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Pjur Man Xtend Cream - 1.7oz

Pjur Man Xtend Cream - 1.7oz

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Sensitize Your Skin With Our Pjur Man Xtend Cream Specially Designed For Prolonged Care And Stimulation.

  • Made with natural ginger and ginkgo extracts
  • Reduces oversensitivity on the skin and promotes blood circulation and firm erection
  • Well suitable for use in intimate areas

It is advisable to have your favourite cream in your sex toy box at all times. With this Pjur Man Xtend Cream, you are guaranteed to have an added advantage over using other creams. This is because, this cream is unique and is designed to allow you to have prolonged enjoyment. It has a high concentration of ginger and ginkgo extra which are natural and do not react with any skin thus; it can be used by individuals with sensitive skin. It is medically approved and is designed to be used even in the intimate areas.

The Pjur Man Xtend Cream is such an amazing cream since it also reduces oversensitivity on your skin. When used on regular bases, this cream will assist in blood circulation and can also have a stimulating effect. This cream will provide you with long-term skin care as well and can be used over the entire body as well as the intimate areas, and improves blood flow. Regular use of this cream on the penis will result in firmer and longer lasting erections.

There's only one way to find out if this specialty product works for you, and it’s to begin trying it out. Also compatible with condoms, as you can simply apply some of the latex-safe material to the inside of the condom and spread it around your penis with your hand.

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