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INYA Playthings Anal Kit

INYA Playthings Anal Kit

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It’s ANAL playtime!

Quality over quality is true and so on, but having more can be a lot more fun. INYA Playthings aims to spice it up by introducing a set of three different anal-play toys, each with a different type of function.

First, we have a five-inch long super realistic dildo. It’s realistically molded and comes with a suction cup so you can really play around with it. Fun! But we’ve got to have some movement in our sex lives. Vibration, specifically! The next toy is a 5-inch long vibrator shaped to bring vibration and stimulation to all of your anus for a more intense climax.

Last but not least, a three-inch pleasure plug. It’s quite slim and has a tapered tip, which helps a lot in playing around with it and maneuvering. The handle has a ring which comes in super handy.

  • Color: Teal
  • Waterproof silicone
  • Three-piece set

A fun set that promises endless and varied fun for your ass.

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