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5 Top Masturbators For When Your Hands Aren't Enough

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Sex is great but sometimes you need some alone time where you can focus on your own pleasure.

This is perfectly normal and actually very healthy for you.

Masturbating has both physical and psychological benefits. It can reduce overall stress, take off that sexual edge, sleep better and relax.

One advantage that we will discuss here though is how using masturbator toys can improve both your understanding of your sexual needs and desires which in turn will improve your sex life.

Your own sexual preferences will change over time.

When you had once liked it to be fast maybe now you prefer deep and slow. Or maybe there is a different position you now find more comfortable.

Our sexual wants and desires change as our bodies change, what was once uncomfortable or even painful is now utter bliss and vice versa.

Masturbating alone can help you figure out what works best for you without an audience, giving you the time and space, you need to explore.

So, when you do bring that hot guy to bed, you know exactly what works to get you off. So, let’s look at the 5 masturbators that can get you off, explosively.

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Fleshlight - Classic Male Masturbator

Of course, we have to start off with one of the classics – fleshlights.

I purchased my first one a few years ago when my partner had moved away temporarily. I didn’t think it would be a substitute and I was right.

In some ways it was better.

Although there was obviously no emotional connection (but hey if you’re into bonding with your toys, that’s cool) I was able to focus on just me.

The fleshlight let me try out different stroking/fucking speeds and positions to see what worked best for me.

So when my partner came back, I was able to bring out my best moves and totally blow him away.

So, what’s on offer?

We have the original Fleshlight with a slight gaping but tight hole.

The Fleshlight Pink Butt Original is our leading Fleshlight masturbator for a reason. This is perfect for you to ease your cock into a silky-smooth tunnel and explore how your dick responds.

Fleshlight Original

Fleshlight Pink Butt Original

Try different speeds and even some of our lubes can be great for a more scented experience.

Our ID Frutopia Natural Lubricant comes in 6 flavors and can be a pleasant difference in taste if you like to eat your cum afterwards.

Oral Sex Simulation

Something a little different from classic masturbators would be the blow job masturbators.

Rather than fucking a tight little ass, you are now plunging into a mouth with a soft tongue and a thirsty throat.

I have to admit that this was a lifesaver for me. The first few blowjobs I had ever gotten were disastrous (teeth!) and so I shied away from them for a while. But then I tried out these toys and I found that while not as intense as an ass, they were a lot more soothing and having your cock sucked while exploding in a hot guy’s mouth, sublime.

So, what’s on offer?

We have our first vibrator on the list here, the Super Sucker UR3 with a Bullet Vibe.

This is a fairly simple looking toy but don’t let its looks deceive you. It has an enveloping base that curves around your balls as you stick your shaft in it.

Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator

Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator

The part of the toy that handles your balls has the Bullet Vibe that you can then set to a few different vibration intensities as you wank off.

This only gets better as the suction of the toy is like a mouth and will bring you to new heights.

The vibration is not mandatory and can also be used as a regular jack off toy, making it a multipurpose toy!

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Sometimes we want to give our hands a break and so we turn to something a little more luxurious.

A fuck toy for you to thrust into to your heart’s content.

I got one about 6 months after my partner had temporarily moved out and it elevated my own personal enjoyment to new heights. It was not only refreshing for me to not have to use my hands but also gave my hips the workout they needed to keep my skills in tip top shape.

Many fuck buddies today have both a cock and an asshole so you can switch it up for whatever mood strikes you.

It can be an excellent way to also spice up your sex life as it can almost feel like you are bringing in a third person to the mix without having to deal with any jealously or insecurities.

This is also a great toy for you if you and your partner are both versatile but are sometimes in the same mood. If you are in the mood to fuck but so is your partner, why not fuck this toy while your partner ploughs you like a man from behind? Best of both worlds.

So, what’s on offer?

We have the Dual-Action Fun Masturbator that gives the best of both worlds. It has a tight soft and silky ass with a realistic touch for you to penetrate, while also having a gorgeous thick cock for you to suck on. One handy feature for this toy is how there is an open hole for your cock to pop through.

Sex Flesh Both Ways Ben Masturbato

Sex Flesh Both Ways Ben Masturbato

Not only does this give the “popping” sensation of fucking a tight hole, it also makes cleaning up easier.

We would recommend having a towel underneath to make sure that the mess is minimal! The inside is rich and textured, designed to give you the ultimate pleasure as you ride your way to climax.

One of my personal favorite things is how firm but soft the cheeks are on the butt. It’s very easy to just slam into them and it adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Totally hands free

Imagine being able to just stick your cock in something and it would do all of the work for you?

You would sit back and relax to your favorite videos or just lie in bed and let it all happen.

Well now you can. Increasingly on the market today there are several toys that do just that. Though obviously a little more expensive than a traditional Fleshlight, it can be a very sound investment.

Most of these toys are fully self-contained and so risk of spillage is minimal. There’s no reason why you couldn’t just turn it on while falling asleep and then cumming and falling into a nice deep sleep, knowing that you didn’t have to cramp your hand or make a mess.

Since you don’t need to use your hands, if you have a public fetish and you are discreet, there’s no reason why you couldn’t try a little risky fun…

So, what’s on offer?

We have one of our more wordier titles Extreme Toyz Mega Bator Rechargeable Masturbator Mouth/Ass.

This a great toy that not only has the benefits of everything you just read above, but also has some other features that make it cutting edge. As the long title suggests, it is rechargeable through a USB port. This makes it handy to charge as most people have access to USB ports these days through computers, laptops and other devices.

Extreme Toyz Mega Bator Rechargeable Masturbator Mouth/Ass

Extreme Toyz Mega Bator Rechargeable Masturbator Mouth/Ass

One of my personal favorite features of this however is the waterproof feature. Ever get in the mood in the shower?

Well now you can shower while this toy pulsates around your cock and even when you shoot off, there won’t be a mess for you to clean. Not to mention it would be super easy to clean your toy after use while in the shower.

Travel Toys

Tenga has been around for nearly 15 years and though I was aware of the Japanese brand, I was not wholly familiar with their Tenga Eggs product.

After doing some research into it, it does look like something I would personally be interested in exploring, let me show you what I found out.

So, what’s on offer?

Tenga Eggs are as you can imagine, egg shaped and roughly the size of an egg that you can fit in the palm of your hands.

They are often used as travel toys as they use much less space than their counterparts. They come with lube already in the egg, so they can be used whenever you are in the mood.

Tenga Egg - Clicker

Tenga Egg - Clicker

The general consensus seems to be that they are great for travelling and that the company Tenga have outdone themselves with their designs, having won industrial awards for their deigns of the eggs.

Even though the eggs themselves are fairly compact, the eggs are made of a really stretchy silicone that can accommodate almost any size.

This is definitely a product to keep an eye out for!

Concluding thoughts

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy habit to have and after a seriously long time, there are now toys out there for us to use to really get the most out of our pleasure.

Enjoy and keep your hands to yourself! Mostly.

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