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60 Gift Ideas For Gay Men

gay gifts for Christmas

You need a gay gift idea for that special person in your life, but don't know what to choose? We’ve got your back. 

For a gay man who has everything, what do you get him?

Whenever you give someone a gay gift that has special meaning for both of you, you experience a warm-and-fuzzy feeling that comes with giving them something that means so much to them. Maybe you've got a special birthday coming up, maybe it's Christmas or maybe you just enjoy spoiling your closest loved ones. Whatever the reason or event, I am able to recommend every single one of these LGBTQ-friendly gift ideas because I either own them or have gifted them to gay men I know.

Here are 60 gift ideas for gay men that could be suitable for boyfriends, couples, or best friends:

  1. A personalized piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace
  2. A luxury skincare or grooming set
  3. A book or magazine subscription
  4. A gift card from Adam's Toy Box
  5. A high-quality watch or timepiece
  6. A set of custom-made stationary or invitations
  7. A gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment
  8. A membership to a local gym or yoga studio
  9. A fancy coffee or tea set
  10. A subscription to Adam's Toy Box monthly boxes
  11. A nice bottle of wine or spirits
  12. A cooking class or food tour
  13. A set of quality kitchen tools or appliances
  14. A membership to a museum or cultural institution
  15. A set of designer socks or underwear
  16. A luxury candle or home fragrance
  17. A tickets to a local theater or concert venue
  18. A gift certificate for a photography session or portrait
  19. A set of high-quality sheets or bedding
  20. His favorite gay book 
  21. A set of designer luggage or travel accessories
  22. A fancy set of kitchen knives or cooking utensils
  23. A trip to a local barbershop, salon, or spa
  24. A trip to the mountains for skiing and hot tub fun!
  25. A set of designer pens or writing instruments
  26. Flowers from your local gay florist
  27. A fancy set of glassware or barware 
  28. Tickets for a local drag show
  29. Local artisan soap 
  30. A cooking or baking class
  31. A fancy set of golf clubs or other sporting equipment
  32. A gift card for a local winery or brewery tour
  33. A gift certificate for a local art or craft class
  34. A set of designer headphones or speakers
  35. A movie date 
  36. Local gardening or plant care class
  37. A set of designer sunglasses or eyewear
  38. A gift card for a local music or instrument store
  39. Fitness class or membership 
  40. A fancy set of grilling or BBQ tools
  41. A gift card for a local farmer's market or grocery store
  42. A gift certificate for a local culinary tour or food festival
  43. A set of designer board games or card games
  44. A gift card from a gay village clothing or accessories store 
  45. A gift certificate for a local cooking or baking supply store
  46. A fancy set of kitchen tools or gadgets
  47. A gift set of skincare products
  48. A gift certificate for a local home decor or furniture store
  49. A set of designer stationary or office supplies
  50. A gift card for a local gay-friendly coffee shop
  51. A gift certificate for a local art supply store
  52. A fancy set of tools or home improvement equipment
  53. Pet supplies for their furry friends!
  54. Public bike sharing membership for a year 
  55. Iphone case or much needed accessory
  56. A gift card for a local home goods or kitchenware store
  57. An oil change, cause you know he won't get it done otherwise!
  58. A sex toy bundle from Adam's Toy Box
  59. A gift card for a local home theater or electronics store
  60. A gift certificate for a local outdoor or sporting goods store

Hope this inspires you with your gift giving this season! If you have any additional ideas to share, please leave them in the comment section below.

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