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8 Tips to Keep Your Erections in Tip Top Shape

Keep Your Erections in Tip Top Shape

When we were all growing up, our dicks almost had a mind of their own. They got hard at the most innocuous thoughts and how many of us had to cross our legs when we got a spontaneous boner?

But an unfortunate fact of life is that sometimes it can be hard to get hard. This isn’t something to be ashamed of, rather something that can be solved, and often with increased results.

So now we are going to look at 8 tips to keep your tip in tip-top shape.

Erection Tips for Gay Men

8. Explore cock rings

    This gay sex toy is fairly simple in design and concept. The idea is that you wrap it around the base of your cock and/or balls. To maximize effectiveness for hardons you will want to have it around the base of your dick.

    There are several different types of cock rings. You can look at a simple cock ring that will keep the blood in your penis, making sure that you will stay hard. Or if you wanted something a little extra, you could look at vibrating cock rings. These are a great way to stimulate everything in your crotch and not just your cock.

    If you are a little unsure of that or you are of a more sizable nature, there are options for stretchy cock rings, these are great for comfort where maybe it’s just the sensation of having something around your dick gets you excited.


    7. Running

      Cardio not only makes you fitter, but it actually increases the blood flow to your penis. This makes it easier for you to get hard. You will also find that after you start to get fitter, your libido will increase. Your overall satisfaction with sex will also increase.

      We had mentioned in a previous blog about improving your sex life with you man, exercising with your man can really get you both into the mood. This will increase your overall confidence because you will be as sexy as hell, with that manly musk from fresh sweat.

      Not only will this improve your blood flow and your overall fitness, but you will actually build up a compound in your body called nitric acid. This chemical is important for you to get you rock hard. It will also help with a process called vasodilation, which is just helping to widen your blood vessels. This makes it easier for you to get hard and reduces chances of heart attacks and strokes.

      A win win right?


      6. Quit those cigarettes

        Really does this even need to be expanded on?

        Cigarettes have been shown to decrease nitric acid production and as we have just discussed, this will narrow your blood vessels, making it harder for you to get hard. This has the opposite effect as running does, you will be at an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Not only this but smoking actually damages the tissue in your cock, making it less elastic and you could ultimately become impotent. Smokers not only find it harder to get hard but also when they do get hard, it is weaker and smaller. Do we really want that?

        Studies have shown that smokers were less satisfied with their sexual life than non-smokers who were living comparable lives.

        So, to recap, smaller cocks, potentially become impotent and when we get hard it leads to unsatisfactory sex life. Remind us how smoking is cool again?


        5. Stay faithful

        Not only is cheating totally unnecessary and hurtful but it might be affecting your ability to have an erection.

        This is so common that if you were to go to your doctor with an erectile dysfunction issue, this will be one of the questions likely to be asked. This is because of the guilt morphing into anxiety affecting your sexual performance.

        Gay Tips for Erections

        4. Get over your gut

        We’ve already discussed how your overall health can be improved with cardio fitness but when looking at your gut specifically, there are plenty of reasons to lose your gut for your little guy. Having a gut is one way to develop diabetes.

        Diabetes is a sure-fire way to go on to develop impotence. How this happens is like a two-pronged attack, the condition deteriorates the arterial walls, and this makes it harder for your cock to become stiff as less blood is able to reach it. It also dampens the nerves in your dick, and let’s face it, if you can’t feel anything down below, what’s the point?

        If you are already diabetic, that is not necessarily an impotence sentence, you can still manage your condition, and this will keep you fit and ready for business. Talking to your doctor can go a long way to help mitigate the possibility of you not being able to get hard because of diabetes.

        You will also become bigger in other ways. As you lose your gut, your cock will get longer. This is because your penis actually starts quite deep in your body and so the more you are overweight, the more that is covered.

        For every 30 lbs you are overweight, you lose an inch on your dick. Even more reason to get rid of that beer belly isn’t it?


        3. Take it easy, cowboy

          When you are topping, it can be easy to get lost in the moment, especially as your bottom urges you to go faster. But you have to remember that your penis can break. Yes, you read that right. Your penis can break just like every other part of your body.

          Your cock is different to most other animals’ in that there is no actual bone inside of it, but this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to break.

          There is tissue called the corposa caverosa, it is this tissue that lets you get hard and if you are a little too enthusiastic, this can rupture. Not only is this extremely painful but the damage can be permanent. If there is a complete rupture, you will need surgery within 24 hours. While a partial tear may not be as immediately threatening, as the scar tissue builds up in the corposa caverosa, this will reduce the elasticity of the tissue.

          And over time there is a real possibility of your cock becoming lopsided, chronic pain and eventually impotence. So, take it easy folks!


          2. Yawn, and yawn a lot

            Biologically speaking, yawning is similar to having an erection.

            This is because of the chemical mentioned earlier, nitric oxide. This sends a chemical signal from your brain, triggering a yawn. This same chemical is also used to stimulate your little guy downstairs. This is why sometimes when you yawn, there is a little tingle down below. Though it may be a little unconventional and not always possible. If you see your man starting to yawn a lot, it may be a time to initiate some fun. He may surprise himself and you with energy that he wasn’t aware he had! And it does make sleep better afterwards.

            So, when you start yawning during the day, don’t feel so self-conscious about them, it just means that your erections will be that much stronger and thicker that night.

            And what’s not to look forward to about that?


            1. Get them zs

              Sleeping not only increases your overall health but it actually lets your penis recharge. This happens by letting the blood flow into your cock. This replenishes it with freshly oxygenated blood and stretches your dick out. This actually happens for quite a few hours during the night, usually 3-4 hours at a time. This isn’t really sexual in nature but rather your junk having some tender loving care of itself.

              If you don’t sleep regularly, not only will affect multiple parts of your overall health but your sexy little guy will start to suffer. You will start to lose elasticity and as you get older, it will get that much harder to get hard. The longer and more frequently you have these nightly erections will help stave off erectile dysfunction so make sure you get lots of sleep while you can!

              You will notice that a lot of these remedies to improve your sexual health are mostly on lifestyle. Your cock can take some serious punishment, both in and out of the bedroom, but ultimately if you do not look after it, it will not learn to flourish.

              So, treat him well and he will keep bringing you pleasure for years to come.

              Mens Tips to get Erection

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