubtably aware, the anus is not self-lubricating. Anal play requires a little help either from a natural source like saliva - or preferably from a high quality lube. While spit can do the trick in some cases, it is best to reserve it for foreplay rather than full on anal sex. This is because saliva dries up really quickly, and therefore can result in some unpleasant dryness for the receiving partner. Not to mention, a lack of lube increases the risk for the transmission of STIs and can result in injury due to dry friction between your penis and your partners anus.

Pjur Analyze Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone

Pjur Analyze Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicon

Silicone or water-based lubes are your best bet at enhancing anal pleasure, whether with sex toys or anal sex.

4 Benefits of P-Spot Massage prostate milking

BONUS: 4 Important Benefits of P-Spot Massage:

  • More intense orgasms. While penile orgasms focus on the genital region, prostate orgasms are described as whole-body orgasms, radiating throughout the body. While some guys are able to achieve orgasm from prostate simulation alone, most guys require manipulation of the penis as well. Not to worry! Prostate orgasms can be achieved through practice and patience.
  • Stronger, harder, erections. A rock hard cock results from stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings in the prostate region. By clearing the prostatic duct, your erections will be harder and firmer.
  • Reduces prostate cancer risk. Think of prostate milking as an “oil change” for your reproductive system. Frequent ejaculation with prostate massage has been demonstrated to lower the risk of cancer over a man’s lifetime. Start young and go hard!
  • Reduces bladder infections by cleaning out your pipes. By improving blood flow and the delivery of nutrients, frequent prostate milking and ejaculation clears out any lingering bacteria, ensuring overall unitary tract health.

Original Publication: August 13, 2019

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