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Gay Anal Douche Tips for Bottoms

Anal Douching Guide

Douching can be quite a taboo subject because many are unfamiliar with the ins and outs, no pun indented, of how douches work, their purpose, and potential benefits. This guide is meant to help anyone interesting in learning and exploring anal douching. While this guide is best suited for gay men who bottom, anyone interested in tips for douching will find it beneficial.

In this article I plan on covering the following topics:

  • What is an anal douche, and what are some of the benefits and disadvantages of use?
  • Types of douches
  • General guidelines for douching
  • Things to avoid when douching 
  • Enema maintenance and care
  • Extra tips for bottoms

What is an anal douche, and what are some of the benefits and disadvantages of use?

Douching is when you pump water into your rectum, with the aim of cleansing the lower anal canal of fecal matter. The aim is to agitate any poop that remains in your bum allowing it to be flushed out. This, in turn, makes anal sex more hygienic and eliminates the possibility of embarrassing situations during anal play.

Advantages of douching:

  • Eliminates unintended accidents during anal play
  • Makes ‘tossing the salad’, or eating-out enjoyable for the top
  • Can make anal sex more pleasurable for the bottom
  • Douching can be part of anal play, especially with a rippled enema toy such as the Colt Anal Douche.


  • STIs - removing the protective membrane in the anus that may increase the risk of STI transmission
  • Excessive use may disrupt your gastrointestinal tract and bowel movements
  • Anal tears - sufficient lube can mitigate against damage, being gentle is of utmost importance to prevent unnecessary scrapping of the anal wall

Types of Anal Douches

The most common type of douches are those with a bulb at the end. This type of douche offers the most convenient way to easily clean your ass for anal play. Other types of douches are shower douche systems, and bag douches.

How to douche:

So let’s get started, and explore the steps needed to get clean so you can get down and dirty!

  1. It is advisable that you douche near a toilette, not just in a bathroom (i.e some bathrooms don’t have a toilette inside just a shower). This is simply to avoid any unexpected bowel movements on the floor or shower - that may occur.
  2. Always clean your douche prior to use. Mostly importantly cleaning it a prior use, but also when its new as you don’t know who has touched it during the manufacturing process. Use some sex toy cleaner and warm water.
  3. Fill your douche / enema up with water. Using warm water is always best, as water that is too hot or cold can make the process uncomfortable. Do not put soapy water into your enema as this will irritate your inner anus. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to use soap, try an natural soap that is free of harsh additives. Fill your enema bulb with water, then attach the enema nozzle onto the bulb.
  4. Prior to penetration, lube up your enema bulb with some water based lube. This will ensure a smooth and easy entry.
  5. Always lubricate your bum hole as well. Pour a little lube into your hand, and rub it on the opening of your ass as well as on the hole itself. You can also lube up a finger to help move the lube inside you - to ease the process of inserting the enema nozzle.
  6. Next, insert the douche into your bum hole. Gently put pressure on the nozzle, as you penetrate your ass. Do not go all the way in. Leave a little space outside of the anus. Press / squeeze the bulb once the nozzle is inside. You will begin to feel the water enter your ass.
  7. Once you have finished pumping all the water inside, slowly remove the nozzle while tightening your inner ass muscles (sphincters).
  8. Hold your ass muscles with the warm water inside you. You will begin to feel the water doing its magic. Most guys hold for around a minute or two. So do it for up to 10 minutes.
  9. Next, move to the toilet so you can begin to clear your bum. Relax, and don’t force yourself to pass all of the water and bowel waste immediately. Give your body time to flush it out as you sit on the toilet.
  10. You can repeat the processes just to be sure all the poop as been cleared.

TIP: Keep wet wipes around during anal in the case of any unexpected occurrences.

How to Clean Your Enema

Cleaning your douche with water is not enough. You must use sex toy cleaner / soap to ensure all the bacteria and muck has been removed. Make sure you take your douche apart and wash each part separately. Use your hands to rub your enema. Don’t simply rinse it. Some douches are dishwasher safe.

Douching: Some General Tips:

  • Douche 1 to 2 hours prior to sex to allow enough time for your system to clear our any poop.
  • If you have had an upset stomach, or have not been to the toilet for more than a day, allow for additional time.
  • Cleaning yourself out is not a one-time event. If you douche in the morning before you shower, in a few hours your body will begin to produce new poop which will fill your anal canal.
  • The more time there is between eating and when you bottom, the less likely you will have any issues during sex.
  • If you suffer from constipation, it may be helpful to add a fiber supplement to your diet. This will help you have more regular and pleasant bowel movements, and prevent excess blockage.

Things to avoid: 

  • Only use a douche to douche. Make-shift devices can injure you.
  • Don’t share a douche with someone.
  • Always wash your douche before use.
  • Be weary of blood, or any abnormal discharge.

In sum, using an enema is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect. Contact us if you have any questions not answered by this guide. Wishing you the best of luck with all your bottoming activities.

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