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Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle Coconut Pineapple

Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle Coconut Pineapple

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Ignite Their Desire...

Romance, candles, and sensual massage are three great tastes that go great together. The Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle combines all three into one sexy package! These candles are made with premium ingredients that melt into a lavish massage oil as the candle burns. Made from coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, these candles produce a massage oil that excites the senses through a combination of scent, warmth, and any extra magic your fingers can bring to the table.

These candles contain no wax and melt at a temperature that is safe for skin and perfect for massage. There's even a handy pour spout to help you avoid spills and get the oil where you want it without hassle or spills.

  • Size: 6 oz (170 gr)
  • Relaxing Scents
  • Pour spout
  • Warm Massage Oil
  • Moisturizing Formula

Ignite your lover's passion and set the night on fire!

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