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Gay Rim Job Guide: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bum

Gay Rim Guide Guide

A lot of people assume that being gay means being all-in for all things anal but in reality, rim jobs are still something of a taboo act among even the most anally adventurous guys...

On the surface, it seems that the younger generation is way into rimming, if memes are any indicator, but out in meatspace, people are still kind of shy about eating ass.

It's a real shame because eating ass, when done properly, can be an incredibly pleasurable and sensual activity for everyone involved. The recipient has to really let go and hand over the wheel to the rimmer and the rimmer is in a position to really generate some sexual heat because getting rimmed out feels fucking amazing.

There really isn't anything better to make your partner squirm with delight and anticipation of the main event than a nice, enthusiastic rim job.

I get it...

Assholes are kinda dirty and putting your dick down there is a whole other animal compared to actually getting in there and tonguing that bung.

We are hard-wired on an instinctive level to avoid getting shit anywhere near our mouths, for very good reasons but if you can get over the initial "yick factor" and take a few minor safety precautions, you'll have a potent new weapon in your sexual arsenal.

Like anything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it and the right way begins with proper preparation.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right

gay rim job guide

As I said, most guys' hang-ups about eating ass center around fecal matter being an unpopular snack choice. Well, here's the first major secret to eating ass: The poo poo platter shouldn't even be on the menu. If you're even a reasonably conscientious bottom or you have read our anal douching guide, a lot of what I am about to say will be old hat.

Colt Ultra Douche

(Colt Ultra Douche)

There are two approaches you can take to rim job hygiene, the easy way and the sure way. Rim jobs don't really involve a lot of penetration and what little there is doesn't go too deep unless the rimmer is some sort of Gene Simmons-esque snake deity with a freakishly long tongue. This means you're not very likely to strike brown gold while you're down there prospecting if your partner is freshly showered.

On the other hand, a lot of guys who are expecting visitors at their back door take extra steps to make sure the basement is nice and clean for no other reason than it allows them enough peace of mind to be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride without having to worry about any surprise unpleasantness.

If that sounds more like you, you'll probably want to anally douche.

Shop All Anal Douches

The trick here is to not get down to business immediately after douching. You want to make sure all of the effluvia from the douche has been completely passed from your body or you run the risk of becoming the nastiest soda fountain in the world while your partner is grazing down there.

The other big preparation choice you will have to make is whether to shave or not.

Personally, I like to eat a nice, freshly-shaven ass and prefer to keep mine shaved because I feel like the hair gets in the way of the sensation. I also hate the idea of leaving presents in my partner's teeth.

However, that's just me. Some guys like a hairy ass and even prefer the feeling that the hair creates while they're being eaten.

Another consideration is whether or not you get bad razor burn down there. It might be better to have a hairy ass than a prickly, itchy, bump-filled crack. 

Basically, this one is between you and your partner and is a matter of preference.


rim job position - gay rim job guide

Position is an important aspect of a good rim job. You want to be set up so the guy getting rimmed is able to completely relax and enjoy it while still allowing the rimmer access to all of those sexy tender bits they'll need to pay attention to make the rim job exciting.

Personally, I prefer to be on my knees with legs spread, face-down and ass up.

This allows my partner a nice view, easy access to all of the pertinent parts and allows me to simply lean comfortably down into the bed without having to worry about keeping my legs in the air.

It's also great for a bit of slap and tickle because your ass is in the perfect position for the occasional spanking.

Another popular position is to be on your back with a pillow under your ass with your legs in the air.

The pros of this position are that it offers opportunities for eye contact and improved communication, leaves all of your sensitive zones exposed for easy access, and it lets your partner reach your torso with his hands. If nipple play is your thing, this is a good way to go.

The cons are that the recipient is responsible for keeping those legs aloft and it can get a bit tiresome after awhile.

The lateral position, with one leg straight and the other pulled up to your chest is a position that makes it easier for the recipient to reach over the leg that is pulled up and jerk off while their partner goes to town on their bung and taint.

This is a slightly easier position to maintain for the recipient and offers excellent views for both guys.

Having the rimmer on his back with the recipient's ass in his face is a great way to get everyone involved in the action. If you are lucky and your heights line up properly, this can be a great way to give a rim job while getting blown.

The only drawback is sometimes the recipient isn't tall enough to actually get their ass in the rimmer's face and still be able to reach for a blowie. It's good work if you can get it.

For the more athletically inclined, you could get a bit crazier and try out the shoulder stand position. Get on the floor by the edge of the bed or couch and use your shoulders to position your ass in the air using the bed or couch as a brace to help hold you up. T

he view is spectacular for both guys, it's fairly easy to maintain once you're in position, and the whole basement buffet is on display for easy access to all your fun parts.

It's also more convenient for your guy to get in deeper with toys or fingers. Alternating between prostate massage and rimming is a surefire recipe for explosive sex.

There are unending ways you could position yourself for a rim job and these are just a few of the most common.

It is fun to experiment as long as you keep in mind the basics of keeping everything open and in reach and paying attention to how fatiguing it is for both partners. 


rim job techniques

Now for the juicy stuff! To start with, let's cover some basics of how to use your tongue. The three main techniques for how to use your tongue basically break down into three categories, flattened out and soft, thin and tense, and what I like to call "Alphabet Soup".


This is useful for long, sweeping strokes up and down and for pressing against the anus itself. This technique allows you to cover more ground with less effort and is a bit gentler. It's a great way to rest your tongue after some of the more athletic techniques have worn it out a bit.


This technique is for penetrating the anus with your tongue or focusing the sensations in specific places. Basically, you stick your tongue out as far as you can and make it as stiff as possible. Varying between stiff and slim and flat and soft allows you to keep things interesting and choose how the pressure will be applied to a given erogenous zone.

Alphabet Soup

One of the best ways to keep a rim job interesting is to avoid repetition for too long. That's where the tried and true method of spelling out words or drawing letters with your tongue comes in. It seems kind of silly, but if you spell out words with your tongue, there is built-in variation. It's old-school but it works.

Obviously, the tongue is the star of the rim job show, but that doesn't mean it's performing solo. As a general rule, you should keep those hands moving and exploring your partner's sensitive spots while your tongue is soaking up the spotlight. Which brings us to our first technique, The Rusty Trombone.

The Rusty Trombone

I don't know why the trombone is rusty, but that's what people call it. In any event, the rusty trombone is when you stroke your guy's cock while licking his hole. To really get this going, you can time the strokes with your licking and as things progress, you can switch the timing up to keep it interesting. If you really want to take the rusty trombone to the next level, you can use a male stroker, like a Fleshlight, for the hand job part. I like to use this method off and on throughout the rim job, but it is an excellent way to finish a guy off if that's the goal.

Kissy Face

Rimming can be pretty strenuous work for your tongue and jaw. You will have to get used to using varied techniques that allow you to get a little rest from time to time. As I said earlier, variation is the key to a good rim job and that can be turned into an opportunity for rest if you play your cards right. That's where things like light kisses come in. It's basically what it sounds like, kisses.

The real magic comes from kissing unexpected places. Don't just focus on the hole, there are all sorts of super-sensitive areas below the belt and they should get some love too, especially the balls. If you find that your tongue needs a break, start kissing your man's favorite places to get some relief. It feels great for him and gives your tongue time to recharge.


A little puff of breath at the right time can make all the difference down there. Things are bound to be nice and wet if you're doing things properly and the sudden, cool burst of sensation is sure to surprise and delight your man.


Just like with blowjobs, a little humming here and there goes a long way toward creating a superb tickling sensation. Don't go overboard, though. This isn't meant to be a standalone technique and should be peppered in here and there as you go about your business.

Now that you have the basic techniques down, you can start to mix and match them in varied combinations to find what works best for you and your guy.

General Tips And Tricks

There are a few things you can do to help make a rim job more pleasurable that have little to do with actual oral technique:

Would You Like Some Dressing With Your Tossed Salad?

flavored lube rim jobs

Flavored lubes are an excellent addition to any butt buffet. The anus doesn't naturally lubricate and spit tends to dry it out a bit. Also, the person performing the rim job only has so much spit to go around anyway. Flavored lubes solve both of these problems and tend to be slicker than spit anyway. Slicker is definitely better.

Swiss Navy Flavored Lube

(Swiss Navy Flavored Lube)

Flavored lubes also make the rimming experience more pleasurable for the rimmer by adding a new layer of sensation in the form of scent and taste.

Shop All Flavored Lubes

Bring Some Toys!

If you really want to take your rim jobs to the next level, gets some toys involved. As mentioned earlier, a stroker is perfect for elevating your rim job game to the next level, but things like vibrating cock rings, ball stretchers, and a nice vibe for tickling and probing are all great ways to inject some extra variety to the proceedings.

Idle Hands

I've said it before and I'll say it again, keep those hands moving!

Caress and gently squeeze his balls, tweek his nipples, slap his hams, whatever your guy likes, just don't let your hands get lazy. Speaking of balls...

The Balls And Taint Need Love Too!

It's important to get all of your man's sensitive spots in the game. This means taking the time to work the balls and taint a bit, especially during the run-up to the actual rimming. That doesn't mean you shouldn't return to those zones once you get going, only that it is an excellent way to build up a head of steam and get your man in the mood.

The Journey Of A Thousand Rim Jobs Begins With The First Slurp

Now that you are armed with some of the more effective techniques for giving outrageous rim jobs, it's time to go out and hone your game.

As Jake the Dog once said: "Sucking at something is just the first step to being sorta good at something."

What I am trying to say here is, the only way to master the rim job is to practice it. Go out, apply what you've learned, and improve upon it. Your man will love all the extra attention (and the awesome rim jobs, of course!) and you will have a new tool in your sexy toolbox. It's a win-win for everyone!

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