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10 Gay Dating Ideas for Post-COVID Spring

10 Gay Dating Ideas for Post-COVID Spring

Springtime is the best season of the year for dating. The weather is not too cold nor too hot, so the options for activities to do with your boo or your crush are wide and vast. Here you'll find a list of ideas for dating activities you can enjoy this Spring.

During winter, it's a good idea to go ice-skating, and a pool party for two is an excellent date idea for summer; Spring is a season where you can do any of those two things. Spring is fresh, sweet, and romantic (and it's also when most animal species mate, so maybe that's why we're so horny). Planning a date during springtime can get overwhelming with so much you can do, but don't worry, darling, we got your back.

COVID is not only a threat to our health, but it is also threatening to our dating lives. Most of us are vaccinated now and can start safely going out and about meeting new people or taking our long-term partners on dates again. Going out to public spaces can be scary for some of us, but that doesn't mean we can get brave a little and try to enjoy our dating lives once again. So, get your man ready, outfit, and body prepared for these ten dating ideas.

 Enjoy nature Gay Dating

1. Enjoy nature

Spring is the season of nature by definition. Flowers start to bloom, the snow melts away, and the sun shines bright enough for us to get a nice tan. So, enjoying nature with your man is always a good idea during springtime. Besides, the best way to reach someone's heart is through their stomach, and you can showcase your cooking talents by making a picnic.

You can get a portable recipe from the internet. Find something tasty you can prepare and pack in a practical way for you to travel with it to your picnic destination. It doesn't have to be a park or the countryside for you to enjoy nature, if you have a garden at home, or even in your front yard if you have grass in it; what matters is that you both enjoy the sun, the wind, and each other's company.

A great idea can be going to your nearest botanical garden. This can be cheap or free, and you can walk among plants and flowers as you talk about yourself and get to know each other better. In the end, this can be an excellent spot for an Insta-story to share with your friends.

2. Shopping Together

I know, queer guys going on a shopping spree sounds too much of a cliche, but it's actually a fun idea going on a shopping date. Buying something for yourself can be therapeutic, and you can learn a lot from a man by watching him pick up, try, and buy things in a store:

  • Does he have a tacky taste?
  • Is he indecisive or confident in his choices?
  • Does he spend too much money on things you think are not worthy?
  • Is he comfortable with spending money on himself?
  • Does he prefer popular brands, or does he go for more obscure products?
  • Does he buy clothes that are not his size in case he gains or loses weight?
  • Would he consider your opinion valuable when making a choice?

You can consult each other when picking up stuff, but you can also make shopping even more fun by doing it like your playing a game. You can decide a budget to spend on the other, then go separate ways in a store, selecting things you think the other would like. You meet at the register to see what the other picked when you're done. You keep it secret all the time, so the other doesn't know what you're getting for them.

3. Go on a mini road trip

Springtime brings us amazing natural scenery, so taking a long drive somewhere, no matter the destination, it's a great idea; even better if you do it with your special one or your newest fling. You can share your favorite music with him on the way or let him share what he likes to hear with you. Just put down all the windows and let the wind caress your face and mess with your hair.

You can decide the destination and plan ahead if you're going to stay there for a few days or get back as soon as you get there and take some pictures. Who's driving and paying for gas is a wise decision to make before you're about to leave.

Being together in a car for a few hours, enjoying the view, the wind, and the music, is a great place to talk and get to know each other.

 covid gay dating Get active together

4. Get active together

Springtime weather it's perfect for getting physical. No, I'm not talking about a hookup (necessarily), but about getting out, getting active, and producing some endorphins together. You can have a good time working out with him in the outdoors; go for a run, or take a bike ride together around the city you live in, where you can take the chance to show him your favorite places and make a stop to drink some juice or smoothy.

You don't have to become a fitness-head to enjoy this kind of date; you can go to a park. Do you remember how fun it was to run around and play at a park when you were little? Of course, you do; I bet you used to love it. Now, do you remember how much exercise it was? I bet you don't because you were enjoying yourself. This kind of fun is not only for the kids; you can bring out your inner children and connect with each other by playing catch and running around like when you were younger.

You don't have to do this outside if you don't feel comfortable. You can go for an indoor run or a CrossFit class. You can take an online Yoga Class or try a workout challenge on YouTube at home. The important part is that you move together and sweat together, adding some invigorating and healthy competition, so you can maybe take a shower together afterward and get to sweat again (this time in the bedroom).

5. Row, row, row a boat

Maybe it's too cool to swim, but Spring is the perfect time to go to a lake or body of water and enjoy a nice ride on a boat. You can wear a cozy outfit and snuggle together while you're surrounded by water, wind, and silence. There's simply something very romantic about a date rowing a boat. Besides, rowing is hard work, and you can get to know if you can work together as a team.

Of course, there's the fact that not everyone owns a boat, but if that's your case, it doesn't mean this is out of your possibilities. It'll just take a little research for you to see if renting a boat for two is possible.

6. Go to your favorite museum

Yes, we get it; Spring is a great time for outdoor activities, but there are other fun activities you can do indoors (again, not talking about hooking up). A fabulous idea you can enjoy with your crush is visiting your favorite museum; it could be an exposition with art, learning about history or anthropology, or even going to an aquarium can work.

The essential part of this activity is to think about profound thoughts and share them with your special one. So, if you're not fond of museums, you can watch a documentary on Netflix, for example, anything that can make you think and reflect. Having deep conversations about topics different from yours is also a great way to learn about each other.

 Make a food tour in gay dating post-covid

7. Make a food tour

Do you like pizza? Or tacos? or Ice cream, and you have a list of your favorite places to have them? Why don't you visit them all on a tasty food tour? Choose your favorite spots for a special kind of food and mark them on Google Maps to create the perfect route to visit them all.

You can just order to go or from the drive-through to make it more practical. If you don't want to go to all those places, you can have the food delivered at home. The point is to have a taste of every place and create a ranking together from 10 to 1. Please choose your favorite so that it can be the location for another date.

Another option for a shorter route could be playing four rounds of rock, paper, scissors to decide where to go

  1. The one who wins the first decides where to get a drink.
  2. The one who wins the second decides where to get an appetizer.
  3. The one who wins the third decides where to have dinner.
  4. The one who wins the fourth decides where to get some tasty dessert.

8. Taste some wine at a vineyard

You can get fancy and enjoy the weather, your man's company, and some delicious wine by visiting a vineyard with your date. Wine will make the conversation flow more easily with him, and you can learn more about what you're drinking by having some experts tell you about the selections you're tasting. In the end, you can order a bottle of your favorite to share with your date later at home.

We understand this fancy idea may not be for everyone, but it doesn't mean you're not allowed to drink wine with your man. You can buy some bottles of $5 wines from your nearest grocery store and pretend you're at a vineyard at home. Buy or make a charcuterie board, and you're ready to go. It can even turn out to be more fun, and under the candlelight and the effect of the wine, things can get hot.

 Help at an animal shelter gay dating post-covid

9. Help at an animal shelter

If you love dogs and want to make sure you share that love with your newest fling, you can both volunteer at an animal shelter. You can learn a lot about him by working together in cleaning out some dog's crates and taking those good boys for a walk. This kind of date can be fun, different, and you'd be putting in some community service hours together; it's a win-win situation.

10. Connect through music in long-distance

COVID is still scary for many of us, so if you're not ready for a date in real life, there are things you can do from home; the next best thing Spotify is launching, for example. Spotify's new Group Sessions feature allows you to share your favorite songs with your date in a playlist. With this feature, you can send text prompts like "Play a song that has a special place in your heart" or "Play a song that reminds you of your childhood." This is a great way to get to know someone without actually going out of your house and being in touch with other human beings.

 Gay Dating Ideas for Post-COVID Spring

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