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3 Reasons Why More Straight Guys Are Using Prostate Toys

Prostate Massage

Prostate toys themselves have been around for some time now, although that’s not to say that they’ve enjoyed mainstream popularity...

A prostate toy is any toy that’s meant to be inserted rectally with the aim of stimulating the male prostate which can result in some extremely powerful orgasms.

The length and diameter of these toys varies based on both personal preference and just how experienced an individual with what they can accommodate.

Part of the apprehension behind adopting prostate toys is without a doubt the fact that they go up the posterior.

It’s a two parter there, firstly putting any foreign objects up your behind is something that rightfully needs to be thought through first, and secondly some people associate butt-play with homosexuality, assuming that engaging in it does in some way say something about their sexual preferences (it doesn’t).

So why are people warming up to the idea now? Well, let’s go over a few reasons:

1. Prostate Orgasms Are Wicked Strong

A prostate orgasm is different from a “normal” orgasm in feeling and intensity as well.

Men report that a prostate orgasm radiates outward from the prostate in a way that makes it feel like the entire lower torso has died and gone to heaven.

Any toy that’s been designed with ergonomics and proper body shape in mind like the Lelo Hugo has the power to consistently rub the prostate in a way that makes for constant, non-stop pleasure.

When an individual manages to rub at the prostate just right, the build-up period is often said to be just as pleasurable as a penile orgasm, except obviously lasting much longer.

Couple that with the fact that it’ll raise in intensity again once you finally manage to go over the edge and it is obvious why a prostate orgasm sounds like a fun time.

2. Prostate Orgasm = No Refractory Period

The refractory period is the period after orgasm in men in which the penis will not become erect again and the arousal system is essentially turned off for a period of about 15 minutes.

Anyone who’s reached orgasm is well acquainted with the refractory period where it feels like your penis went to sleep for a little bit.

That’s exactly why men can’t enjoy back-to-back orgasms the same way women can, or can they?

When a man has a prostate orgasm, there’s no refractory period where sexual pleasure becomes dampened, in fact it’s more likely the pleasurable sensations will continue to be heightened for some time.

Men who understand this concept are quickly taking advantage of the massive amounts of sexual gratification this arrangement can provide.

3. No, It Doesn’t Make You Gay

Enjoying a little anal play has nothing to do with your sexuality.

The simple fact is that there are nerve endings in the anal cavity and the prostate that result in extremely pleasurable sensations to shoot throughout the body in a way many men will never get to experience.

The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t attracted to men there’s nothing in this world that can “make” you gay.

More and more people are wising up to this idea as gay acceptance reaches new heights and people figure there’s no reason to deprive themselves of pleasurable sensations because of what other people might think. The rewards are there to be reaped and reflect very little on a man’s overall sexuality.

Getting started experimenting with anal play is much easier than you might think.

~ Final Thoughts ~

Because of these reasons and a few others that are a bit more nuanced, prostate toys are beginning to enjoy a kind of widespread popularity that they never have before.

They come in such a different array of shapes and sizes, not to mention most now come with Bluetooth/remote control support so the amount of time spent awkwardly reaching behind yourself to adjust the controls can be reduced to near zero.

In our society where treating yourself & living your best life is considered to be an essential pursuit, the prostate massager is inching its way in quite nicely.

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