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30 Relationship Goals for Gay Guys

30 Relationship Goals for Gay Guys

Insta-couples are gag-worthy, and whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, they’re here to stay. They are basically connected at the hip with matching outfits and identical haircuts. Perfection can’t be possible, right?

Lots of things can help a healthy relationship blossom into a long-term romance and they can come in at any point in a relationship. Hell, even if you’ve been married for years there’s something you can learn to grow your relationship stronger than ever before. No one really enters into dating with the intention of half-assing it and you would be upset if your boo didn’t stick around for as long as you’d like. And no, no relationship is as perfect as we see on social media.

Your gay relationship and every other same-sex couple out there have tidbits that make them special and unique. What if you want to be the couple that everyone adores instead of jealously double-tapping their photos on the gram?

Both partners (or more) should really try to find the things they love to vibe with about their partner. Whether he makes the most adorable faces when styling his hair or you share clothing with each other, there are many moments we can celebrate in our relationships to continually spark the longevity we’re looking for.

30 Relationship Goals  

Here are 30 relationship goals you can celebrate or at least give a try!

1. Wacky but cute pet names. These don’t have to be things like Teddy or Boo, they can be wild and funny just like your relationship. Sometimes we call each other Booger, especially in our less than finest moments!
2. Clean his prized possession, secretly. Take his car for a wash or maybe clean his laptop so it’s sparkly like new. These little things show you care about his hobbies, even if you don’t share them.
3. Matching couple's Hallowe’en outfits. You could go in drag or as a classic Shaggy/Scooby duo, whatever it is you could try to highlight something in your relationship. We did matching glam zombies one year, and yes, there was glitter.
4. Do your meal-prepping together. Everyone is basically on a diet, so why not teach each other your fave recipes or simply share a batch of rice for your meals. Cooking together can bring you closer together and you get to try two recipes at once!
5. Fold his laundry. Whether you have a special way of folding or not, coming home to all your laundry being taken care of can be a big weight off your shoulders. You can really go the extra mile and iron his dress shirts before putting them away so he can grab and go.
6. Buy special gifts for his side of the family. You might surprise him too, plus you get the added bonus of being the thoughtful in-law! You can build a stronger impression with his family and help your man become the favorite uncle.
Relationship Goals for Gay Guys
7. Sign up at his gym. Maybe you’re already doing this and that’s great! It’s a fantastic way to connect and help each other meet achievable goals and milestones. It doesn’t even have to be a weightlifting gym, maybe he’s a bendy yogi or a martial artist, either way, sharing a hobby can be great for your relationship.
8. Surprise him with breakfast in bed. If you have to wake up early, it’ll be an even better surprise. They always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if you’re like my hubby and I, that’s absolutely true! Help him start his day off with a balanced breakfast.
9. Explore a cool thrift shop together. It’s fun to see each other’s fashion sense come out when you start exploring these places. Some people are really drawn to vintage pieces and others look for a luxury item at a bargain, you could even just goof off and do a silly fashion show.
10. Get matching monogrammed bathrobes or PJs. This can be a really affordable gift or a really special piece you’ll keep for a lifetime. Some sites make this completely digital so you can really shock him, or you can find the perfect one in-store and take them to a local shop.
11. Complement random parts of his body. Whether he’s got Venus dimples that make his butt pop, or you love his legs, the more random the better. You’ll make him feel appreciated and seen, maybe even a little sexy! It’ll bring a smile to his face and yours, plus you might get a few compliments back.
12. Be silly at a restaurant. This could be patio beers or taco Tuesday, it doesn’t matter, just maybe not fine dining. Acting foolish and youthful is a great way to unwind and just be yourselves. Too often we get stuck in critical and judgy mindsets, so get out of your comfort zone and be the fool in public.
 Buy some clothing you can share
13. Buy some clothing you can share. I love hoodies and sweaters and so does my hubby, sometimes we buy sweaters that we wouldn’t normally so that we can share. That way we get more wear out of it than we normally would and there’s the added bonus of his smell when he’s not around.
14. Go toy shopping, for the adult variety. This is another great one to be silly and you don’t even have to buy anything. Shout out ‘Is this too veiny for you babe?’ or ‘What about a fisting toy?’, turning heads can be fun, too! Plus, you might find out about a fetish or two of his that you can explore.
15. Buy a massage gun and be his personal massage therapist. These aren’t that pricey anymore and they’re really powerful. Getting a deep tissue massage doesn’t require an appointment or sore thumbs, at the touch of a button you’ll have him in heaven.
16. Order a secret delivery from his favorite restaurant. Food is a great unifier and being surprised with your favorite food isn’t too bad either. Even if it’s in line with what you’re hungry for it can be a simple way to show him that you pay attention o his favorite things.
17. Discover new local artists. You can find painters or bands, whatever you two already enjoy. In my city, there is usually a live event or gallery showing most nights of the week. You might even pick up a piece for home or new tunes to groove to.
18. Practice a karaoke duet. You could learn a classic Disney prince/princess song, like A Whole New World from Aladdin. You can sing at home or at a local pub, it’s a lot of fun even if you aren’t vocalists. Try and find a song you both love so that it can become your song for years to come.
karaoke duet
19. Change his lock screen background. It might feel a bit sneaky, but you’ll definitely give him a shock the next time he looks at his phone. Plus, it’s a cute reminder of who’s waiting for him when he gets home from work.
20. Be just as weird with his friends. His friends already know all about you and you’ve met them a bajillion times, so why not be your try self. Chances are he gets some of his silliness from his friends and you’re likely to fit right in.
21. Take him to a fancy restaurant, but don’t tell him where you’re going. Ok, food is a thing in my relationship, but even if it’s not in yours, it’s still something to surprise him with. Whether you’re Red Lobster fancy or a boujee badass, this is something that can really show him how much you appreciate him.
22. Root for different queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. A little competition is healthy for a relationship and something like rooting for the underdog or Ru’s latest favorite can turn into a silly game for you two. It’s fun to have competing favorites, especially on this show because anything can happen.
23. Make a drinking game out of a show you want to introduce him to. If he’s reluctant to watch a show you love or maybe it’s a new cringe-worthy TLC series, you can convince the lush in him to make it a bit more interesting. Hell why not turn it into a stripping game, before you know it you’ll willingly finish off the bottle so things can shift to the bedroom.
24. Laugh during sex. Maybe something funny happened or a random thought popped into your head, but it happens whether you’re top or bottom, even to everyone in between. Some couples can’t handle this but it’s perfectly normal, something funny can happen no matter what you’re doing.
couples laugh sex
25. Be that couple at the beach. Take shirtless selfies, do the #tbt post, fuck it, crop yourself out and post him on your social media stories. You don’t have to be perfectly chiseled and neither does your man if you love him showing him off is all you’ll care about. Plus, who doesn’t love beef?
26. Learn his favorite cocktail. It doesn’t take a mixologist to get really good at one drink, whether it’s a Bellini or something more extravagant. Surprising him with his favorite cocktail can be a great way to end a stressful day, plus you’ll be his bartender for life. Make an effort to get the right toppings, like fresh mint leaves for a mojito.
27. Get lost in Ikea together. Ok, sure, there are arrows on the floor, but these stores are stupidly big, and you can spend a whole day exploring every little detail they’ve stuffed into each room. My personal favorite is the toilet guards, people have actually pooped in them, so they had to install them!
28. Go to Pride in your favorite city together. Maybe it’s in another state or in a place with stunning beaches, it can be a lot of fun to be that much more relaxed in your favorite place. You’ll see the city in a whole new light when during Pride and it’s really comforting to find supportive businesses when traveling abroad or even in your own country.
29. Buy something to explore one of his kinks. Is he into leather or bondage? Great, those can be really fun to shop for, buy a harness or soft rope designed for BDSM. Explore his fantasy with him, it can only bring you closer together, at worst you find out it’s not a thing you share, and at best you’ve got some new bedroom activities to get into.
30. Save water, however together. A personal favorite of mine, it usually comes out of being in a rush, but almost always involves a blowjob. It’s already a steamy place so why not make it a little hotter right? You can even help him wash his back, even if it’s just to stare at his butt.


What do you think? Are you celebrating some of these already? A lot of couples don’t realize how much they’re already connected until they explore a list like this. I hope it brings you two closer together!

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