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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath

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The Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath is a new Perfect Fit Brand Product available in three size options. There is a 5.5” version for the more modest user, then there is that 6.5” version which is a middle of the road kind and then there is also the big boy that is 7.5”.

It all comes in new packaging that you will love too. If you liked the original Fat Boy cock sheath, you will love the same quality standards and the new one just has this new textured surface - inside and out.

Like any cock sheath, it adds girth, length, and stimulation to your cock. Slip your shaft in the sheath, drop your balls through the hole at the base and you are good to go. Solo sessions are also wonderful when achieved with the Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath.

It is made from soft and stretchy SilaSkin. Silaskin is a silicone and TPR blend that is a favorite material for adult novelty items. Experience the intensity of eye-rolling pleasure with the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath going solo or with your partner. No clinical trials have been made for this product, no medical claims are implied or warranted and it is not for medical use. Safe with water-based lubes but do not use with latex products.

  • Soft and stretchy Silaskin
  • Extends and stimulates
  • Made in the USA
  • Clear
  • 7.5", 6.5", and 5.5"
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