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Fuck Water Silicone

Fuck Water Silicone

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Slide & Glide with Pride: The Lube You've Been Thirsting For!

Introducing Fuck Water: the ultimate silicone-based lubricant that's got more stamina than an energizer bunny in a Pride parade! With this incredibly long-lasting lube, you'll feel slicker than a seal on a slip 'n slide, ready to conquer the most extensive bedroom marathons.

Here's why you need Fuck Water in your life:

🌈 Sassy Stamina: Enhanced with Vitamin-E and Aloe Vera, your skin will feel smooth and supple, ready to withstand even the most passionate dance-offs between the sheets.

🌈 Waterproof Wonder: Whether you're making waves in the bathtub, steaming it up in the shower, or frolicking in a hot tub, this lube stays put for all your aquatic adventures.

🌈 All-Star Compatibility: Fuck Water plays well with latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms, making it the ultimate team player in your bedroom escapades.

Once upon a time, in a bedroom not so far away, the quest for the perfect lube was a tale as old as time. But fear not, dear friends, for Fuck Water has arrived to save the day (and your sheets)! With its luxurious glide, your wildest dreams will come true as you slip and slide your way through pleasure town. So, say goodbye to those pesky dry spells and hello to a world where the only thing that's chafing is your sense of humor.

For a fabulously frictionless experience that will keep you going all night long, grab a bottle of Fuck Water and let the good times roll!

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Perfect for playing in the shower or more! 10/10

I was looking for something that would keep me slick for long sessions of 'play time'. It lasts a long time, water resistant, easy to clean off, perfect for if you want to play with a toy in the bathroom while showering. Equally perfect if you just want something that'll last awhile in general (can also be used outside of the shower). Highly recommend it, did not disappoint me!