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10 Gay Fetishes To Try This Season

10 Gay Fetishes To Try This Season

Fetishes range through a lot of sexual desires, from smelling or licking his armpits and sweat to toy play. Maybe you already know or do some of these, I mean, why not? They’re seriously hot. 

Fetishes are typically sexual desires that surround usually non-sexual things. They can also be a fixation on particular sexual activities. These behaviors can surround pretty much anything.

Most people use ‘fetish’ and ‘kink’ to mean the same thing, but there’s a bit of a difference. Kinks are activities and behaviors that some guys enjoy that aren’t considered the norm in gay sex.

Some guys have a bondage kink, either they get really aroused by being tied up or they get arousal out of tying some guy up. When you compare it to traditional arousal like touching genitals to reach a full erection, it leads to a lot of interesting discussions.

It’s not just about gay sex, well this article is, but any gender and sexual orientation can enjoy kinky activities. Just like some vegetables might be favored by some others could consider them mundane, the same honestly goes for fetishes and kinks.

In case you’re interested in learning more, here are 10 gay fetishes.

Role-Playing fetishes

1. Role-Playing

No, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft, unless that’s what you want to role-play as. Basically, you don’t have to shy away from playing make-believe, this is just a lot more adult-oriented.

Role-playing is when you act out a sexual fantasy, you can pretend to be whoever you want or simply explore another side of your personality. It’s pretty kinky and fetish-like on its own, but it’s also a healthy way to explore a fantasy you may have had.

My favorite one would have to be a classic robber, face mask, and all. I’m just chilling, minding my own business after a shower and my man ‘breaks in’, it’s an instant fuck fest and extremely hot for us as a couple.

2. Dirty Talk

Everyone enjoys a little dirty talk, so this may seem a bit vanilla, but even in an openly kinky relationship like mine it’s not something that we regularly engage in. Out of context the things that you say could be pretty wild and wacky, but with the right connection and timing, they can be intense turn-ons.

Read some man on man erotica or watch some porn if you need some pointers starting out. You can even find a kinky mad lib to fill in together.

Sexting is an obvious transition here! It’s a great way to get started and think before you send the message you’re working on. Plus, you can make use of emojis to help get your point across.

The added bonus of sexting is, of course, that you can also send dick pics or videos of you playing with yourself to inspire your man.

3. Uniforms

Uniforms can mean a lot of different things. But basically, it’s a fetishized type of clothing, it can be a military uniform or even a suit and tie if you’re more the corporate type. Tons of uniforms are regularly fetishized.

In the hetero world, you’ve probably seen a classic schoolgirl outfit -cough- Britney, bitch -cough- among maid's outfits and other subservient characters.

For the gays, if you believe porn at least, we tend to lean towards hyper-masculine uniformed men like military, police, firefighters, and even lifeguards. I’ve always been more attracted to a man with his clothes off, but I can’t resist a perfectly tailored suit on my guy.



BDSM breaks into three categories that ultimately make up the umbrella term. Bondage and discipline bring up the front of it, this is generally where I stick to because restraints and control turn me on.

This brings up the dominant and submission side of BDSM where one person is submissive to the other. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like having sex exactly how you want it, be assertive, and command him to please you whether your top or bottom in the scenario.

Then it breaks into sadism and masochism, where you derive pleasure from pain and/or humiliation, among other things. It’s easy to see that this is a broad category, so there’s plenty to get into here!

5. Voyeurism

This is the consensual act of watching others have sex and getting off to that. It could even just be getting turned on by naked people outside of your relationship.

You can go to a sex party and watch couples have sex; they give you permission to watch because it turns them on to be watched. They do this because they’re into exhibitionism, like cam stars and the homeless man at your local park.

These two go hand in hand and sex parties are a great place to meet other couples with a similar interest. You can act out your desire regularly if you find the right connection or you can simply keep going to sex parties.

6. Armpits

Otherwise known as maschalagnia, the attraction to armpits is pretty common. There’s a lot of man-scent there obviously, especially after a workout or a long day. I get a huge rise out of this, personally.

You’ve got more nerve endings there than you would think and it really plays well into muscle and/or body worship. I’ll specifically avoid wearing deodorant, to the point where I don’t buy it at all anymore so my man can get his rocks off diving face-first into my pits. You can even take it so far as to get into pit fucking, but that’s for another day.

Your pits are pretty sensitive, so it’s really easy to start to associate that sensitivity to sexual desire as you continue to explore pit-play.


7. Smells and odors

Underwear and socks are the epitomai of olfactophilia or the sexual arousal derived from smells from the body. These smells are usually from the sexual areas of the body and they’re trapped in the garments closest to them. If smelling his jockstrap after he’s hit the gym turns you on then, my friend, you are an olfactophiliac.

Men have been known to have a strong body odor and for some, it’s a huge turn on. It can be an attraction to really strong BO or to very specific odors like the smell of piss or a sweaty hole. I mean if it smells like sex or a hunky man then it honestly makes sense that it turns you on! I love fucking my man in his jockstrap, he’ll usually blow his load into his jock too, there’s really nothing like that smell.

It’s a mix of lube, sex, sweat, and cum that’s just raunchy and so delicious I’ll cum again jerking off to it.

8. Leather

This is probably one of the more iconic gay fetishes out there. It’s associated with hyper-masculine bikers and has exploded into a world of puppy-play, leather daddies, and bars specifically for you to go show off your gear.

I’ve been to a brunch bar where my man and I were served by a guy in chaps and a harness. It’s a very mainstream fetish to the point where circuit guys regularly wear the gear but don’t necessarily get deeper into the fetish.

There’s a lot to explore though. I’ve got leather whips and paddles, and harnesses of course - mostly because they give you great leverage during sex. It has a soft, but firm feel to the that blends well into BDSM and uniform fetishes.

Once you start buying leather, there’s honestly no turning back.

9. Toys

One of the best ways to explore a lot of gay sexual experiences on your own is through toys.

But they can also become kinky pretty quickly. You are in control of your own pleasure this way, so it can be a really intimate way to explore your sexual fantasies. Of course, they can be brought into the bedroom with a partner for more intense play. I usually top my man, but occasionally he wants to get extremely dominant and he’ll play with my hole for hours with our toy collection. 

From small prostate massagers and nipple clamps to a huge dildo that he uses to wreck my hole. This is my biggest fetish I’d have to say because I think it brings together a lot of the things that turn me on.

10. Piercings, Tattoos, and Body Mods

This isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. There are very fetishized piercings out there, like tongue rings and Prince Alberts. I

t’s clear the location is what counts when it comes to which ones would turn someone on, but even the act of having these body modifications done can turn people on. Then you throw in tattoos that wrap around and encompass the body in permanent art that can be endlessly explored and traced.

The cold metal and dark ink that contrasts the softness of skin when paired with its taboo history, the reasons these turn people on start becoming more obvious. Bringing implants into the mix only adds further appeal to select men.

For gay men, exploring fetishes is actually a lot more common than we might think. This list only highlights a few of the fetishes that I personally enjoy, and think these are easy to get into for newbies.

It’s definitely not the be all end all of gay kinks, but they can get you to open up to the idea of other activities that may be more extreme than what I’ve listed.

Whether you’re already into some of these or you’re completely vanilla in the bedroom, I hope this helped normalize something that might turn you on.

Gay Fetishes

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