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Sport Fucker

Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit

Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit

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Epic Hard-ons Await! 🍆✨

Say hello to the Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit, the diva of all cock rings! Forget those boring, round c-rings and brace yourself for a unique, stylish, and extra sassy design. These beauties will make your manhood stand up and sing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt!" 🕺🎵

Like an upside-down raindrop 💧, these semi-oval shaped rings come in two fabulous sizes to keep you harder, longer, and ready for a night to remember. Oh, honey, you're about to become a bedroom legend! 💪🛏️

Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit: Unleash the Beast 🦁

🍆 100% Pure Silicone: Only the best for your best friend. 😉

🍆 Blue and Black: Two chic colors to match your mood or your outfit. 💙🖤

🍆 Unique Oval Design: Maximize constriction and make your hard-on epic!

⭕ 🍆 Two Sizes for Double the Fun:

  • 1.4" or 35mm: The petite, yet fierce performer. 🐯
  • 1.6" or 40mm: The big, bold headliner. 🦍

Staying hard has never been this easy, darling. Grab your Epic Hard on Kit today and get ready for a standing ovation! 👏🍆💦

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