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10 Tips For Safe Anal Douching

tips for anal douching

Shit happens, people. For a lot of us bottoms though, it is something we like to avoid at all costs...

Even though we all know, tops and bottoms alike, that there is bound to be a little mess when it comes time for butt-stuff, we still want to do everything in our power to avoid a mudslide.

That's where anal douching comes in. A lot of us bottoms are very self-conscious about unexpected deliveries from the chocolate factory, and the only effective thing we can do is get in there and make sure there are no unwanted guests lurking where the sun doesn't shine.

How often do you douche?
I never douche.
Only with new partners.
Several times a month.
I am a pro. I douche before all anal play.


But it's important to make sure we are doing it safely.

As bottoms, our assholes already take quite a bit of abuse for such a sensitive part of our anatomy and there is no sense in making that situation worse.

It is with this in mind that I've thrown together this list of ten ways you can anally douche safely. Let's have a look!

saline water anal douching

Use The Right Liquid

This is super important, guys! Our anal lining is extremely thin and porous, which allows all sorts of toxins to easily enter the bloodstream via the anal wall. This means that we have to be very careful about what we put up there.

It's fine to douche with tap-water as long as it is only very rarely, but any more than that and you could be putting your health at risk. Tap-water contains all sorts of extra stuff you wouldn't want to enter into your system, everything from fluoride and chlorine, to unwanted electrolytes and calcium.

If you are planning to anally douche regularly, you are going to want to use "normal saline". You can make Saline by combining 1 cup of purified water with 1 teaspoon of pure salt. Never use a liquid that isn't water or saline and always make sure the water is no warmer than your natural body temperature. The lining of your anal cavity is far more susceptible to heat than you exterior skin and internal burns can be very painful and even deadly.

use the right tools anal douching

The Right Tools For The Job 

Don't just go filling up any old bottle with water and squeezing it out up your hinder. As I have stated previously, the lining of your anal cavity is extremely thin and susceptible to damage. This is why it is super important to use a tool specifically designed for anal douching.

Just about any online or brick and mortar sex store will have a decent selection of anal douches on offer.

Boneyard Anal Douche Water Bottle Kit

Boneyard The Bullet Water Bottle Douche Kit

Personally, I prefer the Boneyard The Bullet Water Bottle Douche Kit for home douching. However, I also like to have something more portable for surprise hook-ups or for when I am traveling.

perfect fit ergoflo impulse anal douche

Perfect Fit Ergoflo Impulse Anal Douche


That's why I also recommend getting a more portable anal douching kit. I use the Ergoflo Impulse. I've used other portable anal douche kits but this is the only one I've found that truly offers a leak-free design and - if you've had a leaky anal douche kit, you know how important that is!

anal douching guide

Don't Go In Guns Ablazin'

Just like pretty much any other time you're going to be sticking something up your ass, you're going to want to ease into it a bit.

Get a little lube on your finger and slowly work it around and ease it in to loosen up your sphincter a bit.

If you just jam the nozzle in straight away, you run the risk of damaging your anal wall which can leave you more susceptible to STI's or common infection. The last thing you need is a huge medical bill or continuous medical bills as a result of being too lazy to give your hole a little preparatory attention.

anal douching and lube

    Lube Up!

    I almost feel like this one goes without saying, but here I am saying it anyway. We all know how unpleasant and potentially dangerous it is to penetrate our holiest of holies without a little anti-friction juice.

    Again, going in dry with your anal douche can lead to damage of your anal wall which can leave you susceptible to all sorts of problems including increased risk of STI's or common infection.

    Gun Oil for Anal DouchingGun Oil H2O

    Don't skimp on the Gunn Oil no matter what you're cramming up there! 

    Enough Is Enough!

    You don't need to fit Niagara Falls up there, the capacity of your anal douche should be sufficient to get the job done. You're not trying to clean out your entire digestive tract here, after all.

    Location, Location, Location!

    gay anal douching guide

    You're going to want to be sure you are in your bathroom, either close to the toilet or even in the shower.

    Start by placing your dominant leg in a raised position, perhaps resting on the toilet, to ease the process of insertion.

    Remember to loosen up your sphincter a bit with a lubed finger and then slowly insert the nozzle. Slowly squeeze the liquid from the bulb until it is all where it needs to be and then hold the liquid in by clenching your sphincter.

    If you find that you are unable to hold the liquid in, you may want to sit directly on the toilet immediately after the bulb has been emptied to avoid a nasty mess.

    However, if you can hold the liquid in, you might want to take this opportunity to jump up and down a few times to get things rolling in there a bit.

    Obviously, you shouldn't jump up and down if you have chosen to douche in the shower. Do you really want them to find you dead in the shower with a cracked skull surrounded by anal effluvium?! I thought not.

    Don't Overdo It

    Try to limit yourself to douching no more than once in any day, and only about two or three times a week.

    anal douching don't over do it

    No matter how careful you are to employ the proper techniques and use the proper liquid, anal douching still takes its toll on your insides. This can leave you open to infections both sexual and common.

    Give It Time

    It takes a little while for all that liquid you just shot up your ass to find its way back out, so you're going to want to be close to the toilet until it has.

    This means you will want to give yourself time before you have anal sex after douching to avoid running into a worse form of the problem you were trying to avoid by douching in the first place.

    I find it's best to give it a good hour after douching, just to be safe.

    Avoid Laxatives

    At first blush, laxatives seem like a great way to get things moving downtown but, really, they can just lead to a worsening of the problem by causing more feces to work it's way down through your digestive tract.

    avoid laxatives anal douching

    Not to mention the fact that they can cause some rather unpleasant abdominal cramping that is sure to kill the mood should it occur while you're playing.

    anal douching tips

    Be Zen With The Fact That Shit Happens

    When all is said and done, no matter how much care you take to stay clean down there, you're bound to run into a little unwanted shit rearing its ugly head.

    Try to have a sense of humor about it and don't let it make you overly self-conscious. When you play in the mud, you're bound to get a little dirty!

    Finally, our friends at Ending HIV NZ have put together a video on anal douching. Check it out below:


    When all is said and done, anal douching is a great way to keep the more unpleasant aspects of anal sex at bay. If done correctly and safely, you should have no trouble staying clean as a whistle for your partner.

    Check out this summary chart from the San Fransisco Aids Foundation.

    anal douching tips

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