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Couples Sex Toy Guide

couples sex toys guide

There are many reasons why a gay couple might decide it's time to introduce a little something extra into the bedroom...

Whether you're just a couple of kinky dudes who want to maximize your playtime with some props or a long-term couple that has met the inevitability of things getting a bit stale, a new sex toy is sure to offer a bit of variety and more than a little pleasure to your most intimate moments.

However, the world of sex toys is a vast and confusing place at times and choosing the right toy for you and your partner might not be as easy as it sounds. Adam's Toy Box knows that the struggle is real and we're here to help you get started. Here's a quick guide to some of the more couple-friendly toys out there to help you get those juices flowing.

Cock Rings

gay couples cock rings

There is just something about a cock ring, guys. The way they look, the way they feel when you wear them, the way they feel when your partner wears them, it's really pretty amazing that something so simple can be such an effective sex toy but there it is.

Perfect Fit Stackit Cock RingPerfect Fit Stackit Cock Ring

As far as couples are concerned, cock rings offer a lot of advantages. First of all, they just look hot. Get a pair of cock rings and throw them on and tell me that your partner doesn't look more fuckable by orders of magnitude.

The second and, probably, most important benefit of cock rings for couples is their ability to enhance and maintain erections. By allowing blood to flow into your penis but not back out, a cock ring causes your erection to be slightly bigger and a great deal harder than without a cockring.

In addition to stronger, larger erections, all that extra blood in your penis causes your nerves to feel physical stimuli differently which adds up to increased sensation. I doubt I need to explain why harder, fuller erections and increased sensation would be beneficial for couples!

The final advantage to wearing a cock ring I'd like to mention is the way it feels for your partner. We all know how great it is to feel your partners balls slapping against your backdoor as he pounds away. Well, that sensation is definitely improved through the use of a cockring.

Cock rings worn around the cock and balls cause your partner's junk to stay packaged together which lends their balls a delightful springiness. This translates into a ball-slappin' good time for whoever is on the receiving end of that package. It just feels good!

There are a wide variety of cock rings to choose from, but a good beginner ring to get you started would be an adjustable cockring. This is a good way to get your feet wet and see where you stand as far as sizing is concerned with little initial investment. Another great option for beginners would be a ring made out of softer material such as silicone to get you used to the way they work and feel.

In the end, a cock ring is a great introductory sex toy for the uninitiated because they are relatively low-cost, extremely easy to use, and surprisingly effective.

Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring
Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring

Flavored Lubes

gay couples flavored lube

It has been my experience that flavored lubes get a bad rap. Guys tend to think of them as corny novelties at best. To me, this smacks a bit of unabashed hipsterism and ignores an entire facet of human sexuality.


jo gelato lube

JO Gelato Lubricant

To me, if you are going to fully enjoy any of the finer things in life, and sex is certainly one of those, you need to employ all of your senses in the experience. Taste and smell are two of the most primal senses in the human arsenal. Doesn't it make sense they should be a major factor in one of the most primal physical acts imaginable? Why ignore this entire facet of eroticism simply because you are "too cool for school"?

Another reason that I think Flavored lubes are a great way for couples to add a new dimension of sensuality to their erotic play is the scientific fact that smell has a measurable impact on your mental state.

There have been scientific tests done that show the profound effect certain smells have on men. Why not try some sexy experimentation of your own?

Anal Toys

gay couples prostate stimulation

That's right, anal toys! Many guys seem to think that anal toys are for those lonely nights at home when their partner is away or simply not in the mood to get nasty but there is a lot to be said for introducing anal toys into your bedroom as a couple.

First of all, anal toys such as prostate massagers are a great way to pleasure your partner without expending too much effort. Anyone who has ever fingered their partner for any length of time knows just how great a toll that can take on your wrist and hand.


Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator - Helix Syn

Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator - Helix Syn

In addition to the muscular strain that occurs, there is the fact that your finger isn't scientifically engineered to offer the most pleasure as efficiently as possible. With a well-made P-spot stimulator, you can offer your partner an extremely intense prostate orgasm with a relatively low level of effort. This makes it a great option for those times when only one of you is really in the mood to get down, but you don't want to leave your partner hanging. In fact, that could be said for just about any anal toy.

Butt plugs are another great toy for couples, especially those couples where one guy is extremely well endowed. If used properly at the start of foreplay to get things rolling, a butt plug can be a great way to overcome issues with your partner's size being a little more than you can comfortably handle. Just pop that sweet honey in your partner's hole as things get rolling and by the time you're ready for the main event, they should be loose enough to receive you without discomfort.


Malesation Silicone Butt Plug - 3 Sizes
Malesation Silicone Butt Plug - 3 Sizes

Another way that butt plugs can be helpful to couples experiencing "an embarrassment of riches" in the size department is for anal training. For this, I'd advise getting a "starter kit". These kits usually contain three plugs of gradually increasing size that, over time, will train your hole to be more open to receiving large packages. If you follow my previous advice of placing a plug early in your play session to loosen up for the big game as a temporary measure and combine that practice with a bit of light anal training on the side, you'll have a permanent solution to your size problem.


Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Now, all of this talk about loosening up is not to imply that this is the only use for butt plugs. Far from it! In fact, they can be a great way to add a lot of extra sensation to your foreplay. There's nothing quite like having the sensation of a completely filled ass while you're getting or giving a blowjob or just generally playing around!

Plugs come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, so my recommendation would be to start with a simple plug, or one that catches your eye, and go from there. If you're looking to use plugs for anal training, you can't go wrong with a kit.

Something A Little More Sensual

gay couples massage

If you're looking for something a little more sensual, more foreplay oriented, then you really can't go wrong with erotic massage accessories. An intense, sensual massage is the perfect way to get your partner relaxed and in the mood for the rougher stuff.


Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Lotion

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Lotion 


Again, try to employ all of your senses. Scented massage oils, textured massage mitts, vibrators, and toys that can be heated or cooled are all excellent ways to enhance an erotic massage.

Don't forget to set the mood, either. Scented candles and sexy clothes are another way to really turn up the heat in the bedroom. Having an erotic atmosphere is the best way to get your blood pumping and set the scene for a memorable night.

If you don't feel like putting all that effort into the whole thing, there are always sensual massage kits you can buy that offer everything you need to get you started off right.

Don't Forget The Basics

gay couples condoms lube

Safe sex is sexy sex, so always have a supply of good condoms and lube on hand! If you're looking to introduce sex toys into your sexy equation, you're going to need a lot of lube.

ONE Mixed Pleasures Condoms - Jar of 12

ONE Mixed Pleasure Condoms

Whether it's a simple cock ring or a vibrating P-spot massager, everything will go a whole lot smoother with a generous helping of lube. Just be sure that the lube you're using is compatible with the toy you're using it with to avoid damage to your toy!

Pjur Analyse Me Water Based Personal Lubricant

Pjur Analyse Me Water Based Personal Lubricant

Maybe It's Time To Take The Plunge Into BDSM

gay bdsm

If we're being perfectly honest, most guys would tell you that they have at least experienced a passing curiosity about BDSM.

However, the idea of broaching the topic with your partner might be a little intimidating, especially in couples that have had largely vanilla sex throughout their relationship.

But, since you are here reading this guide, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the idea has at least occurred to you. Well, let me tell you, BDSM can be a great way to add a whole new level of intimacy and eroticism to your bedroom.

gay bdsm blindfold

Rouge Leather Blindfold Eyemask

I'm not saying you should go all out and bust out the whips and chains right out of the gate or anything, only that a little light BDSM to get you started might add a little electricity to your relationship.

A great way to get started might be some of the less intimidating items on the market. Experiment with light sense play with a tickler and a blindfold. You could even toss in some entry level restraints like hand and/or ankle cuffs to get things started.

gay bdsm

 Manbound Under The Bed Restraint Gear

Once you get your feet wet or, if you're ready to go out all right away, you can work your way up to some of the crazier stuff like heavy restraints, chastity devices, paddlers, or even electro stimulation devices.

The most important thing to remember with BDSM is to be considerate of one another. Always have a safe-word prepared and never do anything that could cause lasting damage to your partner. This is why BDSM is so good for building trust and intimacy- you have to really trust your playmate if you're going to have a good time.

In the end, a little bit of the ol' slap and tickle might be just the thing to get you and your partner's fires stoked.

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