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NS Novelties Renegade Diversity Cock Rings - Pack of 3

NS Novelties Renegade Diversity Cock Rings - Pack of 3

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Enhance Your Erection By Increasing Its Strength, Hardness, And Longevity Using Our NS Novelties Renegade Diversity Rings - Pack Of 3.

  • 3 piece cock ring set in gradual sizes
  • Smallest ring stretches between 1.5 - 1.7 inches in diameter
  • Medium ring stretches between 2 - 2.2 inches in diameter
  • Large ring stretches between 2.2 - 2.4 inches in diameter

These rings have a smooth O-Ring design, which allows them to slide right on with much ease. They are made of super stretchable material and are available in three sizes for unlimited combinations. These are the perfect toys for guys that want to show off a thicker and stronger erection with long lasting stamina.

They are suitable for both beginners and experts since they offer sizes as small as 3.1 cm and as large as 5 cm. You can choose any combination for instance; you can choose to have them around the base of the penis, snugly wrapped around the testicles or encompass both your penis and testicles using one or more in a variety of combination. However, irrespective of the combination, the results are similar and satisfying.

The rings, whether used alone or together, restrict the flow of blood which keeps your penis rock hard and you are able to keep it up and going for longer. These rings prevent premature ejaculation and mid letdown performance issues which are very frustrating situations and could be a nightmare.

The silicone material is extremely durable and can stretch time and time again and will always return to its original form.

When You Buy Our NS Novelties Renegade Diversity Rings - Pack Of 3, You Will Receive:

A package of 3 C-Rings measuring 3.1cm to 5 cm.

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