Cock Ring Buying Guide




Cock Ring Basics 

A cock ring is an item that can both serve as a sex toy as well as a sexual health aid. As a sex toy, the cock ring can be used to restrict blood flow from flowing out of the penis while erect. Once worn, a cock ring will help keep longer lasting, harder erections. Additionally it may help with cases of erectile dysfunction which is a great sexual health benefit of these nifty little things. 

By restricting blood within the penis for a temporary period of time, it is not unusual to experience penis "growth", however this will only be temporary.

The Best Cock Ring?

There are 4 types of cock rings available for you to try, adjustable cock rings, O rings, vibrating cock rings, and non-stretchy, firm cock rings.

  • Adjustable cock rings: This type of cock ring is great for beginners. As a beginner you may not know exactly know what size of cock ring you need, so the adjustable cock rings will be a perfect fit for you. Adjustable cock rings look similar to any cock ring, however they have the added feature of adjustment. Over at our store, we fancy the Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring because it offers 17 points of adjustment! You will never feel uncomfortable with this again! Don't feel alone! Adjustable cock rings are not simply reserved for beginners, intermediaries as well as those with plenty of experience can use adjustable cock rings because they offer the ability to command the restriction of blood flow.
  • O Rings: O rings are stretchy cock rings made of different material ranging from rubber and silicone to nitrile. They are nifty little rings that can stretch over your penis down to the base and even around the scrotum. They are inexpensive and many are even disposable. A popular O ring is the Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring and because of its design, it is super comfortable!
  • Vibrating cock rings: Buzz. Buzz. Vibrating cock rings, vibrate! They perform the same way as O rings and Adjustable cock rings (many come in both forms) and they have the added vibrating feature. Many men falsely believe that a vibrating penis ring is only for him and her, but it works exceptionally well for him and him and for alone. The vibrating feature simply stimulates the balls, while the cock ring performs its intended purpose! See the Sir Richards Elements Cockring for an amazing, soft to the touch vibrating cock ring.
  • Non-stretchy, firm cock rings: Firm cock rings are made of metal, stainless steel, or any other hard, non-pliable material. Metal cock rings are becoming popular as a fashionable accessory for their superb stylish look and hard, metallic feel.

How to Use a Cock Ring

  1. If the cock ring is pliable, stretch the cock ring with your index fingers in order to make it easier to put on. In the mean time, try getting semi-erect, as that makes putting the cock ring on much easier.
  2. If the cock ring is tight, use some water-based lubricant (any will do just fine for this activity), this will help to slide the cock ring on and get it to the base.
  3. Try placing the cock ring around the scrotum and the base of your shaft. Alternatively you can place it wherever you feel comfortable, there are no restrictions. However, a cock ring functions to its greatest capabilities when used around the scrotum to restrict blood flow from leaving the penis.
  4. If your cock ring vibrates, try placing it in different positions around your scrotum to feel extra sensations!

Remember that you can't hurt yourself, don't be afraid to try something new and most importantly always clean your toys right after be ready for the next round, duh! *you can purchase the cock rings described above and much more at