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NS Novelties Renegade Bolero Penis Pump

NS Novelties Renegade Bolero Penis Pump

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Watch Your Cock Grow To Its Full Potential Inside Our NS Novelties Renegade Bolero.

  • Super-soft elastomeric sleeve that creates an airtight seal
  • Unique one handled pump handle
  • Naturally draws blood increasing sensation

The NS Novelties Renegade pump creates an extra thick and firm erection by drawing blood thus you will rock your boy’s world with long lasting erections. You will definitely love the pumped up cock that this pump will give you.

The pump is designed to make pumping easier and fun and is one of those toys you don’t want to miss in your toy box. The clear acrylic cylinder gives you the pleasure of watching your penis transform to its majestic size. It has a TPE wide base which is smooth and supple offering a unique seal between your skin and the cylinder.

Unlike other traditional pump, the NS Novelties Renegade pump is designed in a way that it can stand on its own on a flat surface and you don’t have to always hold it during the pumping session. It also allows for easy one-handed pumping. The compatible size of this pump allows you to tag it along while going on a trip or vacation.

This pumped is crafted in a way that it quickly reaches capacity and maintains a low pressure which prevents you from over pumping your meat. It prepares you before giving your boy a hell of a ride. When used consistently, this pump can help you gained an increased length and girth of your penis over time.

When You Buy Our NS Novelties Renegade Bolero, You Will Receive:

One penis pump with industrial strength acrylic cylinder measuring 9 inches.

Avoid creating a situation that is uncomfortable. High pressure is not needed to get great results. Although each person may be different, it is recommended pumping for not than 15 minutes and taking at least a 15 minutes break before pumping again

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