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10 Tips for Great Gay Tongue Play

10 Tips for Great Gay Tongue Play

They say: “When in doubt, tongue it out.”

OK, so maybe no one ever says that. But when it comes to the ways of the tongue, you can’t go wrong with picking up some tips of the tongue trade to enhance your sexual encounters. Don’t get yourself tongue tied or tongue twisted when it comes to the ways of mastering the tongue.

More than just a tool to help you lick stamps, gossip with your gay friends, yell at stupid drivers, and go down on the occasional muscle bottom, the tongue is the quintessential tool for taking your sex to the next level of satisfaction.

Here are 10 tips for great gay tongue play.

gay kiss

1. It all starts with a kiss. 

A good solid kisser knows how and when to incorporate the tongue. We aren’t dogs; we don’t want a tongue bath on our faces. But using just the right amount of tongue when you’re making out ads a new level of sexuality and sensuality to the moment. Let your tongue enter his mouth, and if he gently bites it or tries to suck on it, hold firm and keep darting your tongue into his mouth. If he sticks his tongue in your mouth, you can do the same. Suck on his firmed tongue or gently bite on it, licking it with your own tongue along the way. 

Good French kissing is like a romantic duel between your two tongues. It’s important to lock down good movements and rhythms when you are making out. The hotter and more enjoyable the kiss, the more sensual the sex with be between the two of you.

2. Shut up and put your money where your mouth is.

Think of your mouth and tongue as sexual organs that need their own tender love and care: you’ve got to invest in their present and future. 

After all, good dental and oral health is a sign of overall good health. You want to arrive at any sexual encounter bringing your best A-game to the table. For the best tongue and mouth play, make sure you brush your teeth, and include a deep scrub down of your tongue, teeth, and gums for at least two minutes. Floss between each tooth to clean out any excess debris. 

And use mouthwash. A great tool to help maintain fresh breath and good oral care is plenty of water consumption.

3. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t expect to become a tongue-lashing, James Bond like tongue using sexpert overnight. 

You’re going to realize that the tongue is an incredible organ capable of a lot of really fun sexual activities. So, take things slow and work your way up to using your tongue more and more—you don’t want to over do it at first. 

A little bit of patience goes a long way with practice. Eventually, you’re going to be able to tongue fuck your man for hours and lick on his body for even longer. It just takes a little bit of time and building up endurance with your mouth and tongue. Soon, you’ll be an anal cunnilingus superstar after a little tongue practice.

Open your mouth

4. Open your mouth and start talking.

God gave us a tongue for a reason, honey, and it wasn’t just for licking out your man’s asshole. 

We have the ability to speak, so use your words when getting nasty in the bedroom. Don’t hold back with the moaning and telling him dead on when something he is doing feels truly incredible. The more you orally communicate with that tongue of yours just how much it is that you are enjoying yourself and getting off, the more likely it is that your partner will be at the same level of turned on. 

Get a little freaky, get a little kinky, and tell him all the naught things you want to do with your guy and his sexy body. Whisper sweet nothings of sexual desire in his ear as you get down. Speak up or forever hold your tongue tease.

5. Give your man a full body tongue bath.

Pretend that you are a cat in heat desperate to get laid and you just want to lick your partner from head to tongue. 

Go slow and sensually, starting with his mouth, then moving toward his neck and earlobe. Kiss back down his neck and all over his chest, without ignoring the nipple areas or lower penis pointer muscles. Lick all the way down his treasure trail, stopping along the way to kiss his pelvis and top of his penis. 

Lick his entire dick shaft and balls, not missing a beat as you continue down south to his legs and feet. Don’t forget stopping by his backside, where a tongue bath can be a lot of fun.

6. Lick it before you stick it. An asshole does not self lubricate. 

You’re going to want to butt munch a bit on your man’s pleasure star before just shoving your hard cock deep inside him. Lube him up with some good tongue play, teasing all around his outer anus. 

Then go for the gold and really make out with his hole, using your tongue as a mini dick to enter his ass and start tongue-punching him. He should be wiggling his ass in pleasure on your face at this point, greedily grateful for the pre-lube job before the big game. If your guy needs more lubricant than just your spit and some determination, try some Sex Tart Flavored Lubricant. This is an edible lube that comes in five different flavors: Cherry Pop, Green Apple Fizz, Watermelon Splash, Raspberry Rush, and Strawberry Punch.

gay sexual areas

7. Target an area of his body that seemed more prone to stimulation and let him have it.

There are more sexual areas on your man’s body than just his dick, mouth, and asshole. The ear lobes, for example, are an excellent spot. For some guys, their nipples are hardwired to their penises, so go to town on your guys’ teet, if that is his thing. The chode area between the ball sack is almost always a winner. Your man can stroke his dick while your tongue provides stimulation to the base of the shaft.

Kissing and licking right where the leg meets the crotch area is another very sensitive spot on a guy. With all its nerve endings, your neck and back make great places to focus your attention on.

Whichever region is his “spot” you’ll know soon enough where to hit and when to go back for more to lick him into pleasure oblivion.

8. Listen to your partner. Ask your partner to tell you when things are turning him on. 

The more vocal he is with his tongue in announcing what is turning him on, the easier it will be for you to bring him closer to climax. Orgasms aren’t the only goal, of course. The tonguing of a man is meant to bring him stimulation he mightn’t always feel with sex. Have him be open and honest with you about whether what you are doing is turning him on or not, and what you can do differently to enhance his overall enjoyment. 

He’ll be grateful to have a partner that is so willing to help him get off, and if he is good, he’ll let you in on all his dirty little secret sex spots on his body that will send him over the sexual satisfaction plateau.

9. Sucking dick is more than just using your lips and inhaling. Put your tongue to work while you are giving your man head. 

Lick his penis shaft while you’re sucking. Flick the head of his dick over the piss slit with the tip of your tongue. Lick all over that cock that it’s a damn lollipop. You know you love penis, so worship that meat like it’s your personal fuck trophy. Also: take your time. A lot of guys rush past the foreplay, when it really can be the best part of sex play, especially when a lot of tongue play is involved. 

Give your man’s meat some due tongue diligence and you’ll be glad you did when it’s as hard as a rock.

gay rimming

10. A good rim job is a lot more than just licking his ass in a circular motion. You have a mouth with lips, teeth and a tongue. 

When going down on a guy’s butt, toss that salad with your entire mouth, not just your tongue. Use your hands to grab ahold of that delicious peach and spread his cheeks like Moses. Kiss his ass hole with your lips. Make out with his hole with your lips, teeth, and suck on it to really stimulate the outer lips. Trace your tongue around the entire outer rim and around his ass cheeks, covering every square inch of his beautiful butt with your tongue like it was previously uncharted tongue territory. 

Using your hands, back his ass up onto your tongue, so you can then give him a proper tongue penetration.

Gay Tongue Play

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