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6 Tips for Better Orgasms

6 Tips for Better Orgasms

You always hear about tips for the female orgasm. Almost even more so as a gay guy who has a lot of female friends. Admittedly, I think the straight dudes out there don’t really care about what they’re doing and most of the girls I know just fake it to end it.

That said, it’s a pretty common belief that the male orgasm is a simple, straightforward thing. It’s easy to see why when you consider all it takes is a couple of strokes of the shaft of his cock to get him to cum.

That doesn’t mean it has to be that way though. There’s a ton of things you can try out to see if your orgasms improve.

If you’re looking for a mind-blowing orgasm then keep reading, I’ve got a ton of tips for better orgasms all around!

Better Orgasms

1. Edging

If you’re a regular reader, you can probably pick out my posts by now because I talk about edging a lot. It’s really just that good. Edging is when you bring you or your man, fuck any man really, as close to orgasm as possible and you stop before cumming.

You repeat this again and again until you can’t resist busting a nut. When you do finally cum, you’ll notice a massive increase in the size of your load, but also in the intensity of your orgasm. The more and more you edge, the better you’ll get at it. And the longer you edge, the more explosive the orgasm.

As I said, this doesn’t have to be a solo activity, you can mutually masturbate and edge each other while watching porn or explore each other’s bodies while waiting to come down from being so close to climax.   

You can use edging as a way to train yourself to last longer in the bedroom, so it’s a must if you’re looking for better orgasms while solo or when getting intimate. You can visualize anything that’s unsexy or just close your eyes for a minute to ease off the orgasm.

If you’re worried about not lasting long enough in bed then this is a great way to increase your stamina. Once you get good at it you’ll be able to edge for hours and exploded with cum whenever you want.

2. Kegels

Another classic exercise that’s been targeted at our lady friends for years. For dudes, strengthening these muscles helps improve ejaculation and gets you more in tune with what’s going on down there. Because you’ll be able to effectively clamp down on your orgasm and effectively subside it, you’ll be able to prolong sex and masturbation.

And down the road, it even helps with bladder control! Ultimately, it’s these muscles that help you launch your load, so if you aren’t much of a shooter, this could help you cover your man’s face in cum if that’s something you’re after.

So how do you do a kegel exercise? You can start practicing every time you pee. Try to stop the flow of urine for 5 seconds straight several times during your bathroom break.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do these without having to pee so that you can do them anywhere. I do mine at every red light on my commute to and from work.

You’ll get used to the process eventually and you’ll be able to shoot your load like never before. These muscles also control the emptying of seminal fluid when you orgasm, resulting in a fuller load. 

Prostate Play

3. Prostate Play

Even for strict tops, the prostate is the epicenter of the male orgasm. It produces a lot of what goes into your load and even more when it’s stimulated.

For those more timid booty explorers, you don’t even have to get a toy up there for stimulation if you don’t want to. I’d recommend a powerful massager or vibrator to use around your hole, you’ll notice a lot of pleasure even without penetration.

Experiment with a finger or two, though, so you don’t miss out on direct prostate stimulation. If you’re up for it you can even try a powerful prostate massager when you’re ready. These are often vibrators that send waves of pleasure into your prostate and anus. By stimulating the prostate this way you can have a purely prostate orgasm that will come out of nowhere and leave you weak as a bitch.

I find I can usually cum again after a prostate orgasm, and the next one is usually really intense if not a little less than my normal load. But hey, it’s the second one so don’t shoot me!

LELO Loki - Prostate Vibrator

LELO Loki - Prostate Vibrator

There are a ton of sensations you get from stimulating your prostate. So, while you’re sitting on the couch together why do you try to list some of the things you enjoy about anal play and explore those while working his prostate?

This can be a great opening to other sexual fantasies and it’s honestly the best way to milk a load out of a man.

Nothing is quite like a load that comes from prostate stimulation, it’s almost richer and thicker than it normally would be. You’ll notice the difference immediately between your loads from now on!

4. Explore your perineum

The perineum is the area between your anus and your balls that’s otherwise known as your taint. If you’re too scared to hit your prostate directly, then a powerful vibrator rubbed in this area will give sensations powerful enough to thrill your prostate without all the work of taking something up the ass.

It’s an area that’s absolutely packed with nerve endings and if you’re fucking a guy in the missionary position you can rub him here while fucking him, so he has an explosive orgasm.

Once you start feeling around here more and more, you’ll start to understand why it’s so pleasurable. A portion of your cock that’s inside your body actually extends into here. You can apply pressure or vibrations to this area and watch as your cock just starts dripping with precum.

6 Tips for Better Orgasms cock rings

5. Get a cock ring already

If you don’t have a cock ring already there’s no way I can describe what you're missing out on. JK I totally can because I use them like they’re going out of style!

high-quality cock ring traps blood flow inside the shaft of your cock. This has a really interesting effect of both increasing stimulation but desensitizing you from reaching orgasm too quickly. If you can find one that vibrates then your man-meat becomes his personal vibrating fuck-stick.

I personally find bullet-style vibrating cock rings to be useless when you compare them to an integrated motor. Some cock rings come with an attached butt plug, these are called ass locks and they’re a godsend to tops that aren’t afraid of a little butt buddy.

Not only do they perform as a cock ring, every stroke or movement you make tugs at your cock and your hole. I prefer cock rings that go around the whole package, i.e. cock and balls, but I have like 20 different ones to keep things interesting.

Not only are there all these benefits they also get your cock throbbing and rock-hard like nothing else. You’ll get more pronounced veining too which is drool-worthy on its own.

Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

Cock rings have been around since the Ancient Chinese civilizations of yesteryear...

You can trust the results from these bad boys, but if you’re just starting with them, I’d recommend a stretchy silicone cock ring so that you can get it on and off easier. Then you can work your up to rigid cock rings that really put in the work.

I usually opt for a vibrating rigid ring for the effects of having an even more stimulating shaft to pleasure his hole, but I also use silicone ones for the sake of ease, even as a self-proclaimed cock ring expert.

6. Multiple orgasms

I kind of alluded to this already, but instead of two orgasms, shoot for multiple loads during a sex or masturbation session. Just because you blew your load once doesn’t mean that party stops. We’ve all seen the memes of how intense it feels to pleasure your cock after you’ve just shot your load and there’s a lot you can do with that!

While we can’t compete with the sensations ladies experience, our multiple orgasm scenarios can be just as hot. I love loading my man’s hole over and over again, after two or three his hole is a sloppy cum dump that just begs to be pounded. Cum makes for a great lube so if you’re shooting load after load into him, he’ll get easier and easier to fuck.

The trick is to really visualize that just because you shot a load doesn’t mean sex is over. This way, I’ve had sex for hours as his hole is pumped full of my hot seed.

Multiple orgasms take practice though, so don’t expect to be able to just keep fucking with no end in sight. It takes time to be able to enjoy the stimulation post ejaculation and even more to be able to stay aroused and hard.

Let’s be honest, the staying hard part is likely the downfall for most guys. So why not try out the cock ring idea I already mentioned?! You can also work in some other anal play activities while you get your engine started again.

Or, and this is possibly the best ‘or’ statement I’ve even written, you can flip fuck loads into each other if you’re verse like us. And let’s be real, it’s time for some privilege!

Better orgasms can be achieved really easily through just a handful of changes to your sexual routine.

Whether you’re riding solo or getting up to no good with your man, these tips for better orgasms can help any guy, heck most of them work for the ladies too!

See what stimulates you the most and keep exploring that area for your ultimate cum shot.

Tips for Better Orgasms

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