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Pjur Analyse Me Water Based Personal Lubricant - 100ml

Pjur Analyse Me Water Based Personal Lubricant - 100ml

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🌈 Slide into Fabulous with the Sassy Pjur Analyse Me! 🌈

Darlings, are you ready to experience pure booty bliss? Say hello to the Pjur Analyse Me! Comfort Water Anal Glide - the 100 ml bottle of fabulousness your backdoor has been waiting for! Wave goodbye to discomfort and hello to smooth sailing – because, honey, we all know that everything's better with lube.

💧 Divine hydration, thanks to hyaluronan: Our secret weapon? Hyaluronan, baby! This miracle ingredient binds water like a drag queen binds her tuck, creating water cushions for that flawless glide.

💧 Long-lasting fun: This lube won't tap out before you do! Hyaluronan keeps the party going and only needs a little spritz of water to refresh.

💧 Silicone-smooth experience: Love the feel of silicone-based lubes but crave a water-based alternative? Pjur Analyse Me! offers a comparable sensation without the silicone.

So, hunty, put on your favorite pair of heels, tolerate the tush tapping, and ask to be "anal"ysed with the Pjur Analyse Me! Comfort Water Anal Glide. Because in the words of our fairy godmother RuPaul, "If you can't love your own booty, how the hell you gonna love somebody else's?"

Let's turn the pain into pleasure, and sashay your way into uncharted territory, all while feeling sassier than ever. Your bum will thank you! 💋

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Umberto C.
I throw sex parties...

I throw sex parties and I use this as my go to lube. My guests have all liked it and it has performed well for us. No complaints.

Samuel J.
Lasts long enough...

A little goes a long way and it lasts long enough until my husband and I finish. It is so economical.

United States United States
Luv anal

Long-lasting and enjoyable!

Canada Canada

Love it! Perfect conditions and looks great!