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Hueman Nebula Anal Douche Bulb

Hueman Nebula Anal Douche Bulb

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Stay Squeaky Clean & Ready for Action with the Nebula Bulb – The Perfect Partner for a Stellar Anal Adventure!

Preparedness is the key to unlocking the galaxy of pleasure that awaits you in every sexual encounter. Introducing the Nebula Bulb from the Hueman collection, your ultimate sidekick for quick, easy, and efficient anal cleaning!

With the Nebula Bulb, you can boldly go where you've never gone before:

🚀 Effortlessly and rapidly clean your anus for a more enjoyable and hygienic anal experience

🌟 Remove the bulb from the nozzle, fill it with warm water, attach it back, and insert the nozzle anally

💫 Gently squeeze the bulb until empty, then release your inner space debris on the porcelain throne

🌠 Ensure the anal douche is thoroughly cleaned after each use with toy cleaner and warm water


Easy to use and easy to clean

🪐 Content: 220 ml

🌌 Material: Soft silicone

🌙 Dimensions:

    • Length - 25.40 cm
    • Insertion depth - 10.50 cm
    • Maximum diameter - 3.20 cm
    • Width - 9.90 cm

With the Nebula Bulb, you'll be ready to explore the far reaches of anal pleasure, knowing you're squeaky clean and ready for action. Blast off to new heights of satisfaction with this essential addition to your pleasure toolbox! 🚀💫🌟

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