About Us

It started with a simple idea…

It began with a simple idea – to provide high-quality sex toys in gay-friendly environment online. As a group of college students, our passion for online business started not from a formal desire to create your typical retail outlet, but rather to interfuse our daily experience with social media, web 2.0, and other emerging technologies - with traditional approaches to business development. Starting out as consumers, we found a significant gap in the market place. Most online adult boutiques focus on the female market, and largely neglect the specific needs of the gay community. Our vision then was to combine the latest technology available for online business – with a targeted presentation that addresses the needs and desires of our customers. 

Our Mission

As the online market continues to be oversaturated with generic, cookie cutter online stores, cluttered and unorganized store-fronts, Adam’s Toy Box mission is to provide high-quality products with a unique, clean and clear presentation – that serves the needs of our customers.


Our approach to business is simple

Our approach to business is simple: We promise to always serve you with a smile

We strive for prompt delivery of all orders with same day processing

Our warehouse is always stocked with handpicked items that are geared towards your needs

Your happiness is our top priority: we promise to do all in our power to ensure you are satisfied

It’s More Than Just Sex Toys…

We are more than an online sex store. We are a family of passionate individuals, dedicated towards creating the best possible online shopping experience.

Looking forward… our vision for the future

As our business grows – we plan on expanding and improving our store front in the following ways:

  1. Expanding our product offerings – providing even greater product selection 
  2. Increasing the number of product images, to provide the customer with a better idea about the item they buying 
  3. Production of product videos to bring our products to life – helping the customer make an informed decision when buying
  4. Creating a robust online community through our online publication InsideAdam.com. More than simply a company blog, we strive towards creating a high-quality source of information and entertainment news geared towards the gay community