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Malesation 8 Ball C-Ring

Malesation 8 Ball C-Ring

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Enjoy Increased Stamina In The Bedroom, Increased Thickness And A More Explosive Orgasm And Look Good While You Do It With Our Malesation 8 Ring.

  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Soft, hygienic, scentless and anti-allergenic
  • Phthalate free

The Malesation 8-Ball Cock Ring is crafted from premium skin-flex silicone which allows it to be soft enough to enable you to wear it for extended periods of time. The 8-Ball is flexible and easy to use and is the best choice if you are looking for magnificent ball stretching. The material used to craft this ring is non-porous, easy to maintain and stretchy enough to fit everyone regardless of their package size.

This ring is crafted in a manner that with each thrust you will fell a gentle tug as your balls stay in an ideal position while pumping your boy’s ass.

This stretchy TPR two ring toy is designed to give you maximum pleasure allowing you to have long lasting stamina. Your hard cock will remain erect for long periods allowing your boy to enjoy extended pleasures. Its compatible size is easy to carry and you can sneak it in your bag as you go on that trip or vacation.

Malesation 8 ring has a creative design that allows you to wear it in several different ways all designed to increase your performance levels and pleasures. For instance, you can choose to use the larger ring around your entire package including both your penis and the testicles. The other alternative is placing the lower ring around your balls while wearing the other larger ring around the base of your penis alone or together with your testicles.

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