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Newbie's Cock Ring Guide

Newbie's Cock Ring Guide

Cock rings are a sort of gateway drug of sex toys. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and offer immediate, tangible results.  All of these factors ...
2018 Gay Gift Guide: Naughty Boys Get Naughty Toys

2018 Gay Gift Guide: Naughty Boys Get Naughty Toys

We are quickly coming up on the final stretch of the holiday gift shopping season and we're veering dangerously close to the edge of the dreaded "...
Newbie's Guide to Condoms

Newbie's Guide to Condoms

At this point, it should probably be obvious to any consenting adult that if you're feeling spunky, you'd better wrap your monkey. We'll save you ...
Newbie's Guide to Male Masturbators

Newbie's Guide to Male Masturbators

The human hand is an incredible thing. It has developed allow us the ability to grasp objects, make fine manipulations with our fingers, and it is...
Newbie's Guide to Erection Pills

Newbie's Guide to Erection Pills

For as long humans have been having sex, people have been searching for new ways to make it better. From the ancient shaman grinding roots and her...
Newbie's BDSM Guide

Newbie's BDSM Guide

BDSM Power has been called "the ultimate aphrodisiac" and there is no place where this is more evident than in the bedrooms of BDSM enthusiasts. ...

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About Adam's Toy Box

Gay Sex Toys, Chosen by Men, for Men

Welcome to Adam’s Toy Box, an award winning gay sex toy store. The premise of our boutique is to provide top-notch service and products for gay men by gay men! Our selection of sex toys are chosen by experts in the adult entertainment industry, and are geared towards achieving the following goals: amazing sex, powerful mind-blowing orgasms, and new sexual adventures and experiences. 

Only at Adam’s Toy Box will you find top quality gay toys, a great selection of gay-friendly products, and superb customer service that's completely unmatched! Hassle-free returns and our money back guarantee ensure that all orders and products meet your highest expectations.

Sex toys are highly personal. Make sure the sex shop you deal with pays attention not only to your individual sexual needs, but also respects your privacy and credit card security. Adam’s Toy Box offers Paypal checkout, providing extra protection for the consumer.

At Adam’s Toy Box, you will find a wide selection of gay dildosbutt plugsmale masturbatorslubesgay sexy underwear, cock rings, cock wear, penis pumps, condoms and anal toys. Additionally, we stock hundreds of double dongs, realistic dongs, BDSM gear, handcuffs, chains, leather wear, and much more! Check out the hottest gay male sex toys of 2018!

Our Commitment to You Is Rock Solid

Your total satisfaction is our main priority. Contact customer service immediately if you have any questions or issues with your order, and we will do our best to remedy the problem.

Our Vision

We were tired of seeing cheaply made products that gay men were forced to resort to. We took it in our hands to curate products carefully so as to bring high quality products to our customers. It is very important to us that you are happy with your chosen sex toy and with that we vow to never sell a product that is not of superb quality and overall effectiveness. That means that every sex toy has gone through stringent quality testing by one of our team members. Therefore, if a product does not perform to our expectations, you can be sure that we won't sell it to you.

In addition to providing great service and products, we want to change the way society views sex toys. Our vision is to reach as many gay men as possible and to bring sex toys to the mainstream. Join us in our quest to bring pleasure to every bedroom and spread gay acceptance around the world!

In addition to providing great service and products, we want to change the way society views sex toys. Our vision is to reach as many gay men as possible and to bring sex toys to the mainstream. Join us in our quest to bring pleasure to every bedroom!

♥ We Care ♥

At we continuously update, reconfigure and remove sex toys from our inventory that do not meet our expectations in terms of quality, durability as well as relevancy to you - our customers!

As a gay-owned business we promise to always stick to our commitment of serving gay men with gay sex toys of quality and value. By shopping with us, you are committing to more than just a purchase. You are taking part in a cause to raise gay awareness, promote gay pride and a sexually healthy lifestyle.

Think of gay sex toys as a means for men to explore who they really are. Particularly for gay men, gay sex toys play a crucial role as a means to experiment with their bodies and to discover their sexual desires. To figure out what their preferences are as well as what they like and what they do not.

Sex toys are becoming less taboo, and gay sex toys are following suit. Men are exploring with anal toys and masturbators much more often, and they are finding that these toys are a great way to spice up their sex life with their partner.

Finally, when you buy a sex toy, think of the cause and know that you are promoting and supporting gay business as well as LGBTQ pride around the world!