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Men, You're Missing out on This Amazing Experience!

Not too long ago, talking about male sexual pleasure past masturbation or sex was seen as a taboo topic. Prostate play and massage was not socially acceptable due to it being viewed as a form of pleasure that only gay men indulged in. Surely it was practiced amongst straight couples as well - it just wasn't spoken about as liberally as it is today. If you were perhaps unaware, prostate massage is real and if you haven't tried it out, you're missing a whole lot.

Our conception with a male only sex toy store was not an intentional shun to women, but exactly the opposite. We saw that women had the attention already and had evolved sexually throughout the years, experimenting with different sex toys as well as their bodies. Women have reached sexual liberation and can speak about their sexual preferences and affinities with other women, their partners or in the general public. Whereas, men have been forgotten, but it doesn't necessarily mean it was an intentional move on the part of any one group in society.

- If you were perhaps unaware, prostate massage is real and if you haven't tried it out, you're missing a whole lot -

Therefore, our goal with Adam's Toy Box since inception was to make it less of a taboo for men - in a sense normalizing the act of male pleasure. Men will only feel comfortable with talking about and experimenting with the male g spot if they are able to see other men exist that also take part in the sport of anal play.

What Is It

 Firstly, as always, communication is key when playing with anything that's hidden on the inside of our body. The prostate is a bean shaped gland that can be reached by inserting an angled finger (or two) in the anus, about 3-4 inches deep, and massaging or slowly caressing it. A little bit of lube is necessary to ease the experience. 

prostate play

The result is what many describe, and what feels like, an orgasm like no other ever felt by penile stimulation. 

In Popular Culture

Recently, Conan O'Brien had Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman on his show with great tips and general information about the act. Straight men are apprehensive to experiment with anal play due to being seen as being "gay". The shows Entourage, Billions and The Sopranos as well as Keeping Up With The Kardashians have helped promote the act of anal play as emasculating rather than something that weakens the impression we have of what a male is. 

Although we focus on gay men, we have seen a great interest from straight males who are very interested in trying new ways to reach orgasm. Men are entering a new phase and when they get a taste of it, they want more to do with it. They are then into trying masturbators, cock rings and some even go into the kinky arena. 

You Really Are Missing Out

If you haven't tried it, give it a shot. You now have two ways to orgasm, which means double the fun. Like we've said many times, men have been masturbating for hundreds of years, it can get boring. Be adventurous. Prod around and you might get a surprise at the end of it... or maybe two ;). 


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