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Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass-Gasm Vibrating Ring

Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass-Gasm Vibrating Ring

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Get Bigger, Thicker and Stronger Erections With This Outstanding Vibrating Cock Ring

  • Include penis ring and vibrating ring for your testicles
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone material
  • 100% waterproof

The Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass Gasm Vibrating Cock Ring is designed in a way that it comes in a shape that provides a tight grip for long lasting erections and stamina. The ring will restrict blood from flowing in your penis’ tissues, which make your veins protrude, and your package will feel bigger and stronger than ever. This will give you the confidence to pound on your boy’s ass for extended periods since it postpones ejaculation.

This fantastic cock ring comes with a bullet vibe that aims at pleasuring your balls with great vibrations and hangs at the bottom of the ring. With every thrust in your boy’s anal canal, you will feel the powerful buzz that the vibe offers your testicles.

The ring is made from Elite Silicone, which makes it flexible enough, and body safe. This ring will stay put even during extensive sex. The top ring gives a tight grip when worn around the base of your penis while the bottom ring wraps around your balls and this will make you feel stronger and look thicker. Both beginners and experts can use the cock ring and butt plug combo since it's flexible enough to fit any size.

When slipping this ring on, use your favorite water based lube to prevent unwanted friction, if needed. Clean the ring using warm water after every use; you can also use our toy cleaners
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