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Ultimate Guide: Prostate Milking

Ultimate Guide: Prostate Milking

If you've never heard this term, then let us introduce you to the Holy Grail of male sexuality, something so close that it is at your fingertips (literally).

Suppose you're ready for mind-blowing cum-tastic multiple orgasms that you can have without even touching your cock at all. In that case, learning about Prostate Milking is just what you've been looking for.

The not-so-good news is that milking your prostate is not as easy as simply stroking your dick and hoping for a full-body orgasm to happen. This needs time, patience, practice, and special masturbation techniques we'll tell you about soon.

So, get ready for the ultimate guide on prostate milking we have for you. This is our list of seven questions you might have right now, so you can clear all your doubts and get ready for the best orgasms of your life.

Prostate Milking

1) What is Prostate Milking?

"Prostate Milking" or "Prostate Massage" is the stimulation of the male prostate gland (AKA "P-spot," AKA "male G-spot") which is a walnut-sized gland located a few inches inside the rectum.

This magical gland's function is secreting a fluid that protects your sperm. It is just a coincidence (a glorious coincidence) that is intrinsically linked to the male orgasm, giving you the potential of having powerful orgasms.

Your prostate can be stimulated with a finger, a reputable sex toy, or obviously (or maybe not-so-obviously) your partner's penis. As each body is different, the kind of stimuli a prostate may need depends on each man. Some like it gently, others need a stronger contact to feel good, and that's why there are multiple techniques (and tools) for you to achieve the Big-O.

Even though straight men can also achieve anal orgasms, we gay men are the lucky ones who have sex in a way in which (most of the time) someone's P-spot is stimulated to orgasm. So, if you're one of those tops who think their asses are a no-zone because that's a thing "for bottoms," you're missing out BIG time.

2) How do I prepare myself?

If you're going to put something inside your ass, there's a severe preparation process you need to go through. Let me tell you, this preparation is not fun, and it won't be easy all the time, but ass-play needs to be free from disgusting surprises. 

Let's be honest, your behind's primary use is very different from sexy activities, and most people find that use kind of a turn-off. So, if you want to avoid nasty surprises for you and your partner, you need to get your ass as clean as possible, inside and out. 

Here're some steps you can follow to get squeaky clean:

  1. Try to have a healthy diet with lots of fiber, so you have a "clean" bowel movement that is not messy or runny.
  2. Clean your asshole with a toilet wet wipe to get rid of any fecal matter on your skin.
  3. You should douche your anus to clean it on the inside. It can be the most uncomfortable part of the process, but it's not the sort of thing that you just chance.
  4. Once you finish douching, we suggest you take a shower to remove nasty smells or bits and pieces that may have stayed on your skin during this process.

Depending on your diet of the day, you may need less cleaning some days, and others it'll not be a good idea to do it at all. The cleaning process may feel weird at first, but you'll get used to it with time, and it'll become easier to perform as you get to know how your body works.

It's possible that after all the cleaning, some poo ends up coming out of you, but it's not the end of the world; just consider putting a towel down to avoid cleaning up afterward.

Whether you're using a finger or a sex toy, you need to prepare them as well. If it's a finger, get the nails clipped and clean, you can use a glove or a condom on the finger if you're more comfortable with it. If you're using a sex toy, clean it up with warm soapy water. Always ask yourself, "Would I put this in my mouth?" if the answer is no, then don't put it in your ass either. Also... use lots of lube!

Last but not least, you need to prepare your mind and environment for this. Remember it's a massage, so you need to be relaxed and excited:

  • Think arousing thoughts to get in the mood.
  • Get ready for the best orgasm of your life.
  • Relax your body so your muscles behave the way they should.
  • Breathe deep and slow, be mindful about it.
  • Take time to enjoy it and don't rush to it.
  • Moan as loud as you feel like.

prostate massaging techniques

3) What are the best prostate massaging techniques?

This is probably why you came here, right? You want to know the best techniques to get a leg-quivering, body-shaking, heavenly, continuous anal orgasm, AKA a Super O (yes, it's super now).

Shall we begin?

a) Using fingers

This might not be the "best" technique to get a prostate orgasm. Still, beginners should get familiar with the sensation of having something up their butts. 

Your prostate is just 2-3 inches into your rectum, so it's not very far from reach. Start with one (clean and generously lubed) finger; insert it into your ass and curve the finger towards the front of your body (like trying to reach your penis from the inside). You'll feel a walnut-sized "bump" around this area: Bingo! You found your prostate!

With your (or your partner's) finger, gently rub or tab the prostate gland until you get used to the pleasurable sensations that it creates. This kind of stimulation gives better results if you also masturbate the penis, so try to adopt a position where you can do this simultaneously.

 b) Using a vibrating prostate massager

This is a step up from using a finger since the vibrating function of these sex toys can help you relax into pleasure.

Start using your finger (or fingers) to loosen up your asshole a little. You don't need to go that far, just enough to relax your body to make it easier to insert the vibrator in. Once you're relaxed and open enough, insert the lubed-up sex toy into your anus (most of these products include diagrams of how it should be inserted).

When you feel like your body is getting used to it, turn the vibration on. Start softly, and don't rush into more intense pulses. A prostate massage is about building up the sensations until pleasure explodes.

c) Using Aneros-style prostate sex toys

The Aneros sex toy range is your best option to get an orgasm that leaves your body shaking with pleasure. These sex toys feature the only medically patented designs and the perfect materials to make you have your first anal orgasm. Just a little detail to keep in mind: They need you to practice.

Before starting using the Aneros devices, you need to get familiar with your sphincter muscles (the ones you squeeze when pooping, and your PC muscles (the ones you use to stop peeing). Practice some kegel exercises to strengthen these muscles.

Same with the prostate massager, you need to get your ass ready with your fingers first. Lay in a comfortable position and finger yourself for a few minutes. Next, lube up the Aneros sex toy and insert it up to your butt. The shape of the Aneros sex toy is made, so it perfectly fits your body, stimulating your prostate from inside and out.

Now, there are several techniques for prostate masturbation using Aneros-style toys, but let us tell you two that turned out to be the most effective:

The "Tug of War" Technique

Remember what I told you about your sphincter muscles and PC muscles? Now's the time to put them to use!

With the Aneros toy inserted, contract your muscles for 7-8 seconds before re-releasing them. Repeat this approximately 20 times. After a while, you'll feel your muscles getting tired and spasming on their own.

Now, do these contractions half as strong as you did before, and hold them as long as you can before relaxing and starting again. If done right, this will cause involuntary spasms from your sphincter and PC muscles. Keep going like this until your body takes over and do the spasming for you.

You'll start feeling waves of pleasure traveling through your penis, anus, down your legs and feet, and your whole body. That means you're on your way to the "Super O."

Don't rush it, and don't push it. Keep doing these subtle contractions and enjoy the erotic journey of your body."

The "Do Nothing" Technique

You read it right. This technique implies you do absolutely nothing; your mind does all the work.

Lay in a comfortable position with the Aneros sex toy inserted up your ass, close your eyes and relax. This is like a yoga-meditation session, but it's more like sexy meditation since you won't clear up your mind but fill it with hot, steamy, arousing ideas.

Concentrate on making you feel sensual. Play with your nipples, lick your fingers, talk dirty to yourself, anything that turns you on without losing concentration in your anal play. You'll start to feel how your whole body reacts to the toy inserted in your ass.

After around 30 minutes of doing this, you'll start to feel the muscles of your ass spasming. Do not fight the sensations. Go with them, and you'll be on your way to the Big O.

If you feel like the sensations die without resurfacing, try the other technique to bring them back.

prostate massage from the outside

4) Is it possible to milk my prostate from the outside?

Putting something up your ass might seem nerve-wracking if you've never done it before; that's very true. Luckily for you, the prostate can also be massaged from the outside.

Your prostate can be reached from the outside by massaging the perineum. The what? You know, the "taint" or "gooch," the area between your balls and your asshole.

The perineum can be massaged with your fingers or with vibrating toys. You can try moving your fingers in a circular motion (make 6-7 circles and then change direction); you can also tap the perineum with the other hand. 

The bad news is that external stimulation needs to be complemented with jerking off normally. It is virtually impossible to achieve the Big O with just this kind of prostate massage.

5) How do anal/prostate orgasms feel?

If you've never had one and wonder how it feels like, let me put it simply: They feel fucking cum-tastic!

Can you recall the best orgasm you've ever had in your life? A prostate orgasm will feel 10 times more potent. It will travel to your entire body and last for several minutes without stopping. Once you have a prostate orgasm, a regular penile orgasm will feel kinda dull to you.

If you want a specific answer, then you'll have to experience it by yourself. Each body reacts differently, and every brain processes the sensations differently. What I can assure you is that it's going to be intense... very intense.

prostate orgasm

6) What should I expect from a prostate orgasm?

Prostate orgasms are a different kind from what you've experienced before, so the aftermath and everything that happens with them is a different story.

You don't always cum. You might feel like you did, you might see your penis convulsing and leaking vast amounts of precum, but you won't necessarily cum per se. And you can have multiple orgasms like this in a single session.

Legs trembling and body shaking all over. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal, so go with it when it happens and enjoy the ride. The wobbly sensation might last for a little while once you finish the session.

You might feel tempted to masturbate your penis while massaging your P-spot, but if you want to reach the Big O, we suggest you avoid your dick. Masturbating your penis will only make you cum faster, and it'll stop you from getting the Super O.

A prostate orgasm might leave your prostate gland feeling extra sensitive for a day or two. This can make you feel hornier than usual while doing non-sexual tasks, like driving a car or sitting in a certain way.

7) Is it healthy to milk the prostate gland?

For a long time, doctors actually recommended prostate massage to their patients because of the many benefits it brings, helping treat conditions such as:

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Many patients still use in addition to modern treatments to help elevate their libido.
  • Prostate Cancer: Stimulating the prostate regularly makes it more difficult for a tumor to grow.
  • Urine problems: If the Prostate is interfering with the urethra, this can help move it out of the way for urine to flow.
  • Ejaculation issues: Massaging the prostate can help with blockages in the fluids system that provoke painful ejaculations.

best tips to start enjoying prostate massages

The best tips to start enjoying prostate massages

If you've already tried it and you feel like you're getting nowhere, here we have some simple tips you can try to reach the magical orgasm you've been framing about:

  1. Breathe: Concentrate on your breaths and how they affect your body (and your ass). This will help you relax!
  2. Find your best position: Your body can work better in one position than in another, so find the one that best works for your pleasure.
  3. Tease yourself up: Anal massages give particular sensations, so take your time to get used to them until your body stops naturally tensing.
  4. Keep yourself horny: Cleaning, concentrating, breathing, relaxing, so many steps can take away arousal, so remember to keep turning yourself on: the more aroused you are, the easier it'll be for you to have a great orgasm.
  5. Take your time: A prostate milking session takes around 10-40 minutes, so be patient and don't rush to it, or it won't happen. Choose the best time to do it, so you can enjoy it and your body can recover afterward.
Prostate Milking Guide
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